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Bhagya Lakshmi 13th August 2022 Written Update on

The first thing that happens in this episode is that the Lady Constable confronts Balwinder. The constable chuckles and admits that he was joking about something. He picks Durga Devi’s pen. Balwinder is entertaining the idea of slipping away undetected from that location. The departure process begins with him. The lady constable looks over at him as he walks and comments that she is walking just like a man. Durga Devi appears at that location and inquires of the people there whether or not Pandit was found. They disagree and say that he may have already run off with another woman. Due to the fact that they are concerned about Lakshmi and whatever happened to her, Durga Devi says that she has a feeling that we will arrive at our destination later. The lady constable inquires as to whether or not we are permitted to leave the puja. I spoke to Pandit ji about it, and he confirmed that we are free to proceed with our trip after hearing that Durga Devi considers our ceremony to be our work. Karishma inquires as to the reason why Lakshmi is keeping us waiting, to which Lakshmi responds that she is serving as a VVIP. According to Dadi, she mentioned that she had completed the puja even after this incident. She claims that she did not accuse anyone of us, but rather that she remained silent about the matter. She advises her to relax and not be concerned about anything. The presence of Virender can be observed there. Dadi goes. Rishi inquires of Neelam regarding whether or not he phoned him. Neelam says no. The information, according to him, came from Malishka. Lakshmi reveals to Ayush that she does not want Malishka or her mother to be aware that we have our doubts about him. Malishka is informed by Kiran that Balwinder has sent a message stating that he has successfully evaded capture. Malishka says thank god. Ayush inquires as to the reason why she lied to them by stating that everyone is waiting for them. He also inquires as to whether or not she wanted someone to flee from the guest room, as well as whether or not anyone hid there, including a thief, a ghost, or anything else. Malishka has stated that she does not want his joke. Ayush questions the veracity of the claim that I am joking. Malishka reprimands him and then inquires about the identity of the speaker. She politely asks him to stop talking to her in such a manner and he complies. She approaches Neelam with the question and inquires about whether or not I am a member of the family at this location. She claims that Ayush was yelling at her and accusing her of lying, saying that she was the one who called him downstairs. She claims that whoever enters the guest room will find themselves trapped there. It is her understanding that Lakshmi, Ayush, and Rishi became stranded there. She asks if I said anything incorrect if I mentioned that you are all waiting and if so, what did I say? According to Neelam, we had all been sitting around waiting for Lakshmi. She requests that she take a deep breath and relax. Malishka asserts that this is her home and her puja, and she inquires as to whether or not I will be concerned. Neelam says you are responsible. Karishma reports that their mother praised Lakshmi, but Malishka is the one who is responsible for the chores. Malishka hears from Ayush that he has a message for her, and that message is that if he started saying then she has no chance of surviving here in this house. Malishka inquires whether or not they have seen. Neelam praises Malishka and taunts Lakshmi. Rishi relates that Lakshmi had stopped there, and while she was there, she had a feeling of something being there. Neelam asks did I ask? She requests that Ayush refrain from making derogatory comments about Malishka. Karishma reminds him that Malishka is Rishi’s would-be wife and asks him not to forget that she is his would-be bhabhi. When I ask Ayush about it, he says my foot.

Malishka approaches Lakshmi and inquires as to whether or not she heard what they said. She then proceeds to inform Lakshmi that the couple is waiting for her to depart so that she can assume the role of bahu. Lakshmi asserts that they are unaware of the truth concerning you. Malishka states what she believes to be the truth, which is that she loves Rishi very much and believes that you bring bad luck to both Rishi and this house. She claims that ever since you’ve been there, a string of unfortunate events has taken place in the house. Lakshmi inquires about the person who has been acting in this manner. She admits that she is aware that she had previously contacted Pandit with the intention of causing her harm. Malishka is upset with Neelam because, according to Malishka, Lakshmi is pointing the finger at her. Kiran sarcastically asks her interlocutor how dare they place blame on her daughter. She claims that Neelam is not saying anything, but the fact that such a calamitous event occurred today is due to you. She inquires as to whether or not the adverse effect will be significant. Ayush claims that she, along with herself, is experiencing the same thing that Lakshmi is. According to him, Malishka is the one who is responsible for what happened. Ayush, according to Kiran, you’ve arrived at what level of accomplishment. She encourages him to think for himself by telling him to use his own judgement. She claims that my daughter did not call him and that Pandit left because his grandchild fell off the terrace. She says that Pandit left because of this. Ayush is curious about how you came to know this information. Kiran says he is satisfied that I have comprehended the information. Ayush inquires about the content of the message and requests that it be shown. Kiran wants to know if you have any doubts about what I say. Ayush assures her that her uncertainty will be put to rest and then requests that she demonstrate the message. Neelam believes that neither Kiran nor Malishka, nor anyone else in this room, is capable of completing this task. Ayush states, “I just want to see the message, and then my mouth will be closed.” Kiran demonstrates the mobile phone she is using. After reading the message, Ayush confirms that there is indeed a message. He states that he has another question and then inquires about the method by which he was able to message you. Kiran claims that I asked for his number today in order to perform puja at my friend’s residence. She claims that she was unaware of the fact that he had a criminal record. According to Ayush, he was a criminal, and the people that were with him were criminals as well. Neelam explains to Ayush that the reason she is keeping her silence is because she loves him. She also states that she has a great deal of respect for Kiran and Malishka and that she will not say anything negative about them. She tells him that the police will figure out who the criminal is, and then she asks him to sit still and quietly for the puja. She requests that Kiran and Malishka ignore what Ayush has to say by saying that they should not mind.

Rishi arrives at the scene and inquires about what has taken place. Lakshmi says nothing. Virender extends an invitation to each and every person to participate in the puja. Dadi has expressed that she does not desire for there to be any conflict. Rishi takes Lakshmi’s hand and leads her into the temple to perform the ritual of puja. In spite of the fact that Malishka intends to cause Lakshmi harm, she maintains the belief that Lakshmi’s future will be positive because nothing bad will happen to her. Rishi and Lakshmi do the puja. Pandit ji announces that the puja is finished and then instructs the congregation to consume the prasad so that the ritual can be considered entirely finished. Several people, including Pandit ji and Dadi, receive prasad from Lakshmi. Rishi informs Lakshmi that he is on a crucial call and requests that she bring prasad to his room. During this conversation, Rishi’s phone rings. Dadi thanks Pandit ji and gives him dakshina.

Ayush is currently in his room where he is contemplating the situation and thinking to himself, “I know, Malishka is doing all this,” but he does not have any proof. He claims that she was involved in a plot to kill Lakshmi, and that I was powerless to stop it. He is under the impression that she will try once more and then again. He believes that Lakshmi has been through enough, and that from this point forward, nothing bad will happen to her.

Lakshmi prevents Virender from stooping to pick the fruit off the plate while it is on the counter. She tells Bau ji that you are experiencing back pain and warns that bending over will cause the pain to become even worse. Virender asks about your discomfort and reveals that a significant event took place involving you, but you remained silent about it because you were worried about my Bau ji’s puja. He claims that I was worried about you in the event that something bad had happened to you. Lakshmi gives him a hug and tells him, “Even I was scared, Bau ji, thinking if my stay is going to be this long only with the family.”

They are Malishka and Kiran, and they have entered the room. Malishka informed me today that both Lakshmi and I were successful in our rescue attempt. Kiran claims that our original plan has been completely derailed. Sonia asks did you plan to kill Lakshmi? Kiran wants to know how you can think like Ayush, and she wants to know if you believe that we will be able to accomplish this goal. Malishka says what? She claims that she despises Lakshmi, that she is my adversary, that she stole my Rishi from me, and that she is capable of being demoted to any level. However, there is a threshold that I will not go beyond, both in terms of class and limit. Sonia responds, “I know, and I am on your side; however, if I come to know that this murder plan was yours, and you are lying, then I will not support you.” She claims that I am incapable of approving of someone with a criminal mind. Malishka convinces her by telling a lie that she did not do anything wrong and then begs her to trust her. She says that whoever comes and reprimands me should be ashamed of themselves. Ayush has arrived at the location, and he is about to strike Malishka. Malishka screams while she spins around and turns her face away. The name Ayush is called out by Kiran. Ayush is brought to a halt.


Ayush tells Malishka that this is the evidence, and that at this point, nobody will be able to kick her out of the house. Ayush adds that Malishka asked him to be her saviour, and that he will now fulfil that role for her. Rishi and Lakshmi overhear Ayush telling them that our event is going to be a huge success, and Ayush explains that this is due to the fact that Lakshmi will bear all of the responsibility for the event that will take place tomorrow. Rishi says that the decision has been made, and it has been decided that you will be responsible for the hotel and all of the other arrangements. According to Ayush, Lakshmi will receive the credit for this. Rishi responded by saying that it was obvious because after all, she is his wife.

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