Banni Chow Home Delivery [7th September 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 7th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Banni expresses to Yuvan her desire to get yet another present from he and his mother. Yuvan tells her that he will fulfil her request and then asks her to specify what it is that she requires. The physician shares with Manini the news that Pratik has injured his veins and he has experienced significant bleeding; as a result, we require your signature on the consent paperwork so that we can proceed with the surgery.

Manini experiences feelings of dread. She has her things together and is getting ready to leave the party. Yuvan puts a stop to her and tells her that he and her mother have prepared a surprise performance for Banni in which they both sing. Everyone joins in on the applause. Banni has expressed that the fact that her mother-in-law sings for her makes her feel happy. She breaks the news to Manini in a calm and steady voice that she will be found out now. Manini confides in Yuvan that she is experiencing some discomfort in her throat. According to Banni, up to this point you have been doing well. She gives Manini a few lyrics to sing, and she wants her to sing them. Both Alapana and Viraj ponder the current situation as well as the reason for Yuvan’s request for Manini to perform the song that his mother used to sing. The journey to the chamber begins with Manini escorting Yuvan.

Yuvan confronts her with the question of why she is crying. Manini, who is in tears, claims that Banni is continually testing her, which is something that she is unable to handle. Banni comes up to the door and raps on it before asking if she may come in. Manini believes that she has no choice but to depart because Pratik is in a severe condition. Manini has expressed that she is exhausted from all of the testing she has to do. She tells Yuvan, “I know Banni doesn’t trust that I’m your Vandana mom, but she will feel horrible once she understands the truth.” She then tells Yuvan to enjoy Banni’s birthday and that she knows Banni doesn’t trust that I’m your Vandana mom. After leaving the room, she exits the building.

Yuvan is questioned by Banni over what has taken place. Yuvan will inquire as to the rationale behind your instruction that I should request that my mother perform a song. However, despite her mother’s protests that she can’t sing because she has a scratchy throat, you insisted that she perform. He inquires as to whether or not she is trying to probe his mother. He holds Banni responsible for the tears that his mother has been crying. He sneaks up on Manini from behind in an effort to thwart her. Manini gives the driver a call and asks him to come as quickly as possible. Yuvan requests Manini to not leave. The area is invaded by irate dogs, which growl and bark as they do so.

After helping Yuvan to his feet, Manini gets in the car and takes a seat. Yuvan makes a desperate plea to Manini to save him from the dogs, but she pays no heed to him. Yuvan is going to become the target of the enraged dog’s attack. Yuvan is rescued from the hostile dogs by Banni as he arrives at the scene. When Manini finally leaves, she does so in her car. The yell comes from Yuvan’s direction. Banni wants him to understand that she is not his mother and that if she were his mother, she would not have abandoned him like this. Banni says that if she were his mother, she would not have abandoned him like this. Yuvan looks on. Devraj, accompanied by guards, travels to that location and orders the dogs to vacate their territory. Yuvan experiences a moment of disbelief and subsequently falls to the ground.

Banni makes multiple attempts to administer Yuvan’s medications at the hospital, but the patient does not respond. There are occasional visits from the doctor. She inquires about Yuvan’s whereabouts with Doctor. The question is, why is he not answering and why is he blinking his eyes? The physician has stated that he is unable to provide any information before receiving the results of the tests. On the other hand, Pratik’s doctor has informed Pratik that his condition is severe due to the fact that you arrived late, but the procedure was successful, and only time will tell if he will be able to walk on his own feet or not. Manini tears. Viraj gives Manini a call and fills her up on Yuvan’s condition before ending the conversation. Banni sees Vishnu. She inquires as to what information is contained in the report from him. Vishnu reassures us that everything is functioning normally.

Banni wants to know why Yuvan isn’t answering to her questions about whether or not everything is okay. He leads her out of the room and tells her that the doctor indicated Yuvan is in shock and that he needs to emerge from this trauma as soon as possible; else, he would remain in shock and will never be treated. Banni gets shocked. According to Vishnu, Doctor does not have an optimistic outlook. Yuvan is reportedly going through it for the second time, according to Devraj. After the passing of his mother the first time, he came back as a sign of our good fortune; however, we are unsure of the circumstances surrounding his return this time. When Manini arrived, she informed them that Banni had taken Yuvan’s mother away from him. Banni confronts her with the question of why she went to the hospital given that she is the one who is to blame for Yuvan’s illness. Manini asserts that she is the only one who can save Yuvan from his current situation.


Yuvan comforts Banni by hugging her while crying. Yuvan presses Manini for an explanation as to why Banni claimed that she is not Yuvan’s biological mother. According to Manini, this is the reason why Banni’s mother feels envious of you: since your mother has returned from the skies, but Banni’s mother has not yet done so, she feels you have an advantage. Bappa is brought inside by Yuvan and Banni. Banni declares that she and Manini will henceforth be at war with one another.

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