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The Episode Start With:

Shalu asking Ayush about his accident. Ayush claims that there was a collision and that this was an accident. Shalu says you said on call. According to Ayush, the accident that caused my injuries was caused by you colliding with me. Shalu accuses you of deceiving me and says the name Jhalle. Ayush explained that he had something important to discuss with you, which is why he decided to contact. Shalu says jiju haven’t come. Ayush claims that he had visited Lakshmi and conversed with her. Shalu affirms, “truly,” and then she hugs him. She thanks baba ji. Ayush has instructed him not to call him “besharam” later. According to Shalu, a friendship embrace is being given rather than any other type of hug. Ayush inquires as to what? Shalu says love hug. He inquires as to how you were able to tell the difference, if you have any lover at all. Shalu says no. Ayush says thank god. Ayush asks, “What exactly is the difference? Describe it to me.” Shalu reassures him by saying, “I will show,” and then hugs him. She claims that this is a hug of friendship. Ayush inquires about the status of the love hug. When he’s nervous, Shalu turns shy. She says lets go to meet Lakshmi di. Ayush explains that this is the reason she came to take beblu, her new buddy, and names her baby. She tells you not to refer to me as your baby. He beckons her over and orders her to take a seat in the vehicle. Shalu joins him in the driver’s seat for the ride.
Rishi makes his way back to the dungeon where Lakshmi is being held captive. He gives her a call. Lakshmi says Rishi. He claims that he and the police played the lock and key game. He wants to know how you are doing. Lakshmi responds with “I am alright” before questioning “why did you come again?” Rishi tells her that he has come to give her his ring, begs her to keep it with herself, and tells her that this is a commitment from him. He tells her not to worry about him breaking his commitment and tells her to give him a call if she ever has any problems. The inspector and the constables go to that location in an attempt to take Rishi into custody. Lakshmi requests that the constable loosen his grip on him. Rishi acknowledges that she is concerned for him at this time and then requests that she begin the reverse countdown. He promises that we shall be together very soon and that he will come and fetch you. He says that we will be together, which means you will have another opportunity to argue with me and cause me trouble. He begs the officers to allow him to see the smile that his wife wears. Lakshmi grins. Rishi utters the word excellent before leaving. The officers help him up and carry him out the door. The inspector asks, “What exactly is going on here?” Both parties appear to be insane, according to the female policeman; we haven’t seen anything like this before. The female inmates sing praises about the relationship between Rishi and Lakshmi.

Virender gives Mayank a call and inquires about how everyone is doing. According to Mayank, nobody is in any danger. He inquires as to whether or not I should engage a lawyer to liberate Lakshmi. Virender reports that Rishi has arrived back and will be in charge. Malishka is under the impression that Lakshmi would never emerge, so she contemplates ways to keep them permanently apart. Kiran makes his way there and tells them that they have some excellent news for them. Malishka asks if Lakshmi got punished. Kiran responds with a negative answer and reveals that Neelam has guaranteed that she would marry Kiran in the future. Malishka says Rishi’s wife. Kiran claims that Neelam has committed the crime, and that you will marry Rishi as a result. She promises that your aspiration will come true.

While driving, Ayush breaks into song. In the background, Shalu may be heard maintaining a low volume. He inquires as to the cause of her silence and requests that she say anything. He inquires as to whether I have made any errors. Shalu is adamant that you should take the wheel. Ayush tells her that he is already behind the wheel and glances at her. Shalu tells him to watch ahead and warns him that she doesn’t want any accidents to happen. Ayush claims that he is behind the wheel. According to Shalu, this is the reason why she is avoiding talking to him. It is being played by him. After hearing the love song, Shalu decides to modify the tune, and the new version is also romantic. She is always evolving. Ayush sings tu nazm nazm sa hearing the song. He prevents her from changing the tune and grabs her hand to keep her from moving. She pulls back her hand and questions him about the reason he is singing. Ayush wants to know if he will pass away if you tell him to stop breathing. Shalu requests that he pull over immediately. Ayush suggests you just leap. Shalu is preparing to open the door and then leap out of the window. Ayush brings the automobile to a stop. Shalu drops down on all fours and demands to know what just took place. He claims that RJ was playing the song and that RJ asked him if he wanted to hear a bhajan. He claims that my age is appropriate for dating and getting married. He told me that if I found a girl like you, we would get married. He claims everyone gets married, even our parents. Shalu inquires as to what he is talking about. The constable arrives at the scene and inquires as to whether or not he is making her uncomfortable. Shalu says that it’s true, he was making fun of me and playing music like that. Ayush confronts Inspector with the question, “What are you saying in front of him?” The constable introduces himself as the Constable and requests Ayush’s presence. Ayush claims that I did not make fun of her in any way. Shalu claims that he is not as terrible as he seems, and that you should walk away from him if he apologises to me. Ayush is requested by the constable to apologise for his actions. Ayush is unmoved by this. The inspector requests that he apologise. Ayush expresses sorry. Shalu says nicely. Ayush says sorry again. Shalu is asked by Inspector to lodge a complaint with him if she is bothered by him. Ayush becomes agitated and drives the automobile at a high speed. Shalu interrogates him about his actions and advises him to reduce his speed. Ayush expresses his regrets numerous times and says he is sorry. Shalu declares that this is the last joke she will tell. She expresses her regret to him and requests that he drive more cautiously. The bhajans are performed while he plays the music. He offers his apologies, Shalu. Shalu says sorry Ayush.

Lakshmi grins as she thinks of Rishi’s vow and remembers it. She claims that there is no need for you to say what I already know, which is that you will never go back on your word. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays…

Ayush and Shalu go to the PS, where they observe the Constables lifting Rishi as they convey him out of the station. They say that he is quite heavy for his height. According to Shalu, it appears that he was unable to meet di. Rishi is questioned by Ayush over his well-being. Rishi insists that I am perfectly healthy, but after lifting me, they realise that I am not. He expresses gratitude to the constables and states that he had a great time and relives it. According to the constable, we brought you out in order to cast you out. Rishi promises that he will return and asks that he lift him once more. The constable inquires as to whether or not this is the garden in which you go to swing. One of the other constables claims that his weight was the cause of his back discomfort. Rishi claims that he is Punjabi and comes from a wealthy family. Aaliya, the lady constable, invites him to return and tells him that she enjoyed hearing about their love story and that she hopes her own husband will be just like him. She claims that Lakshmi will be brought before the judge in two days. Rishi inquires as to whether or not Lakshmi would be granted bail in the next two days. Aaliya says no. Shalu inquires as to what is going on. Rishi says time pass. Ayush says observing your happiness, it looks you met Lakshmi bhabhi. Rishi affirms that this is true, and that after meeting her, none of my worries exist anymore. According to Shalu, she is currently detained. Rishi tells Shalu that big people go to jail, and then he makes a promise to her that he will get her released from jail in two days and then bring her back home. He says your jiju is promising you. Shalu smiles.


Balwinder and Malishka are shown meeting for the first time in a restaurant. She is informed by Balwinder that she is responsible for his ruin. Malishka splashes him in the face with wine and admonishes him not to forget his worth or standing. Neelam confronts Rishi, asking him why he didn’t assist his mother. Rishi claims that you have an inaccurate impression of Lakshmi, that she is incapable of wrongdoing, and that her innocence will be established in court as a result of this. Neelam insists that she will stick to her decision even if the court rules against her. Lakshmi is provided with nourishment by Shalu. Lakshmi bites her finger by mistakes. Ayush becomes anxious and calms himself by blowing on Shalu’s finger. Lakshmi wonders if they are merely pals with each other.

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