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Bhagya Lakshmi 4th August 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Kiran tells Malishka that if Lakshmi passes away, who will be affected, and then says that she should let her pass away. She says that the anniversary of Lakshmi’s passing will be commemorated along with Dada ji’s birthday, but then she says that it won’t be commemorated because you are going to become the bahu of the house and Rishi’s wife. According to her, nobody will remember Lakshmi. Malishka claims that one more case will be heard, despite the fact that Balwinder’s case is still being heard. Kiran claims that you made a mistake, which is why Balwinder’s case is being investigated, but I am your mother and I will never make a mistake. Malishka embraces her and tells her that she is her “supermom” and that she has always had her happiness in mind. I am your mother, and I will never leave you, says Kiran, and Rishi belongs to you, she adds. Durga Devi reveals to Balwinder’s friend that they are already in possession of this knowledge. Constable inquires as to whether or not this is noteworthy news. One of Balwinder’s friends has told him that if he ends up with a girl like that, then the rest of his life will be sorted out, etc. He receives physical punishment from Durga Devi, and she reprimands him for his thoughts. She requests that he leave, and then she asks the constable to investigate the situation before bringing anyone else.
Neelam places a call to Durga devi and inquires as to whether or not she has acquired any new information regarding Balwinder. She tells her not to worry about it and says that even though she hasn’t been able to catch him yet, she will very soon. She says that I will investigate at your home tomorrow when I come to visit. According to Neelam, there will be a puja at our house tomorrow. After saying that she would like to attend the puja and that she will be self-inviting herself, Durga Devi hangs up the phone. Neelam believes that she is odd in some ways. Karishma asserts that she is perceptive, which is the reason why she was promoted to Inspector. According to Neelam, “I thought she will not come hearing about puja,” but instead, she invited herself to the ceremony on her own initiative. Karishma suggests that we should allow her to join us because our work has been flawless. She claims that I always have the feeling that whenever any inspector invites themself, some sort of trouble will occur. She asserts that there will be no untoward occurrences in our home.
The door to Guddu’s house is suddenly knocked on. Balwinder wraps himself in a saree and asks Guddu to direct the arrival of whoever has arrived. A woman dressed in a burqa visits that location. Balwinder wonders who has arrived, my exact duplicate.
Lakshmi informs the Servants that she will view the decoration in the hall and temple, and she asks them to place the decoration near the door. She also requests that they clean the area around the temple. She says that she will bring out the items, but you are obligated to keep them. Virender and Dadi notice that she is joyful while she is preparing for the puja. He claims that Lakshmi is content and that she is putting in a lot of effort, as if she were working for the people she cares about. Since she found out about your Bauji’s birthday, Dadi has been saying that she has a good heart. She has been telling this ever since she learned the information. She has made the decision to perform the puja, and she has informed those present that she will handle all of the necessary tasks. Karishma claims it is all theatrics. Virender claims that nobody considered performing a puja on Bau ji’s birthday, but she did feel and say it. When Dadi had to leave this place, she reportedly had this thought in her head. Karishma claims that she is taking these actions in order to hide. Dadi expresses her happiness and declares that she will never leave again. She claims that she will be able to stop her. Karishma is halted, and Dadi tells her to “let her do what she wants.” While Virender is in his room, he mulls over what Dadi had said. Neelam makes his way there and sits down on the couch. She inquires as to what you are contemplating saying. Nothing more is spoken by Virender. Neelam suggests that you could be worried about Balwinder. He denies this, claiming that Durga Devi is always by his side. Neelam claims that only Balwinder has information on our adversary to share with us. She inquires as to what you are contemplating saying. What Virender has to say about Lakshmi Neelam maintains that she does not merit it if someone is going to worry about her. According to her, we have to put up with him for a few more days. Virender says, “I am thinking that she bears so much pain and then also she has done so much for us, giving medicines to Maa on time, cooking food for us every day, slapping Balwinder for raising finger at you, and whatever she did for Ahana.” Virender is referring to the fact that she did whatever she did for Ahana. Neelam claims that she is using this strategy to break you down, and that you are about to fall into her trap once more. She claims that she is trying to catch you in her snare by doing this. Virender claims that he attempted to stare into her eyes but was unable to get a sense of what she was thinking. Neelam reminds him that Lakshmi is a fortunate deity for our household and notes that she should not be forgotten. Virender suggests that perhaps we made a mistake. Neelam has informed me that I have erred, and that it is my responsibility for having questioned what it is that you are considering. She reminds him of the error he had made in the past and warns him not to make the same mistake again.
Guddu inquires, “Who are you?” Kiran takes off the covering, revealing her face to the audience. She walks into the building. Guddu is going to shut the door in a moment. Kiran requests that the door be left open. She inquires as to where Balwinder is located. It appears that Balwinder is getting closer. She pulls out a knife while asking who is wearing the saree. Balwinder reveals his face and explains that he is dressed as a woman because of her daughter. Kiran warns that if you talk to the police, you’ll end up getting caught. She thinks that I should tell the police. She is questioned by Balwinder about the purpose of her visit. Kiran reminds you that we have contacted Guddu in an effort to set you free. They exchange some cash amongst them. According to Balwinder, your daughter made a commitment to give 5 lakhs, and I requested that she take 1 lakh for the parlour. He says he needs 4 lakhs. Kiran had asked him to assist her with her task. According to Balwinder, Durga Devi is following him around while he wanders around wearing a saree. Kiran inquires, “Are you going to do my work, or not?” She tells me that you have to go to the Oberoi residence. Balwinder has stated that he will not go there and that he will exit the nation. She promises that a significant amount of money will be given to you. According to Balwinder, he was assaulted by each and every person. Kiran implores him to consent, claiming that she will take care of everything else. Balwinder agrees. Kiran demonstrates the blade before requesting that he pay attention. He has stated that he will not commit any murders. She divulges her potentially lethal scheme to Balwinder.
Lakshmi is going to keep water in Neelam’s chamber. Neelam is the one who puts a stop to her and tells her that she is crafty and clever as well as that she can see what he is doing. She claims that you are winning over everyone to your side, and that they are applauding you once more. She claims that they have forgotten that you are a detrimental influence on us. She inquires as to what her goals are and then requests that she confirm that she is acting in this manner in order to remain a resident of the home. She inquires as to what it is that you are attempting to demonstrate by maintaining your silence, after which she challenges her to speak out and inquires as to whether or not she is anticipating the arrival of another individual. Rishi is going to get there soon. Neelam claims that you are waiting for Rishi and that he is on your side at the moment. She then asks you whether you want Rishi to fight with me seeing as how I am reprimanding you. She warns that she will kick you out no matter what you decide to do. Rishi appears and inquires about the mother’s well-being before leaving. He stares at Lakshmi.
Kiran inquires of Balwinder regarding his level of comprehension. Balwinder says yes. He inquires as to whether Guddu has comprehended. Kiran compliments me on my work and says everything will go smoothly. She leaves. Guddu warns Balwinder that he will not be released from jail for an indefinite amount of time and advises him not to fall into the trap set by the mother and daughter. Because Durga Devi is after him, he warns him not to participate in her conversations. He then inquires as to whether or not he comprehended the situation and then informs him that he will make the necessary financial arrangements. Balwinder says ok.
Rishi confronts Lakshmi with the question, “What are they talking about?” Lakshmi suggests that there is something that could be between us. Rishi asks her to keep the water jug in Mom’s room while Dadi calls you since he is phoning you. Neelam urges him to ask Mukesh to keep jug in my room. Rishi walks away after picking up the jug in his hand. According to Neelam, ever since you came, he’s been working. He took the jug away so that you wouldn’t have to walk around carrying it. She claims that everyone is shifting because of you, but I will not permit that to occur, just as I will not permit your unlucky walks to continue in this home.


Malishka is ecstatic when she spots a necklace in Rishi’s hand and believes that he brought it for her. The necklace is placed around Malishka’s neck by Rishi. Lakshmi walks in and discovers them being intimate with one another. Rishi offers the necklace to Lakshmi and tells her that it is hers to keep.

Neelam has warned us that if we don’t move quickly, Lakshmi would tear our family apart.

Trust me, Malishka says to Balwinder when he is posing as a pandit, I can offer you a lot more money if Rishi becomes mine. Balwinder lays a snare for Lakshmi and believes that this time, she won’t get away unscathed.

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