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Ayush hears noise coming from the guest room and assumes that nobody is there because everyone is performing puja in the hall. After arriving there, Durga Devi explains that she was summoned to look for the Pandit after he disappeared during the puja. Balwinder trims his beard before making his way to the balcony. His false beard dangles to the ground and becomes entangled in the light bulb. He is under the impression that Lakshmi rebuked him while he was gone. Ayush lets Durga Devi know that it’s possible he’s only within. According to Virender, Lakshmi will be okay in any case. Dadi believes that Rishi has rescued her. Kiran believes that Rishi’s focus is firmly fixed on the pot. Rishi inquires about the identity of those involved in the plot to murder Lakshmi. Neelam reveals who among us will be responsible for doing this. Rishi claims that Balwinder and the person who told him about Lakshmi’s pregnancy are the ones who are responsible for this. They are mystified as to how Balwinder gained access to the home. The beard is knocked loose and crashes to the ground below. Ayush detects that something has fallen to the ground and turns. Balwinder is mulling through ways to escape without his beard. Ayush examines the false beard more closely and wonders what it actually is. artificial beard. He wonders where it could have originated. He walks out onto the balcony and sees Ayush inspecting the fake beard he’s wearing. Ayush wonders where he’d seen it before and then recalls Pandit wearing that beard. He says ponga pandit. Lakshmi believes that it was for the best that Mummy ji did not perform the puja and instead requested me to do it. She makes her way to the guest room. When Balwinder sees her there, his first thought is to inform her that Malishka and her mother were the ones who did this. He is contemplating the possibility of extending an apology to the spirit of Lakshmi. He moves in front of her and trips over her, landing on her feet.
Rishi is informed by Pandit ji that he is not comprehending, and that Abhishek will not be performed during this puja. He claims that I was calm and didn’t disturb him at any point. Rishi suggests that it may have been his plot, that he was not a Pandit, and that he was trying to trick us. Ayush enters the building and immediately thinks to himself, “Lakshmi bhabhi has not arrived here; I will speak to her there.” He believes that not even Malishka is in this room. Virender asks if he seen Durga Devi. Ayush reports that she is presently chatting with her team and will soon show up.

Pandit ji expresses his regret, stating that he should have intervened earlier. Rishi inquires as to who the Pandit is and who is the one who has sent him here. He wants to know if the Pandit was actually Balwinder. It is recommended that you exact vengeance upon Malishka and Kiran, her mother. When he opens his eyes, he doesn’t see Lakshmi—he sees Malishka instead. Malishka gives him a slap and then accuses him of being a coward. Balwinder claims that Lakshmi is moving around like a ghost. Malishka claims that you lied to her and kept the cheap wire; she is still alive. Balwinder tells me that I should not be afraid today. Malishka promises that your fear will increase now that she is still alive. She claims to be in the restroom and implores her to get out of there as quickly as possible. Lakshmi hears Malishka chatting to someone. Malishka instructs Balwinder to stay hidden, and then she leaves the room. Lakshmi eventually emerges and inquires, “Who was here?”
Malishka is walking toward it when Ayush comes barreling towards it. He quickly covers the beard before asking where she is coming from. Malishka inquires as to your motivations for wanting to know. Ayush claims Neelam Mami is phoning you. He waits for Lakshmi to approach and then reveals to her that he has discovered who was behind the plot to hurt her. Who does Lakshmi ask, exactly? Malishka is your lone adversary, according to Ayush. Rishi tells the adversary that he will punish him as well and that he will punish him for taking Lakshmi’s name. Neelam requests that he not take any action. Sonia asks, “Why do you want to do that when it’s not necessary?” Rishi claims that Lakshmi could have passed away, and you are talking unnecessary things about it. He claims that she is his wife up until the time that she arrives here. Ayush is questioned by Lakshmi over his conviction. He claims that he has a hunch that Malishka is her adversary and that she wants to remove you as a barrier between Rishi and her. Lakshmi has informed me that she does not like me, but I refuse to stoop to her level. She will remark things like “I can’t believe this” and “you are thinking wrong.” According to Ayush, whatever happened today caused me to conclude that Malishka is the one responsible for this. She demonstrates the artificial beard and claims it belonged to the Pandit she was talking about. He claims that he could hear something crashing in the guest room. Lakshmi claims that I was in the restroom at the time. According to Ayush, Pandit was present as well. He claims that he is helpless to escape because Durga Devi is waiting for him downstairs. Lakshmi claims that he is still present there. Malishka is able to hear everything and believes that Ayush has understood everything. She is keeping her fingers crossed that Balwinder managed to get away.
Rishi has stated that he is not going to abandon the individual who is accountable for this. Neelam tells her friend, “I know you are scared, but I don’t want you to take the law into your own hands.” According to Karishma, the Police should handle the situation. Sonia claims that I, too, said the same thing. Neelam thinks you chose the wrong words to express yourself. Rishi expresses his regret to her. Virender asks him to let Durga Devi do. He is asked by Dadi to spend time with Lakshmi. Neelam says we shall conduct pooja. Dadi says that Lakshmi should appear because the puja needs to be finished with her hand. Balwinder is under the impression that Malishka and her mother have him cornered. As he approaches the balcony, he notices Durga Devi and the constables waiting there. He believes that his fate has been changed and is thinking of ways to be saved. When he heard someone approaching, he hid himself behind the sofa. Behind the couch, Balwinder can be found hiding. Lakshmi speculates that perhaps he was able to flee. There will be Malishka there. Ayush believes that you are about to be discovered.

The review begins with the lady constable asking if he is Balwinder. The cop discloses that he is dressing in a disguise. Malishka tells Lakshmi that she needs to have a clear understanding of the fact that she would be the bahu of the family. Lakshmi asserts that they do not know the truth about you. Malishka asks what? Rishi and I are getting closer, according to Lakshmi. Malishka believes that Lakshmi will have a happy ending in spite of the fact that she strives to bring about a negative outcome for both of them. Ayush is about to punch Malishka, but he stops himself in time.

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