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Lakshmi is under the impression that Rishi has arrived. She tells the lady prisoner that her blessing has come true and expresses her gratitude to her. After being locked up, she is released. She is escorted to the meeting room by the lady constable. Malishka comes over and grins while keeping her hand on her eyes. Lakshmi says Rishi. Malishka answers no, not Rishi, but Mrs. Malishka Rishi Oberoi. Lakshmi sees her. Malishka confronts her with the question of whether or not she was dreaming about Rishi coming to her aid and implores her to speak the truth. According to her, a dream is only a dream and has no basis in reality. She claims that you will only be able to see him in your dreams, and that behind bars you will rot. She initially said that she would take your place, but then she corrected herself and said that she would take my place back from you. She claims that I would wed Rishi, and that my married name will be Malishka Rishi Oberoi. After leaving the airport, Rishi enters the cab and takes a seat. He instructs the driver to take him to the PS location.
Kiran hears the ringing of Ayush’s phone and immediately goes to his room. She is under the impression that it is Rishi’s call, so she answers it. Rishi tells Ayush that he would be heading to the jail to rescue Lakshmi and that if he had been here at the time, he would have prevented Lakshmi from being arrested. He is grateful to him for informing him of Lakshmi’s detention. Kiran is under the impression that Ayush has been completely honest with Rishi. Rishi is perplexed as to why you are remaining silent. Kiran states that she is available for calls. Rishi inquires as to the whereabouts of Ayush. She tells him that he is in the restroom and she invites him to come home. He wants to know if Lakshmi returned to the house. She agrees and then invites him back to the house. Ayush emerges from the restroom and inquires as to whether or not this is my room. Kiran claims Rishi came to Mumbai. Ayush believes that it is for the best and that he can now let Lakshmi free. When Kiran sees Neelam approaching in the mirror, she tells Rishi that she thinks he is insulting Neelam by informing him about Lakshmi.

Ayush is reprimanded by Neelam after he enters the house for going against him. She belittles him, then orders him to leave the room before leaving herself. Ayush confronts Kiran with the question of why she was giggling to herself and then on to tell her about Nani’s statements. He says you stated this, when you spotted Neelam Mami standing. Kiran claims that Neelam would not have been aware of the situation if I had kept it a secret. She claims that you are always placing the blame on Malishka and myself. Ayush tells her that he has finally realised why her daughter acts the way she does and asks her not to open her mouth. He claims that I am not like you and Malishka in any way, and that there is a distinction between us. Kiran will say, “I am forgiving your misconduct. I say that this item is causing you lose, and I will pray that God blesses you.” She will leave. Ayush prays to God, asking how long Malishka and her mother will continue to cause Lakshmi pain.


Malishka reveals to Lakshmi that she has caused her a great deal of stress and requests that she consider this possibility as a solution. She adds that it was a battle for me to get back my love, but that I am victorious now that I have Rishi again. She claims that she provided you several opportunities so that you might go out with Balwinder and spend the rest of your life with the guy you went to school with, but you chose Rishi instead. She explains that from this point on, nobody will be able to grasp your hand, and that he is not in your destiny but rather in mine. According to her, nobody holds the hands of criminals and murderers. She said that two persons are in critical condition and could pass away at any time. Lakshmi says no. She is threatened by Malishka with the death penalty if she does not follow the puja route. If she does not, she will be hanged. Lakshmi says I didn’t do anything. Malishka tells you that it’s okay, you haven’t done anything wrong, but how are you going to save yourself? She claims that nobody will come to your rescue since Neelam aunty gave instructions that nobody shall come to your rescue. She claims that not even Rishi is available because he is in Bangalore. Lakshmi is taken aback and inquires as to why none has informed Rishi. Malishka responds with a negative answer and questions why anyone would want to assist you given that you are worthless and have tarnished Oberoi’s esteem. She also claims that you will rot in jail and be punished for your actions.


Lakshmi assures her that Rishi will come back, that she can trust him, and that he has feelings for her. Malishka inquires as to whether or not she is once again dreaming and inquires as to whether or not he has communicated his love for her even in his dreams. Lakshmi claims that she has seen something in his eyes. Malishka claims that you are skilled in the art of reading people’s eyes. She begs her to read her eyes, and then she tells Rishi that there is love in her heart for him. Lakshmi adds that she is able to perceive your haughtiness, stubbornness, vengefulness, and rage, but she is unable to recognise your love for Rishi. Malishka makes a motion with her hand as if to slap her. Lakshmi interrupts her and asks why she is dreaming, after which she tells her that if she had loved him, he would have been close to her at all times. Malishka claims that she is not deceiving herself, but that you are deceiving yourself with these lies, and she claims that Rishi had the opportunity to end the marriage with you. She claims that he will not wait the required two months to file for divorce, and that the law will process the divorce as quickly as it can. Lakshmi claims that if the divorce was inevitable, then it would have taken place a long time ago. She claims that she has faith in Rishi and their relationship, as well as in their marriage, rounds, and love, and that she trusts Rishi to come and save her from this place in front of you, so demonstrating that he loves her. You have discovered here that Malishka engages in lengthy film-like discourse. She tells me to wait and see. a winner is. She believes that Lakshmi is self-assured but is concerned about whether or not Rishi will show up. According to Lakshmi, Rishi will show up.


Dadi inquires of Neelam as to the reason why she called them. According to Neelam, the culprit is Ayush. Karishma inquires of Ayush, “What have you been up to?” Neelam compliments your son on his bravery for showing the courage behind my back and then presses him to reveal what it is that he has done. According to Ayush, I filled Rishi bhai in on everything over the phone. Karishma inquires as to what the hell is going on. Neelam inquires of Karishma as to whether or not he places significance in her statements. She claims that you have disobeyed me in some way. Ayush adds that he has a lot of respect for you and vows to God that he didn’t intend to go against you, but that he did it for his bhabhi because she is all by herself there. Karishma questions how she can be considered your bhabhi if her own bhabhi does not consider her to be her bahu. Ahana says mom. Karishma claims that she is to blame for the issues that have arisen in the home. Neelam claims that our joy and tranquilly have been shattered ever since the other girl entered the room with her ill-fated shoes. According to what Karishma said, when the eclipse was finally moving away from us, he… She threatens to give him a slap in the face. Dadi inquires as to whether or not she will slap her small son. Ayush adds that you can hit me as many times as you want, and he promises that he will still state that anything inappropriate is going on with Lakshmi even after that. He challenges her by asking her to remove the poison from her heart, and then he will know how good she is. Karishma adds, “I am your Mom, and you are quarrel with me for that inauspicious girl.” Karishma is referring to the other woman. Ahana claims that she is not an omen of ill fortune but rather a source of blessings for us and that she is Rishi bhai’s bride.


Sonia inquires of Ayush and Ahana regarding the location of their class. She warns us not to take their side because doing so would be demeaning to us. Ahana inquires as to what took place while Lakshmi was present and why you did not feel upset when everyone else abused Lakshmi. When Ayush asks her about a step that Lakshmi did against the house, they feel insulted because of Ayush’s question. She claims that we have poor manners for allowing this situation to develop with Lakshmi. Sonia claims that you two are going to be sorry for this. Ahana says you will regret.


Neelam decides that enough is enough and states that the two of you are our children and that you used to love one other very much. She comforts Ayush, Ahana, and Sonia by patting their faces and telling them that something awful is happening in the house. Malishka arrives there and reports that the media and people are claiming that the Oberois are killers and that they don’t know how many people the Oberois have killed in the past. Malishka also says that she doesn’t know how many people the Oberois have killed in the past. She claims that they claimed that Oberois do not care for anyone’s life and that a major clamour and issue is created. She also states that an issue is manufactured. Karishma inquires of Ayush as to whether or not he heard, and then she inquires of him as to what he will say to Lakshmi. Ayush inquires as to the source of her breaking news, which they did not see, and inquires as to whether or not she is making up the news. Malishka accuses him of overacting and says that enough is enough, that the days when he could tell her anything and she would listen are over. She tells you to ignore me because I couldn’t care less about what you have to say. When she repeats what he says to me, it demeans my sense of self-respect. She promises that she would not overlook any wrongdoing on his part. Karishma has warned him that no one will forgive him if he chooses to side with the inauspicious girl. Ayush maintains that she is not an unlucky person. Neelam proclaims that she is unlucky and that she has poor luck with regard to whatever has occurred with our family.


When Rishi got back to his house, he called Lakshmi. He inquires as to her whereabouts. Everyone is here except for her, but she is not. He speculates that she might be in her most comfortable environment, the kitchen, and promises to go there to find her. Ayush retorts, “No, I informed you that she is currently detained in jail,” Rishi claims that she showed up. According to Ayush, she is still detained. Rishi claims that this is not amusing, but if she has planned to surprise me and asked you not to inform me, then it is acceptable. I will go into the room, walk out onto the terrace, and then meet her. Devika believes that Ayush is correct, as Lakshmi is currently incarcerated and cannot exercise her rights. Virender says yes. Ahana inquires as to the reason he had the impression that she had returned. Dadi inquires as to who informed you. Rishi looks at Kiran.


The other Lakshmi is doing well, according to Balwinder, as he examines the money and hugs it. Balwinder receives a call from Rano. Balwinder claims that he is a horse capable of running a long race. You are an owl, Rano tells him, and she wants him to accompany her to PS in order to release Lakshmi. What does Balwinder believe is taking place? Rano insists that you accompany her and help her escape captivity. Balwinder inquires as to whether or not she is my wife, and then declines to come. Rano promises that he will also abduct your father. Balwinder claims that I have not seen him since he passed away. Rano promises that she would save Lakshmi, but she will send you to prison.


Rishi confronts Kiran, demanding to know why she lied to him and told him that Lakshmi is at home. He claims that you would have been honest with me. Rishi is given the request by Malishka to speak more politely to her. Rishi has stated that there is no reason for me to gain knowledge from you. He asks Kiran why did she lie? Kiran states that Neelam had declared that nobody shall save Lakshmi because she was helpless, and because if you had gone there, then Neelam would have become furious, therefore I lied to save you. Neelam had said that nobody shall save Lakshmi. Rishi asks Neelam. Neelam says sure, I had stated.



Rano tells Balwinder that he is to blame for all that is going on between the Lakshmi and Oberoi families. Neelam asks Rishi, “Since you were not present, how are you able to tell whether or not Lakshmi committed the act?” Rishi says, “I know Lakshmi very well, she can’t do something like that, and I cannot see her in agony, so now I’m going to Lakshmi, I’m not against you, I’m going to save my Lakshmi.” Rishi is referring to the fact that Lakshmi is unable to act in such a way as to cause herself grief.

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