Banni Chow Home Delivery [6th September 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Yuvan telling Banni that his mother didn’t lie and that he is aware that a chef, not his mother, is responsible for making Ghewar. He explains to Manini that he is being really honest. According to Yuvan, mum is hurt, therefore we hired a chef to cook Ghewar in the hopes of making you happy. Manini smirks. The cook exits after offering Banni an apology. Banni is asked by Manini to think of ghewar as her love and affection for her. Banni exits in disappointment. Yuvan observes that Banni is not in a very cheerful mood. He sneaks up on Banni from behind and makes her play the piano so that she can get over her anxiety. Manini doesn’t like it.

Banni discovers that her lunch boxes have been taken the following day. Yuvan travels to that location. Banni explains to him that her lunch boxes have gone missing. Because Yuvan claims that you are a princess and therefore do not need to work on your birthday, I decided to send lunch boxes out to customers with Ghewar. Banni feels happy.

She beseeches the Lord to reveal to Yuvan the reality of his Manini mother. Yuvan presents her with the check. Banni is curious to know what it is. Yuvan says it’s another gift, and the school gave you this check, and you’ve been given a contract to cook dinner for 200 kids. Banni is ecstatic and comments that it is the perfect present for her. Charmi is able to listen in on everything. Banni puts a check in the offering box at the mandir. After wishing her a happy birthday, Charmi reveals that the gift is a cheque for 20,000 dollars.

Yuvan has told her that he has one more surprise in store for her, and that she must wear it while they are in the parry. Myra beings it. Banni wants to know when he stole it. Yuvan claims that Manini assisted him in bringing it. After seeing the dress, according to Manini, Banni is speechless. Banni is taken aback when she sees a woman wearing a short, contemporary dress. The question “would you wear it?” is posed by Yuvan. Manini says seems like Banni doesn’t like it. Yuvan has suggested to Banni that she wear the dress. Alapana claims that Yuvan bought it out of love for Banni, but Banni continues to dress up for Yuvan just like the other spouses do. Because there is nothing natural about the way that they relate to one another. In his dismay, Yuvan admits that Alapana is right and then walks away with a dress, declaring that he is not a normal husband. Banni sees angry at Manini.

Charmi and Viraj have a conversation later on during the celebration about how they never anticipated Banni’s birthday party to be such an extravagant affair. Viraj claims Banni will become destroyed very soon. Charmi encourages him to stop talking about Banni and asks him to find out from Manini when she plans to start the plant at Krishnagad. Since she forced us to clean up a lot of nonsense, we believe that we are entitled to some form of compensation for our efforts.

Viraj sees Vishnu. He claims that Banni’s relative is currently present here. The god Vishnu is given to Myra. He inquires as to where Banni is located. Myra assures me that they will show up. Alapana confides in Manini that she does not believe Banni will show up because she is unable to dress appropriately for the occasion. Banni surprises everyone at the gathering by entering with Yuvan while dressed in a contemporary manner. Yuvan signs Banni to smile. Everyone cheers and applauds for them. Banni makes contact with her brother. Myra praises her look.

Devraj blesses Banni. Banni wants to know how Manini is feeling about her appearance. Yuvan says Banni is looking like a fairy, isn’t it? Banni tells Manini that they cannot determine the character of a person based on their clothes but rather on their thoughts. Banni mentions in the mike that her husband is throwing a lavish party for her birthday, and that this will be the first birthday she has celebrated since the passing of her mother. She claims that Yuvan treated her like a princess and that Yuvan never made his wife do anything against her will. She also claims that Yuvan would be okay even if I hadn’t worn this outfit, but I did so in order to make him happy.

Manini takes Banni aside. She comments that you astonished all of us by wearing this clothing, and she wonders what other secrets you are keeping hidden. If Banni is correct and you are a teacher to me in this subject, then how do you expect me to let you sleep comfortably since you shocked me the day before? When Manini hears that Pratik’s doctor is calling, she is taken aback. She wonders if her brother is in any sort of difficulty. Banni is wondering what may be causing Manini to appear so anxious.


Banni is going to ask Yuvan what occurred next. Yuvan will inquire as to why it is that you are advising her to request a song from her mother. The pain in her throat prevents her from singing, yet you demanded that she do it nonetheless. He interrogates her about whether or not she is playing a game with his mother. Yuvan requests Manini to not leave. Dogs are seen walking in here while making a loud racket. Manini helps Yuvan into the car, and then she seats down herself. Yuvan feels afraid.

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