Bhagya Lakshmi [3rd December 2022] Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd December 2022 Written Update On

Bhagya Lakshmi [3rd December 2022] Written Update

In Bhagya Lakshmi, Bani watching the intro to the new show Rab se hai dua. Shalu comes there and watches the promo. They think to watch the show. Kiran thinks that if Baby agrees, she will form a better alliance than Rishi. He tells Baby that Sonal is coming. The baby wakes up and sees her picture with Rishi. Kiran says your day starts with Rishi. Baby says she’s my everything. Kieran says you will get it and asks her to be patient. The little girl apologized for yesterday. Kieran asks him to promise that he won’t do it again.

The baby promises him. Sonal comes to Baby’s home. He sees something and thinks it’s a solution for Baby’s solution. The little girl comes there and greets Sonal. Sonal asks him to tell him what his problem is. The baby says to Rishi. Sonal says I thought you both got married. The little girl says that Rishi has married another. Sonal says that’s why he wants to die and tells her that life is everything.

The little girl says that my main problem is not with Rishi, but with Lakshmi. Sonal laughs and asks his wife. He says that he will solve his problem and send them on their honeymoon, and only after that will he leave. He says I have a solution and shows me a photo of himself with Lakshmi. The baby asks when and where did you meet him. Sonal says this is the solution to his problem.

Bhagya Lakshmi Today’s Episode Online:

The manager calls Virender and informs that Ms. Alvira and her secretary will arrive in the evening, but she wants to meet Lakshmi. Virender says, my bahu, absolutely fine. The baby asks when did you meet her. Kiran asks if she is his friend. Sonal says no and says she doesn’t know him but I know him. He says when he arrives … Shows fb. Lakshmi tries to give money to the needy who want to go to Gurdaspur, but the money flies away and ends up next to Sonal’s car. Sonal stops the car and asks how dare you.

Lakshmi says she is sorry. He takes the money and gives it to a woman in need. Sonal tells Lakshmi that the woman deceived him with her story and deceived the people by telling her that she would find him here tomorrow. Lakshmi goes to the car. Sonal asks his name. Lakshmi speaks to Lakshmi Rishi Oberoi. Sonal asks him again. Lakshmi says her name again. Sonal thinks that this illiterate begenji is Rishi’s wife, who can be fooled by anyone, and Rishi leaves Baby for her. He asks Lakshmi if she can take a selfie with him.

Lakshmi nodded. Sonal takes a selfie with him. fb ends. Sonal tells Baby that if Lakshmi is a problem for you, then you are dumber than her. The little girl says that Lakshmi manipulates the minds of everyone and deceives the whole Oberoi family. Sonal says I don’t believe. Kieran says he looks rustic but is very smart and fights terrorists to become great. Sonal says that Lakshmi is easy prey and will be kicked out soon. The little girl says that even she thinks about it. Sonal says that Lakshmi wins when you let her and admits her defeat.

Bhagya Lakshmi Latest New Full Episode:

He says you are much better than Lakshmi, incomparable. Baby says I know it. Sonal says I do what I think. The little one says that I always lose because of this Lakshmi bhagya. Sonal, who wants to be like herself, reveals that she cheated on her best friend and married her husband. He says that he is now his wife. The little girl says that a woman is not lakshmi. Sonal says he will remove Lakshmi from Rishi’s life. Baby says I’ll give you everything if that happens. Sonal says give me your Rishi. The baby looks shocked. Sonal laughs at him. Kira smiles.

Sonal and Baby arrive at the Oberoi House. Sonal holds his hand over Rishi’s eyes. Karishma asks him to guess. Rishi asks who is she? She says it’s not Lakshmi or Baby. He asks if it’s Susanna. Karishma asks who she is. Baby says that if you don’t define yourself, you have to accept his words.

Sonal removes his hand from his eyes. He sees Sonal and says that she is a hot, brave and active girl of our college. Sonal meets Karisma. Lakshmi looks at them. The little girl asks Sonal to finish the bet. Sonal says any girl will look straight at you even now. The little girl asks Lakshmi to meet Sonal. Sonal asks Rishi if he will give her everything she wants. Rishi says I have no other choice.

Sonal asks for a kiss and says that you give it to me every day. The baby asks Rishi. Rishi explains to Lakshmi that Sonal is joking. Sonal says nothing serious. She says that Baby and Rishi have been a couple since college and will never part. He continues to praise them as a couple. Rishi looks at Lakshmi.

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