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Malishka warns Mukesh that if he doesn’t get out of this area soon, he would be cornered. Mukesh agrees. Malishka orders him to exit the building by the back door. He dashes out of the house through the back door. Malishka is under the impression that she has successfully vanquished Lakshmi and her bhagya. In the hospital, Ayush and Lakshmi interact with patients and other visitors. Ayush walks over to Virendra and tells him about what happened in private. Lakshmi begs God to protect her family from the consequences of their actions. She sobs over the fact that she betrayed Rishi’s confidence and brought dishonour upon the Oberoi family name. Virendra tells Ayush to leave the hospital as soon as possible with Lakshmi and refuses to answer any questions from the media. He then tells them that he would send Mahesh to handle the problem because they are inexperienced. After Ayush has informed Lakshmi of the news, the two of them will depart the hospital.
Neelam, who was on call, finds out what took place in the hotel. She claims that Lakshmi is unlucky and expresses her desire that the media is unaware of this fact. It is revealed that Malishka is the party with whom Neelam is chatting. Malishka contacts the press in an effort to have live coverage of the crisis that just took place at Oberoi dazzling. She believes that the task has been completed, and that Lakshmi is now finished. Neelam makes a request of Lakshmi. According to the worker, Lakshmi did not come back. There are people, including Virendra, who go there. Neelam claims that you are aware of the situation and that Lakshmi is unlucky for us. Karishma inquires as to what took transpired. Virendra asks her how she came to that conclusion. According to Neelam, it will be found by everyone since Lakshmi has kept our name and reputation at stake. Sonia inquires about what took place.

Neelam explains to them how Lakshmi was the cause of all of the problems. Virendra is the one who picks up Mahesh’s call. Mahesh reveals to him that poison was laced throughout the food, which is the reason that everyone ended up in the hospital. Virendra is confused as to how it could occur given that Lakshmi is the one accountable. According to Karishma, this behaviour is a criminal act. Neelam claims that they are going to run into difficulties as a result of Lakshmi, and that she is a blight on our lives. According to Virendra, Lakshmi is incapable of doing anything wrong, and there is something suspicious going on. Virendra interrupts Karishma just as she is about to say something by telling her to be quiet.

Malishka orchestrates a scenario in which everyone is going to blame Lakshmi without trusting her words, and she does this by constructing a drama. She breaks into a smile and makes the conscious decision to express her joy to her lover. She gives Kiran a call and informs her that the chapter in Lakshmi’s life has come to an end and that the Oberoi are going to cast Lakshmi out. Kiran inquires as to what she did to get Lakshmi out of the way of her path. Malishka extends an invitation to her to attend the live performance at Oberoi’s home. Kiran makes a request to the driver, asking him to take her to Oberoi’s residence. She inquires of Malishka what it was that she done to make things work out in her favour. Malishka fills her mother in on what she achieved and requests that she observe the live broadcast of her triumph. Kiran agrees.
Lakshmi has requested that Ayush consult with Doctor regarding the next steps that need to be taken. Ayush asks Lakshmi to consult Rishi on the matter and has her make the call. Both Lakshmi and Rishi make simultaneous phone calls to one another. They sound like they are really busy. Ayush tells Lakshmi to calm down and that everything is going to be alright. Guddu is informed by Balwinder that Malishka is not picking up when he phones her. Guddu says Malishka used him. If Malishka does not pay Balwinder what he demands, he will have her killed. Rano is able to listen in on it. Balwinder takes note of her presence. Neelam asserts that Lakshmi is responsible for the loss of joy and tranquilly in their life. Virendra attempts to stop her but Neelam doesn’t listen. She inquires as to whether or not he is still under the influence of Lakshmi’s charms after seeing the puja that she had prepared for his father. She claims that he made a mistake when he trusted Lakshmi.

Kiran travels to the location. Everyone maintains their composure. Kiran inquires about what took place with them. Karishma and Sonia share their stories about how Lakshmi wrecked their respect for each other. Kiran inquires as to the rationale behind entrusting Lakshmi with management of the situation rather than Malishka. Karishma believes that these individuals are insane for putting their faith in Lakshmi. During that particular incident, Lakshmi travelled home with Ayush. Karishma halts Lakshmi and requests that she celebrate with them despite the damage done to their reputation. According to Lakshmi, she has no idea how that came to pass. Neelam deems Lakshmi to be unlucky in their relationship. Ayush claims they have no idea how that could have happened because they have investigated everything. According to Virendra, there won’t be any problems. Neelam cautions him against showing sympathy for Lakshmi because of the error she has made. Ayush states Lakshmi didn’t do any error. Neelam cautions him to be quiet about it.

As a reminder, Malishka’s mother tells her daughter, “I’m very proud of you, finally you eliminated Lakshmi from my house.” Malishka’s mum is Malishka’s stepmother. Lakshmi is forcibly removed from Rishi’s home by Rishi. Lakshmi makes an effort to discourage him. Rishi yells at him to quiet down, saying that from this point forward, we will no longer be related to one another and that he will kick him out of the house and out of his life. Both of us have lost our lives; you lost Rishi, and I lost Lakshmi.

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