Banni Chow Home Delivery [5th September 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 5th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Banni removing the blindfolds from Yuvan and expressing gratitude to him for his assistance. Yuvan has threatened to blindfold her in order to protect her. Banni wants to know the reason why. Yuvan implores her to concur with him and assuages her concerns by assuring her that he would not engage in any sneaky behaviour. Banni agrees. Yuvan surprises her by planning a party for her on the lawn of the location, after first covering her eyes with a blindfold and taking her there. He wishes her a happy birthday in celebration of the occasion.

Banni maintains that nobody has ever acknowledged or celebrated her birthday. She claims that the anxiety caused her to forget her birthday, and she inquires as to how he manages to recall it. Yuvan asserts that he is familiar with everything that is associated with her. Both Viraj and Charmi had taken note of their party. Viraj has stated that he will make things difficult in order to exact his retribution. Charmi replies that at least Yuvan doesn’t need to ask Manini’s approval for everything like you do. She explains to him that Manini will not stand with him if Banni intends to disgrace him. They decided to depart.

Banni confronts Yuvan with the question of why there is just one candle. Yuvan claims that this will be the very first time that he celebrates her birthday, therefore this should serve as an indication. He tells her that he baked the cake, and then asks her to cut it for him. Banni makes the incisions in the came. They maintain one another by mutual support. Banni scribbles in the margin, “It’s wonderful.” She claims that it comes as a wonderful shock to her at this point in her life. Yuvan tells her that he wants to surprise her more, and he begs her to share her desires with him so that he can fulfil them. Banni is under the impression that she should introduce some light to Yuvan’s eyes. Banni explains that she has something very essential to discuss with him at this time.

Later on, Banni is the one who rouses Manini from her sleep, gives her a hug, and says, “mom.” Manini inquires as to what it is that she is presently occupied with. And makes an attempt to shove her, but she eventually loses sight of Yuvan. Yuvsn has informed you that today is Banni’s birthday and that she has sent someone to bring you cake. Banni first blesses her by feeding her, and then she requests that she pray for her. Manini blesses her. Banni leaves. Yuvan approaches Manini with a request, asking for her assistance in surprising Banni by preparing Ghewar in accordance with Banni’s preferences. Manini gets horrified. It is revealed that Banni asked Yuvan to tell his mother to create 101 Ghewar for her customers so that she could please Banni. Yuvan requests that Manini make Ghewar for Banni in the same manner that she used to make it for him when he was a child.

Manini is taken aback and believes that she is unable to prepare it properly due to her lack of experience. If Banni is correct and it took me ten days to learn it, then it will take Manini a lifetime to learn Ghewar, and with this information Yuvan will be able to tell the difference between a true and a phoney mother. Yuvan invites Manini into the kitchen with him and informs Banni that his mother has agreed to prepare Ghewar for them. Banni expresses his gratitude to her. Banni has to take a break, so Manini asks Yuvan to accompany her to the room where she may relax. Yuvan is asked by Banni to stay with Manini so that they can get some assistance. She is going to lay down for a while and relax.

Charmi found out that Manini is on the phone with Viraj. Viraj in his sleep requests her to keep it silent. As a means of imparting knowledge upon Manini, Charmi puts their phones into the vibrate-only mode. Yuvan gives Manini the instruction to get things started getting ready. Banni decides to go and check on Manini to see what she is up to. Yuvan stops her and sends her providing milk. Banni is under the impression that Manini will not be able to prepare it. That one time when Yuvan drank ghewar in front of her, and she was surprised to see it. Banni follows Manini into the kitchen, where he observes Manini cooking the meals. Yuvan explains to Banni that tomorrow all of her customers would receive this ghewar, and then he has her try some of it. Banni inquires as to whether or not he is continuously present with Manini.

Yuvan agrees. Banni screams out that there is a fire in the kitchen. One of the individuals exits the building and inquires about the location of the fire. Banni claims that her fury is like fire, and I can feel it even when I’m sleeping; I know that it’s Ghewar from nathu, and that no one can cheat her in the matter of food. She warns the man that if he doesn’t tell her the truth, he might get fired from his work. She inquires as to whether or not he will succeed. He concurs with that assessment and claims that Manini called him. Yuvan becomes shocked. Banni confronts her with the question of why she deceived him by summoning another chef. She questions whether or not she is familiar with the process of preparing Ghewar. Yuvan, according to Banni, the truth is right in front of you, and this Manini can’t possibly be your Vandana mother.


Yuvan surprised Banni with yet another unexpected gift. Banni is taken aback when she sees a woman dressed in a short contemporary dress. Alapana claims that Yuvan purchased it out of love, but she does not see why Banni will dress up for Yuvan like the other spouses do. because there is nothing typical about the way that they interact with one another. After some time has passed, Alapana confides in Manini that she does not believe Banni will show up because she cannot fit into the clothing. Banni surprises everyone at the party by entering with Yuvan while wearing an ensemble that is considered to be quite contemporary.

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