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Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

The Inspector warns everyone that telling a lie about who Lakshmi is could end up costing them a lot of money. Lakshmi acknowledges that she is, in fact, Lakshmi and expresses her regret. Malishka reveals to Virender that she was attempting to help Lakshmi when Virender confronts her. Lakshmi is questioned by Inspector regarding whether or not she prepared any food. Ayush maintains that if she prepared the food, it cannot be demonstrated that she tainted it with poison because she was the one who prepared it. The inspector has informed her that she may add something that is poisonous. According to what he says, there are a great number of lives in jeopardy. He solicits Lakshmi’s company by asking her to accompany him. Malishka is contemplating beginning her drama by claiming that Lakshmi has committed the crime, but she decides against it. Ahana affirms that she did nothing wrong and is completely innocent. Dadi is also of the opinion that she did not do anything wrong. Malishka begs Inspector not to take Lakshmi and tells him, “I will not allow you take her.” Malishka is adamant that Inspector not take Lakshmi. Inspector has informed me that you are trying to challenge me. What is Malishka asking, exactly? According to the Inspector, you are acting provocatively toward us if you choose to get involved in the investigation. Neelam calls Malishka. Malishka reveals what they had been thinking about themselves the entire time. When the reporters entered the building, they inquired as to the whereabouts of Lakshmi Oberoi. The reporter claims that she is required to appear in front of the audience. Malishka is shocked that you would dare to enter her home and inquires about the source of your authorization to do so. She gets into an argument with the reporters and tells them that they are not allowed to take photographs of Lakshmi. She yells at them and insists that she has not been responsible for anything, and then she orders them to go. Neelam Oberoi should just see what a reporter is capable of doing, according to Uday’s thinking. Malishka believes that he is Uday and that he will serve as one of her weapons if she continues to believe this. Uday feels the pressure from her and she implores him to leave. Neelam makes an effort to prevent Malishka from doing something. Malishka affirms that she is carrying out the instructions that she was given before pushing Uday and urging him to leave the premises. Uday points out that you do this with the media and then asks what you plan to do with regular people. Ayush pulls her to the side and questions whether or not she is acting consciously by doing what she is doing. Malishka reassures him that she is a member of their family as well and warns him against being afraid of them. She requests that Media depart immediately. Inspector pleads with her to put an end to the drama and explains that they have no choice but to detain Lakshmi. Mr. Verma makes his way to Rishi’s house in order to invite him to accompany him. Malishka warns Inspector that she will report him to the commissioner if he continues to bother Lakshmi. She then requests that Inspector leave the room. Uday taunts the Inspector by asking him whether he will be frightened by Lakshmi’s threat or whether he will arrest her. Malishka tells Virender that the police are about to arrest your bahu, and she requests Virender to phone the Commissioner. Virender requests for her to be silent in the conversation. According to Ayush, this is something that should be discussed within the family. Virender calls Inspector over to his house and tells him that the two of them need to have a conversation.

Malishka has requested that the media maintain a low profile with regard to the camera. Uday asserts that the truth will be revealed, and he goes on to discuss the power of the truth. Malishka continues to press him while simultaneously questioning the Constables about whether or not they perform their duties. She requests that they get rid of any media in the room. The constables request that Media vacate the building. Kiran smiles. Neelam inquires of Lakshmi as to whether or not she saw the family drama that took place. She claims that Malishka is attempting to salvage our respect, but you have completely destroyed it. Kiran believes that she looks up to her very much and is very proud of her. Virender explains to Inspector that whatever transpired was merely a coincidence and that Lakshmi was not responsible for what took place. Ayush claims that he was with her and that she should not be punished because of this. Virender asks that you not take her and thanks you for your cooperation. The inspector advises that whatever it is that you want to say, you should say it in court. It is necessary for me to place her under arrest.

Malishka exits the building and reveals to the media that Lakshmi and Neelam’s aunty asked her to prevent them from entering the building. She warns that the Oberois would make life miserable for anyone who attempts to enter the compound. They are instructed to leave at her request. Uday had the idea to subdue Oberois by bringing him down to the ground.

Ahana and Devika are attempting to appease Lakshmi in this scene. Devika assures her that she is safe and that nobody will be able to arrest her because they are with her. She also tells her not to worry. Ahana cautions her to avoid taking the strain in her body. Malishka enters the building and believes that she has dealt with everything in a single assault. Lakshmi has arrived and believes that she will receive recognition for her efforts. The efforts that Malishka has put in are very much appreciated by Dadi. For what I accomplished for Lakshmi, Malishka feels I should be rewarded. Dadi tells you to continue doing whatever it was that you were doing to catch Lakshmi. Malishka claims that I fought for her, while you are claiming that I am luring her into a trap. She claims that I was trying to maintain the respect of the house, but you are pointing the finger at me anyway. She tells her that she can do whatever she pleases, and that she should just watch what unfolds. She believes that Dadi has made appropriate use of her brains at her advanced age; nonetheless, nothing can spare Lakshmi from what Dadi will do. Virender requests that Inspector inquire into Lakshmi at this particular location. Inspector says it’s my responsibility to take her with me. Ayush believes that this is an unfair assessment. The inspector has stated that they do not wish to make any additional arrests from this location. He requests that the Constables bring her in for questioning. When Lakshmi considers when Rishi will arrive, her thoughts wander. Rishi is currently seated in the vehicle while he communicates to his driver that his flight must not be missed. The driver reports that the vehicle has come to a complete halt. After getting out of the car, Rishi continues.

Virender intervenes and apologises to Lakshmi before Constables continues on. He told me that I couldn’t do anything at the moment but that he would do it later and that your Bau ji was here. Malishka approaches Virender and requests his assistance in preventing them from kidnapping Lakshmi. The invitation to come from Virender is extended to Ayush. Malishka smiles and glances at Kiran. The Inspector requests that the Constables force her to take a seat in the vehicle. The reporters want to know if she harbours any ill will toward the Oberois, considering that she was the one who committed this act. After filing for divorce, they question whether or not he committed this act with the intention of embarrassing his family. He thinks that you have dishonoured and disrespected the family by doing what you did. Ayush makes an effort to prevent the media from continuing. Uday gives the Inspector a standing ovation for the fact that he did not bow down in front of the Oberois. After that, he requests that Neelam demonstrate her money might and help him save her bahu. Neelam looks on astonished. Lakshmi says I didn’t do anything. Ayush cautions Lakshmi to maintain her composure in the face of the threat. Lakshmi is required to take a seat in the vehicle by the Inspector. Lakshmi reveals to Ayush that she does not wish to go to jail and asserts that she did not commit any wrongdoing in the situation. Ayush acknowledges that he is aware and expresses his regret. The conversation continues with Lakshmi telling him that she requires Rishi’s assistance and asking him to call him. Ayush comforts her by assuring her that Rishi bhai will take action and implores her to stop crying. Lakshmi is transported away in a jeep by the police from that location. When Lakshmi thinks about the promise that Rishi made, she smiles.

Rishi is currently out and about, wandering on the road. Virender requests that Ayush bring the documents necessary to post bail for Lakshmi. Ayush is detained by Neelam, who explains that she needs to talk to everyone about something significant that has come up. Malishka explains that now Aunty will claim that Lakshmi will not come here, and Malishka feels that they should just shoot the word. Nelam claims that it is impossible for anyone to bring back Lakshmi and that the decision has been made.


¬†Shalu informs Neelam that she had hoped that she would be able to comfort Lakshmi in this trying time as a mother, but that you forced everyone to pull away from her and turn their backs on her. Karishma is urged by Ayush to come to terms with the fact that Lakshmi was innocent of all charges. According to Karishma, we are going to have to deal with a great number of losses because of her. Ayush claims that you are exploiting this situation for your own benefit. Karishma smacks him. Accident befalls Rishi, resulting in the latter’s suffering injuries. Lakshmi has a sixth sense and immediately summons Rishi when she senses it.

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