Bhagya Lakshmi [27th November 2022] Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 27th November 2022 Written Update On

Bhagya Lakshmi 27th November 2022 Written Update

In Bhagya Lakshmi, Rishi seeing a guy in a veil who gets out and gets into the kidnapper’s car. He follows the car. Shalu calls Ayush and asks if evidence has been found. Ayush says no and says he feels helpless and let her down. He says he can’t do anything for her. Shalu says that nothing will happen to Dee, Jiju is with her and will fix everything. Ayush hopes for the same. Balwinder thinks Baby might be waiting for him. He sees Rishi following his car. Baby thinks that Balwinder should have come by now if he gets caught.

Balvinder deceives Rishi and ends up in the garbage heap. Lakshmi thinks that he will take her to the baby, thinks that Rishi will come, so there is no tension. Balwinder comes down and goes inside. Lakshmi comes down from the deck. Rishi thinks that the lady deceived him and left, and thinks how I will look for Lakshmi now. Lakshmi thinks that if Rishi went the wrong way, she thinks she should go inside and check if Baby is there. Rishi searches for Lakshmi’s whereabouts, at which point his phone goes offline.

Baby asks Balwinder who is she? Balvinder says he wears the veil because of Rishi. He gives the burqa to Baby. The little one asks if Rishi followed him and asks if Lakshmi was with him. Lakshmi comes inside and wonders if I made a mistake. Baby says Lakshmi, his tail. Balwinder says no and asks her not to strain. Ayush says the police will come and take Bhabhi away from here.

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He thinks what to do so that she is not arrested. He says he brought things as she said. The little one says that tonight I must stay away from Rishi, and then we will unite. Balwinder prays to God to grant her wish. Baby says you’ll be rewarded. He says he won’t leave his money.

Rishi thinks Lakshmi is in danger, maybe she thinks I am going there. The little girl tells Balwinder that her plan will not fail and Rishi will not come here. Balwinder says Rishi won’t come here. She asks him to be careful and vigilant. Balwinder leaves. Lakshmi comes in. They don’t see each other. Ayush calls Rishi and finds that his phone is switched off. Dadi comes to Ayush and says you are here, I thought you went to help your Bhabhi. Ayush says what to do? Dadi asks him to call Rishi or Lakshmi as they are together.

Lakshmi’s phone rings. The baby wakes up after hearing the bell. Lakshmi answers the phone and says that she is fine. The baby sees Lakshmi and wonders if Rishi is with her. Lakshmi thinks Balwinder fooled Rishi and Lakshmi is here to fulfill my dream. Lakshmi wears a veil and covers her face with a mask/hijab. She says that today is the last day for you, I will go to the police and tell them that you kidnapped me, but for now you are injured and died. She attacks Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks where is Baby? Rishi thinks that nothing will happen to Lakshmi, how to save her. He thinks to get in line. Lakshmi throws the thing at Baby as she pleases, holding the weapon in her hand.

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Rishi stops the car and starts walking. He sees Balvinder and comes there. Balwinder is about to run when Rishi catches and hits him. Balwinder fights him and threatens to kill him. The little girl gets a weapon and thinks she will put an end to Lakshmi’s game. Lakshmi tells Baby that she can’t hurt her and asks her to tell where Baby is? She asks who they were, who kidnapped me. Baby thinks if I say you’ll recognize my voice. Lakshmi asks who are you? The baby attacks her. Lakshmi holds the weapon and receives it. She says if you don’t tell me I’ll stab you in the stomach.

She tries to see her face and pull off her hijab when Baby pushes her and runs away. Rishi beats up Balwinder and asks where are Lakshmi and Baby? He asks who was that woman in the veil, your partner. Balwinder is injured, passes out and falls. Reese goes inside and finds herself in front of Baby. Baby thinks where is Balwinder? She thinks she has fallen into a trap. Rishi says that your only partner has been caught and asks her to take off her mask and show her face. Lakshmi hears Rishi’s voice.

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