Bhagya Lakshmi [30th August 2022] Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th August 2022 Written Update On

The Episode Start With:

Lakshmi seeing Rishi standing in the conference room and becoming emotional about it. Rishi moves closer to her. Lakshmi sobs and clings to him in comfort. Even Rishi’s eyes start to water up. Dil ke kareeb ho tum plays…. Lakshmi, Rishi tells you that he is sorry. Lakshmi responds no, I am OK. She says that everything is fine now and that you have arrived. Rishi states that he has arrived, but apologises for his tardiness and says he is sorry. Lakshmi asks him not to apologise and tells him that the fact that he came for her is sufficient for her. Kiran is informed by Malishka that Lakshmi has hypnotised Rishi, and that he went to the location to free her. According to Kiran, Rishi has shown a lot of guts by going against Neelam. Malishka inquires as to whether or not she is complimenting him. She asserts that Lakshmi has used some sort of dark magic on him. Kiran claims that everyone is content because they look out for one another. Love, Malishka asks if you didn’t hear what Virender’s uncle said earlier. Kiran claims that I heard. She says that everything is still possible, but that we only have one chance with Neelam, and that if Neelam turns her back on you, then your opportunity will be lost, today will be your last day in this place, and Rishi will be your dream. Malishka responds by telling her mother that Rishi will become Lakshmi’s dream, and that she will do anything to get him. She claims that even if things get more intense between them, she will not abandon Rishi.

Rishi stated that I am required to come because you called me. He inquires, “Why didn’t you call me?” He asks if you were under the impression that I would not show up. Lakshmi asks if I intend to continue thinking in this manner. He asks what on earth is going on with you. Lakshmi claims that I haven’t accomplished much of anything recently. He assures her that he has the utmost faith in her and is aware that she is incapable of acting in such a way, and he tells her that she should not be concerned. He assures you that you have nothing to worry about and that he will speak with a lawyer once he arrives. Since you have arrived, Lakshmi asserts that she does not feel afraid. Rishi retorts, “But you were scared before,” and then apologises. Lakshmi claims that she was in a good mood and was able to find peace here, and she explains that something happened at home, and you called me multiple times, so it is a good thing that I got rid of you for a while. He says that I started to become concerned, and you wanted to get rid of me. He addresses her as Mrs. Oberoi and says that he is not going to let this occur. He holds her. The inspector and the lady constable will visit there. They are standing there as if it were their house, the inspector tells the lady constable. According to Lady Constable, they love each other. Rishi is asked to leave by him. Rishi says just give me 5 mins. The inspector claims that I broke the rules by granting permission for them to meet, and he warns that this will not be tolerated in the future. Rishi claims that I have told her that she cannot continue to stay in this location. The inspector says that there will be a problem. Lakshmi asks Rishi to go. Lakshmi is informed by Rishi that he will be leaving, but that he will come back to pick her up. After signing her, he exits the room. The lady constable extends an invitation to Lakshmi.

Bani inquires of Shalu whether Ayush mentioned that Rishi jiju travelled from Bangalore onward. Shalu says yes. Bani asks her to call Ayush and inquires about the status of her release from captivity. Shalu says that she is unsure if Jiju will take action against Neelam aunty. Bani asks who will rescue her and set her free. Shalu asserts that we will be successful in rescuing her. Rano tells them to get back on land and then asks if they’ve thought about how to free her. Ayush contacts Shalu and informs her about the accident while requesting that she meet him behind the house. Shalu says I will go and look. When she runs into Neha, the latter’s glass breaks because of the collision. Neha reprimands her for spilling her juice in the process. Shalu assures me that I will prepare some juice for you once I get back. Rano decides who is going to clean the floor. After making his request, Shalu walks away from Bani. Bani has stated that I will sweep the floor. Both Rano and Neha are scolding her. After that, Neha goes and asks Bani to make juice for her once more. When Balwinder is going to call me, Rano has some thoughts about my work. She is contemplating stealing money from him.

Neelam has the idea that Rishi will go against her in order to free Rishi. She asks, “How can my son go against me? I can’t even think it in my wildest dreams!” Kiran enters the room and locks the door behind him. Neelam inquires as to your motivation behind shutting the door. I don’t want anyone else to overhear us, because I have something very important to discuss with you, Kiran says. She questions whether you anticipated that Rishi would turn against you because of Lakshmi and asks if you thought this would happen. She says, “I know you are upset, Malishka and I are scared, and our insecurities are increased.” Both Malishka and I are also feeling insecure. She says that Rishi told her that Lakshmi is important to her, and then she asks if he will leave her for Malishka and marry her. She says that I am here, in your house, for the wedding of my daughter and your son. Neelam asks what do you want? Kiran says promise. She says that Malishka is crying and scared, that everyone regards that inauspicious girl as their daughter, and that everyone asks her to promise that Malishka will become the bahu of the house. She says that everyone regards that inauspicious girl as their daughter. She claims that this promise will never be broken. The words of Rishi come back to Neelam, and she makes a promise to Kiran. She does not say this to you, but rather to herself: “Malishka will become my bahu,” and before she does so, she thinks, “I have to get my son back from Lakshmi.” She reasons that Lakshmi cannot take my son and family away from me because as long as I am alive, everything, including my son, will belong to her.

Rishi is still in the PS, and he realises that he may have forgotten to mention something important to Lakshmi. The inspector asks, “Where are you going?” Rishi tells her that he forgot to tell her something and that he will talk to her for two minutes before leaving the room. The inspector tells the lady constable that his message will be delivered to his wife and asks her to give his message to his wife on his behalf. Rishi has asked you to deliver the message to her on her behalf. Okay, according to the female constable. Rishi declares his love for her and then politely requests that she do the same. Okay, according to the female constable. When Rishi closes his eyes, he gets the impression that the lady constable is trying to give him a hug, so he asks her to tell her that although she is not physically closer to him, her touch and warmth are. Do you wish to say that to the lady constable? she inquires. The answer from Rishi is yes, and in addition to this, I want to give her a kiss. You will give it to Lakshmi on her cheeks, just as I will give it to you on your cheeks.

In the dungeon, Lakshmi is content and thinks about the promise that Rishi made. The female prisoner inquires of Lakshmi as to whether or not he was her husband. Lakshmi asserts that he was only ever her husband, that he is not the same, and that he did not accuse her of anything. The female prisoner demands to know whether or not the guard is telling the truth. Lakshmi says yes. According to another detainee, she must be telling the truth; otherwise, she wouldn’t be smiling.

When Shalu got to the backyard of her house, she started to wonder where Ayush was. When she doesn’t hear from him, she starts to worry. When Ayush arrives, she will be heard calling his name. He catches her as she falls to the ground. They share a look while the song begins to play… The inspector tells Rishi that his joke is no longer funny and invites him to come back later so that they can meet. Rishi cautions that my emotions may leave my body if they become too fragile. He requests that the female constable deliver the message to Lakshmi. The lady constable does not consent. Rishi responds by saying that in that case, I will proceed to tell her inside. He is stopped by the Inspector, who orders him to leave the scene. The inspector asks him to place him under arrest. The inspector asks the constable to eject him from the building. Rishi immediately dashes inside the secure facility and bolts the doors behind him. He tells her that he will go tell Lakshmi whatever it is that she wants to hear, and then he dials her number. He stays hidden as the Inspector and the Constables try to catch up to him. He smiles.


Rishi finally finds Lakshmi, and while they are speaking, he places something in her hand and says, “It is my promise that I will get you freed from here very soon.” Later on, he discloses to Neelam that the situation pertains to Lakshmi. Neelam inquires, “Who am I?” you didn’t support me, your mum. Rishi asserts that Lakshmi is innocent, and he believes that this will be demonstrated in court as well. Neelam asserts that she does not care whether the court or you believe she is in the right because her decision will not be influenced by either of these perspectives. Lakshmi says, “you don’t need to say, I know that you will not break your promise.” as she looks at Rishi’s belongings that she is holding in her hand.

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