Bhagya Lakshmi [24th November 2022] Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th November 2022 Written Update On

Bhagya Lakshmi [24th November 2022] Written Update

In Bhagya Lakshmi, Lakshmi asking Baby if she made another mistake. She says I learned your truth today. She says she doesn’t like rishi she is just your stubborn. Bhagya Lakshmi says I feel for you, she. She says you don’t love her and if you loved her you would trust her and Rishi will never leave you she says. Bhagya Lakshmi says where there is no trust, there is no love. Little girl says Rishi and I love each other very much and today my love will conquer your mangalsutra. She tries to grab her Mangalsutra. Lakshmi asks him to leave her.

The baby stabs Lakshmi and falls. Lakshmi also falls. They both adore. Balwinder arrives and wakes Baby. Baby says you killed Lakshmi and she is there. Balwinder says Lakshmi did not come here and asks her to return to reality. Baby realizes this is his dream and cries out to Lakshmi.

Shalu and Ayush get in a car looking for Lakshmi. Ayush says someone might have taken her by force. Shalu asks her to think positively. He sees a woman dressed as Lakshmi and stops the car and runs after him. The girl asks who are you and Ayush apologizes. Shalu tells him that bhabhas will find him.

Rishi brings Lakshmi to hospital and asks doctor to treat her, says she is unconscious. The doctor checks it. Rishi asks if she will get better.

Shalu reaches out and cries. Ayush says we will have strength and asks her to say “ok”. Shalu agrees and asks if Dee will be found. Ayush says of course. Shalu asks why such things happen to her. Ayush says so for people to understand how good he is and his shortcomings. Shalu says I am worried. Ayush says even I am worried.

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She asks if there is any connection between Baby’s abduction and Lakshmi’s disappearance. Shalu says yes. She says she will call her as soon as she gets any information about Lakshmi. Shalu is about to leave. Ayush calls him to hug. She hugs him. Shalu is about to leave and turns around. Ayush asks him to leave. He starts walking. Ayush smiles.

Rishi brings the unconscious Lakshmi home. Dadi asks what happened to her. Rishi takes Lakshmi to her room. Dadi comes there. Rishi says she fainted and will recover soon. Dadi thinks to ask later, how did that happen? I swear I can’t believe my daughter did this, Kieran thinks. He is worried about his life. She says she will try to get Rishi until they unite.

Virender considers not talking to Rishi about Baby. Rishi explains that he found Lakshmi unconscious on the road and never thought this would happen. Neelam says that sometimes they have to put up with someone’s negative influence. Dadi says Lakshmi’s luck is with you along with my blessings. Ayush comes home and asks if he is okay. She says she’s looking for him.

Early asks Shalu what happened to him. Shalu says she knows Baby has been kidnapped. Early says this is good news, he broke up with his wife Lakshmi. Shalu says Dee is missing. She is in shock early and asks who will take it. She asks how I get to the Oberoi’s house, she says what she means if she goes and talks to them. Ayush calls Shalu and informs her that Bhabhi is at home. Shalu is happy. She insists on talking to him. Ayush says she is with everyone now and will make her talk later. Shalu informs Rano that Lakshmi has been found.

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Early asks him to wash the fruit and also to cook halva.Rishi asks Virender where did Lakshmi go and why Ayush couldn’t find her. Ayush says there must have been some problems. He goes to meet Ayush. He asks Ayush why did you say Lakshmi is missing. Ayush says Baby was kidnapped and Lakshmi bhabhi is blamed for this. Rishi asks who is accusing Lakshmi? Ayush tells him everything. Rishi says why nobody informed me and asks how Aunt Kiran could think that Lakshmi might have kidnapped Baby. She asks him to take care of Lakshmi and leaves the house.

Dadi asks what does Ayush mean when looking for her. Neelam says she did it to be important. Ayush says they went separately to look for evidence, then he didn’t pick up the phone. He says he found Shalu’s car. Virender reveals that Rishi found him unconscious.

Rishi comes to Kiran and says she did not expect this from him. Kieran dropped his glass of water. Rishi says I thought you are understanding and mature enough to understand people but I was wrong. She asks her to withdraw her complaint against Lakshmi. Kiran said I later realized that Lakshmi couldn’t do that, but the police would call Baby and Lakshmi would be the prime suspect, so what does it matter? Rishi gets upset. Kieran thinks this plan will backfire on Baby.


Lakshmi says who will save me if not you and says you are my life partner and will protect me all my life. She hugs him.

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