Banni Chow Home Delivery [9th September 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 9th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

The conversation begins with Manini telling Banni, “I saved Yuvan for property and I don’t want you to occupy 50% of the property after Yuvan’s death.” This is the first line of the episode. She says that I want all of his property, which is why I used your love and affection technique to heal him, and now I will make Yuvan throw you out of the house, and then all of his property will be mine. She also says that I used your technique to heal him because I wanted all of his property. Manini is under the impression that she will be able to force Devraj to suffer for her. Banni stands stunned. There are occasional visits from the doctor. He requests that one of them exit the building. Manini is responsible for Banni’s departure from the village. Banni has the impression that they can do nothing, so they leave the room.

Yuvan returns home. Banni prepares his bedroom for the night. Myra inquires about Yuvan’s well-being by asking how he is doing. Yuvan smiles. Manini instructs Banni to prepare food for him and assures her that he will receive his nourishment from her. Banni enters the kitchen where he is immediately reminded of Manini’s warning. When Viraj arrives, he speaks with her and asks her to find a new wealthy client for him. Banni insults him by hurling a rolling pin in his direction and making fun of him for having faith in Manini.

Yuvan presses Manini for an explanation as to why Banni claimed that she is not Yuvan’s biological mother. Banni is the one who listens to it. Because your mother has returned from the skies but Banni’s mother has not, Manini claims that Banni’s mother is envious of you and perhaps wishes that your mother would also return from the heavens. Yuvan begs her not to move elsewhere and insists that they should stay together. Banni is heard walking out of the room to place the food. Manini grips Banni shoulder. Yuvan visits the location and inquires as to whether or not she harbours feelings of envy, as his mother had stated. Yuvan gives her a hug and then begs her to think of his mother in the same way that she thinks about her own mother. Banni encourages him to display a happy expression. She believes that Yuvan’s actions demonstrate that decent individuals are immune to the influence of negative forces. Manini becomes disappointed. Banni is contemplating making a move against Manini.

The following day, Yuvan and Banni will be the ones to transport Bappa back to his house. Yuvan reveals to Manini that the two of them have purchased a home for Bappa. Banni makes a petition to Bappa, asking him to bestow his might upon Yuvan. She brings Manini along with her to Bappa so that she can beautify it. She shares with Manini the information that Bappa will eventually reveal the truth. Everyone is smiling and having a good time as they dance.

Viraj prevents Charmia from joining the rest of the party on the dance floor despite her best efforts. Charmi makes light of Viraj’s situation by drawing parallels between him and Banni. Manini overhears Banni telling another that Yuvan’s heart is overflowing with love and that Yuvan is mine in every way. Manini looks on. Banni replies to Manini, “Let’s see who will win this conflict between a plotting stepmother and an obedient wife.” Banni promises that she would educate Yuvan how to distinguish between good and evil by making him demonstrate his newfound knowledge to his adversaries.

Manini gets angry. Yuvan arrives bearing a crimson rose in his hand. Banni throws a mighty blast on the heavenly conch. Manini signals Viraj. Yuvan receives Aarthi thanks to Viraj. When Yuvan witnesses Aarthi’s flames, he experiences feelings of dread. Banni takes the Aarthi and tells Yuvan to not let his fear get the better of him. Banni and Yuvan, along with everyone else, receive an invitation from Vishnu to attend their Ganesh Ji. Yuvan assures Manini that everyone will be there, and he requests that she come along with him. Manini claims that she is unable to come because of her work obligations, but that Viraj would accompany her there instead. Viraj’s reaction upon hearing this is one of surprise. Viraj gives his word that he’ll be there shortly after that.

In the village of Basti Wale, Yuvan, Banni, and Myra visit Ganesh ji. Vishnu informs Banni that everything that she needs to prepare laddoo is available and waiting for her to use. Vishnu tells Yuvan that in this Basti Banni will prepare laddoo, and only then would they serve it to Ganesh ji. Vishnu’s words are from the story of Basti Banni. Banni tells Vishnu that Yuvan will also help with the decorations, and she then asks Vishnu to let Yuvan know if there is anything more that needs to be done. Myra is another person who offers to be of assistance.

Banni confides in Devraj that she has a plan in mind to rescue Yuvan from the clutches of Manini, and she inquires as to whether or not Yuvan has any aspirations that he would like to pursue with all of his heart. Banni claims that the only reason Yuvan continues to live is for them to love him and them. Banni tells Devraj that she has given the matter a great deal of thought and that the one thing she has concluded that Yuvan adores above all else is Sangeet. Devraj compliments Banni.


Banni was going to sing songs dedicated to Ganesh ji on stage, but she suddenly found that she was unable to do so due to her persistent coughing. Raja humiliates Banni seeing this. Yuvan steps up to the microphone and begins to sing songs from the Ganesh ji repertoire.

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