Banni Chow Home Delivery [6th August 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th August 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Banni confronts Mamisa and Mamusa, demanding to know why they messed with their niece’s respect. Mamisa claims that they witnessed her in that situation and that they disseminated the photo in an effort to convince her to marry Yuvan as Raj eyed her. Mamusa asserts that they carried out the plan in order to save her. Banni tells them to stop lying and accuses the woman of not caring about her niece, which is why she sought to tarnish her image by bringing it into disrepute. She sobs and says that she doesn’t have anyone else in her life. Yuvan implores her to hold back her tears and reassures her that he is there with her. Because the two of them are partners, he asks her to cry with him rather than keeping them to herself. Banni apologises to Devraj. Vishnu is not pleased with the behaviour of her parents, and she lets them know it. He apologises to Banni as he falls on her feet and tries to pick her up. Banni advises him to refrain from apologising to her because he did not commit any errors in their interaction. She insists that they must carry out the sanction that has been decided upon.

Banni takes out Mamisa and Mamusa. She opens people’s eyes to the reality of the situation in front of the colony inhabitants. The people of the colony question whether or not they will have the decency to fool around with their niece’s respect. Banni maintains that the motivation behind their actions was money. She makes the announcement that she has severed all ties with both of her aunt and uncle. Mamusa makes an effort to have a conversation with her, but she immediately calls him by his name and informs him she is not going to reconsider her decision. Since Banni is unable to continue living there, she makes the request to Devraj to take her away and force her to marry Yuvan as soon as possible. Yuvan takes her.

Mamisa explains to Devraj that he is required to pay them additional funds in exchange for them concealing the facts. Viraj calls Manini. She says that they will get at their destination in thirty minutes. Viraj makes the announcement that Manini would be arriving shortly. Veer tells Devraj that this marriage doesn’t happen. Devraj looks on. During the Haldi ceremony, Sulekha shares with Banni that they are there to support her. Haldi is something that she uses. Myra requests that she show some joy in her expression. Banni claims that she is unable to smile because of what she saw his Mamu and Mamisa do to her when they cheated on her. There, Vishnu will make his appearance. He claims that your sibling did not develop in any way. I have high hopes that you won’t forget all about me. Banni gives a negative response, at which point she orders him to apply haldi. Myra asserts that your heart is broken, but she adds that it has been merged with Yuvan’s. Banni is curious about the motivations behind Yuvan’s conflict with the Mehendi tribe. Myra has specifically mentioned you in her message. Yuvan smiles seeing her. Everyone applies Haldi to Banni. Yuvan gets everyone else to dance, and he eventually convinces Banni to join in. If Manini were to come here, Devraj is concerned that their marriage would never take place. Viraj stops pandit.

Together with Hemanth, Manini travels to the destination. When they went inside with other members of the family, they saw that the mandap was vacant and that no one was at home. According to Manini, an engagement or wedding could be taking place someplace. Hemant inquires as to the location in which they should hunt for them. Manini discovers the letter written by Devraj, in which it is said that the family is prepared to accept Banni into their home in her new role as Yuvan’s wife. Manini requests that they look through their belongings. Sulekha assures Devraj that he made the right decision by deciding to switch the location of the event. Devraj claims he won’t feel calm until marriage is done. Yuvan applies mehendi to Banni. Sulekha inquires as to the motivation behind him submitting an application. Yuvan claims that the person who does the Mehendi smokes, and because of this, I do not want him to touch my Banni. Myra is questioned by Devraj on Devraj’s request to bring Banni to the mandap. He is considering his options for putting an end to Manini’s actions.

Episode ends.


As a review, Yuvan is playing the violin while Banni is making her way into the mandap. She had no choice but to put on his coat because of him. Moon-shaped jewellery is a must for him to see her. Manini believes that if she enters the location of the wedding, she will prevent the marriage from taking place.

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