Bhagya Lakshmi [30th November 2022] Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th November 2022 Written Update On

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th November 2022 Written Update

In Bhagya Lakshmi, removal of Lakshmi clothing from the terrace. Rishi comes there and says he is looking for him. He says that he chooses clothes when a quick wind comes. Rishi asks why you are doing this, and tells the servants to ask. Lakshmi says everyone is busy. Rishi says he is looking for him to give his flower. Lakshmi was surprised. He plays songs … He wants you to know all this. Rishi says that I gave excellent bouquets to great people, but this flower was the first time. Lakshmi feels shy and turns, so it connects a flower with hair. He asks why he showed him back. Lakshmi says that my innocent husband does not understand and wants to bind flowers with hair. Rishi connects the flower in the hair. Lakshmi smiles.

He continues to play songs. Malishka is waiting for Risha and thinks Lakshmi will stop him. He thinks that Rishi will come to him. He helps him and tells him that every husband will do it. Lakshmi laughs like yellow, walking around him. Lakshmi releases him and smiles. Rishi also smiles and looks at him. He stops and lifts it. Then he holds him and asks him to leave. Lakshmi says that he is looking for excuses to remove me. He asks if I need excuses to remove you if you have any objections that interest me, and this is with you. Lakshmi is shy and smiles.

Malishka thinks that Lakshmi should stop Rishi and intends to go there and bring him. He encounters and smiles with Rishi. Wow, he says Malishka, you look great. Malishka thanks him and says that they were made for each other. He asks if Lakshmi stopped you, and only you and I give.

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Rishi says that we will again live moments and ask him to come to him. He says that he took Rishi back and laughs. This is his imagination.Rishi and Lakshmi laugh. Lakshmi says that he does not say that he knows Chututol. He says that this is a joke, and asks how aoghutkul is called in Punjab. Penjab says aoghutkula and laughs. Rishi laughs.

Rishis and Lakshmi look at each other. The little one comes there and looks shock. Rishi Doner. Lakshmi asks what happened? Rishi says nothing. Nilah comes to the terrace and asks her to buy all the clothes below. He sees how Rishi and Lakshmi are sitting. Lakshmi takes clothes.

He talks about Shakhala and Bani Balwinder. Baths say that Chatny wants to do it. Shakhala takes a glass out of his hand and says that Jiju is with him. Bani makes the name Ayusha. The shall praises him. Ayush calls him. The shall tells him that he praised him and asks the bathhouse to ask. Ayush says he caught him and looks at Lakshmi’s sister. Schale says that the bathhouse was injured, and asked him to come and help him. Ayush says good. Shakhala says he jokes. They are arguing. Ayush and Shahal ask each other to finish the call. Shakhala says he was Jall. Rishi comes to Malishka. Malishka calls him a fraud, a liar and betrayal, and tells me that he promised me to make a life partner’s life, but he married Lakshmi.

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He says I’m going to come. Malishka says when he died. He tells me that he was dear with me and hugged me, so I am not making a statement against Lakshmi. Rishi simply says that he wants him to take him for a long time, and spent time with him. He says that I have never seen anyone but you, and that he came to you. Rishi says that I have not changed, but you have changed. Rishi asks him to listen. Malishka asks why he changed? Rishi says that I am now a married man, and I expect me to have the same relationship with you. He says that we can be friends, but there is nothing more. The little one is stunned.

Premium: Dadi says to Rishi that he is his wife Lakshmi. Rishi tells Malisha that Lakshmi has everything like him, I will never let him miss anything. Malishka hugs a kiran and cries. Rishi asks Nilam to believe Lakshmi once. Lakshmi asks Risha if he will change. Kiran calls Sonal and tells you that you need it. Sonal is in front of Lakshmi.

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