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Devraj is persuaded by Yuvan to marry Banni. Devraj consoles him and claims that up until this point, he was the only one who had not anticipated anything from him. According to his sister, their mother used to say that if he is determined, he can accomplish anything other than bringing the moon and stars. Myra also asks him to take action.

banni chow home delivery

When Banni asks Vishnu to help her take off Yuvan’s mother’s ring after their engagement, he informs her that he is her brother and her blood, and as a result, he loves her. However, Yuvan loves her only as a friend, so she shouldn’t lose his friendship. He claims that Yuvan can recover with her love and care because he has read about numerous medical examples where patients recovered, including Yuvan. Banni considers it.


Manini makes fun of Viraj, claiming that if he doesn’t help her collect the remaining 50% of the property share from Yuvan, she will share some of it with him, and he will be forced to be Yuvan’s maid. He is prompted by her to threaten Yuvan with losing Banni.


Goon A rich, mentally unstable boy named Yuvan inserted an engagement ring in Banni’s finger and proposed to her, according to Raja’s assistant. According to Raja, Banni can only get married to him. If he loves Banni, Aide queries. Raja claims that all he wants to do is discipline her. He makes fun of Banni for falling for a wealthy boy. Banni refutes his claim and claims that Yuvan is merely a buddy whom she feeds. He makes fun of her. They start arguing. He issues a warning, saying that if she doesn’t pay back her mamusa’s 3 lakh loan soon, he’ll propose to her.


Yuvan is viciously trashed by Viraj as he approaches him, telling him not to use Banni’s name once more. He ignores the cries for him to stop from Myra and Pihu. Then, in a hurry, Myra knocks on Hemant’s door in his room. Manini answers the door and tells the visitor not to worry about it because she had instructed Viraj to punish Yuvan for considering marrying Banni rather than Niyati. Yuvan is still being beaten severely by Viraj. Devraj challenges him about his two-faced behavior after trying to stop him but failing. Banni walks in and halts him.


While Niyati is already feeding Yuvan food, Banni is preparing food for him. Banni, in Manini’s opinion, will soon leave Yuvan’s life. When Baani enters Yuvan’s room, she is astounded to see Yuvan eating off Niyati’s hand.

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