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The scene starts with Neelam warning everyone that they are not allowed to criticise her decision in any way. Ayush says Mami. Neelam claims nobody will say. Dadi says Neelam. Neelam asserts that not even she has the respect of our family, and she believes that she has sullied it. Virender claims that the respect of the family will be damaged if we do not save her. Neelam reveals that she, too, is a bahu and that she has made a significant number of concessions in order to care for this family and this home. She declares that she is unable to handle anything at this time, and she concludes that Lakshmi will be saved by nobody. Virender warns that if we don’t save our bahu, then all eyes would be on us; the question is whether or not you can stomach that. Neelam has stated that she is not our bahu. Virender demands to know, “Then what is she?” The words “helplessness, black spot, terrible luck, and awful moment” are what Neelam uses. She tells him that our company will be affected, but that she trusts that he will figure out a way to rescue it and asks him to oversee the business. She claims that there is no way for Lakshmi to be saved and that you may have some other option. She claims that Lakshmi will not be allowed to come forward, and she also states that she does not care if it is a plot or a mistake; she will be the only one punished for it. Dadi says Lakshmi is also Oberoi. Neelam asks whether it is necessary for her to make it clear that Lakshmi is not her bahu and explains that she has never been and never will be. She yells and then asks if everyone has grasped the concept. She claims that nobody will be able to save Lakshmi, and that this decision was made by me, Neelam Oberoi, and that nobody would challenge my authority. She is heard by Shalu once he has arrived there. The constable has no choice but to place Lakshmi under arrest. She maintains that she is not guilty. The criminal who is currently locked up interrogates Lakshmi, asking her what her offence is. The expression on her face is one of amusement. Lakshmi looks on sobbing. Rishi is frantically sprinting down the road and is concerned that Lakshmi may be in some kind of trouble. If she is, I will be there for her as she has always been there for me. He says that I will be coming to you.
Lakshmi tears. The culprit made a threat against Lakshmi. Lakshmi sits and waits for Rishi to return. Rishi gets involved in a collision when the car hits him, and he yells for Lakshmi. Lakshmi has a premonition that he will be hurt. The crowd congregates in his immediate vicinity. Concerned for Rishi, Lakshmi prays to God to protect him and watch over him. Rishi is brought to the hospital in an ambulance, and although Lakshmi is in an unconscious state, he takes her name and tells her to just have strength because he will be there soon.

The doctor requests the personnel at the hospital to bring him inside. When Rishi’s manager arrived, he introduced himself and stated that he was with Rishi. He tries to reach Virender by phone, but the call cannot be connected.

According to Shalu, I figured everyone must be concerned about Di. According to her, Di loved all of you more than she did any of us. She says that she doesn’t understand how you could let anything bad happen to Di because she looks up to you as her mother. She says that she thought you would comfort her as a mother would, support her, and hug her, but instead you made everyone pull their hands away from her. She says that she doesn’t understand how you could. She claims that you are placing blame on her despite the fact that she is not present. Everyone looks on. She claims that you are aware quite well that she is a bahu of the house and that she is innocent. She inquires as to why you do not appear to be experiencing anything. Neelam confronts you with a series of rhetorical questions, like “how dare you say much?” and “how dare you state that you came to make me realise?” before pointing out that you are now standing in a secure location. Lakshmi did have to bear here, despite what Shalu says, but I am only standing here. Karishma asks how dare you? Shalu questions how you could have been so careless as to allow the police take Lakshmi from here. Karishma admonishes her to be quiet. Ayush says Mom. Karishma says shut up. Shalu questions Dadi and Virender about how they were able to let Lakshmi leave. According to Neelam, we are not powerless to answer you. Shalu claims that my di is alone herself in that location. Kiran claims that she is your di, but we should avoid her because she is unlucky for us. She claims that she has destroyed oberoi’s reputation. Shalu asserts that I am aware that nothing is more important than life, not even one’s reputation. She claims that if anything had happened to Lakshmi at this location, then your entire reputation could have saved her, but it didn’t happen. According to her, she would have passed away if Jiju hadn’t come to her rescue in time. She inquires as to why nobody was held responsible at that time. She claims that whatever took place is still wrong even to this day, and the police took her in front of all of you. She questions Ayush on the lack of action he took in the situation. Ayush adds that we made numerous attempts to thwart the police and apologises for the situation. Shalu explains that her parents instilled in her and her siblings the value of being there for others, especially during difficult times, and that she intends to demonstrate this value by rescuing Lakshmi all by herself.

Ayush asks who told you that you are alone by yourself. Karishma cautions Ayush against taking action against Neelam. According to Neelam, you want to go against the decision I made. Ayush, Shalu tells him, it’s okay; you save the reputation of your family, and I’ll rescue my di. She leaves. Ayush inquires into the current situation. He describes how to look at this situation and asserts that Lakshmi is not guilty of anything. Karishma pleads him to halt it and adds that we would suffer loss as a result of her actions. Ayush claims that we did not suffer any losses, however it appears that you are taking advantage of the situation. Karishma smacks him. Ahana says Mom. Karishma asks him to quiet up. She scolds him for disclosing anything to Malishka and tells him not to open his mouth in front of his grandmother, saying that whatever she has made him into is because of his grandmother. Dadi says stop it. Karishma had threatened to take his tongue out. Virender has said enough, Ayush is an excellent investigator. Neelam claims that you have conducted a thorough examination on Lakshmi. Virender claims that I misunderstood her at first but have since come to see my mistake. Neelam claims that nobody can save her, yet I have thoroughly examined her. She claims that nobody will be brave enough to save Lakshmi, and that Rishi must not learn any of this information. According to her, he is working and is not wasting time like the rest of you. She gives Ayush a stern warning and tells him that she would show him what she is capable of if Rishi finds out.

Shalu goes to the PS and explains to the Inspector that Lakshmi is completely innocent. The inspector states that the court will decide. Shalu explains to the inspector that Lakshmi is blameless and that she doesn’t know her, adding that Lakshmi puts the needs of others ahead of her own and only considers herself in a secondary role. The inspector states that the court will decide. Shalu inquires about the possibility of meeting her. Rishi’s procedure is about to start, and he writes Lakshmi’s name down on the operating bed. As Lakshmi contemplates Rishi, she is brought back to the time when Virender forced her to pledge that she would never abandon Rishi. She is thinking back to what Rishi had said.


Neelam makes a phone call to her lawyer and tells him that she intends to bring a case against Lakshmi. Virender is taken aback by this. Malishka receives the news from Kiran that they will be celebrating her victory with wine, and they do so. Lakshmi asks Shalu about Rishi. Neelam overhears Virender saying that if Lakshmi is able to give life to Rishi, then Rishi is likewise able to give his life to Lakshmi. He claims that if you get in the middle of them, you will render Rishi unable of deciding who he should pick.

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