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The episode begins with Ayush singing “Nani Teri Morni” and giving flowers to her while she is making a garland…. He gets smacked by Dadi, who tells him to back off. Ayush says, “I took out gorgeous flowers; what’s your problem?” Dadi replies that you are only presenting a few flowers. Rishi goes there and asks Mukesh to keep the water jug in their mother’s room. Mukesh agrees. Lakshmi shows up there and asks Dadi why she is doing this when she knows that she can count on her to take care of everything. Dadi asks if it is not my husband’s birthday, Ayush answers my Nana’s birthday, Rishi adds my Dada ji’s birthday. The answer is yes, Lakshmi confirms. Dadi wants to know if the answer is yes or no. Rishi claims that she has done this very thing in the past. The heads of Rishi and Lakshmi bump into one other unintentionally. Dadi says Kala kutta. The same may be said for Ayush. Lakshmi says kala kutta. Rishi grins. Dadi tells them to fight, but they should just collision their heads, and then he tells them to love quickly. Kiran arrives there and becomes agitated, and the elderly woman is causing them to bump their heads against each other. She is getting ready to go inside. Dadi inquires about her whereabouts. Kiran tries to create an excuse for herself by claiming that she was held up in the office. Rishi and Lakshmi continue to smash their heads and get started decorating the room. Ayush asks Lakshmi where is Shalu, Aloo, bharkalu… Rishi asks if they are able to hear this in front of her. Lakshmi claims that we would be late by the time she arrives, and she also claims that she will decorate the hall before she arrives. Ayush claims that I asked him merely. Dadi inquires, “Really? Ayush says yes. Both Shalu and Neha will go there. According to Ayush, a menacing elephant is approaching and staring at him. He trips and falls as he is looking at her. Rishi inquires, “What on earth happened to you?” Shalu inquires of Ayush as to what he was engaged in. Ayush presses the issue, asking where your honesty is and why you arrived so late. She wants to know if you get to the office on time every day. Rishi begs Ayush to say. Both Shalu and Neha make contact with Dadi’s feet. Daughters, according to Dadi, are not to touch the feet. Neha says hi to Ayush. She recalled that Rano had asked her to do something in order to woo Ayush. It appears to be a facebook. Neha receives direction from her mentor Rano. Shalu travels to that location. Rano implores her to bring Bani with her, while pleading with Neha to stay behind. Neha believes that Mom is obstructing our relationship. Bani says no issue, let Neha leave. Shalu describes what Bani will do in this situation. Rano claims to have a meeting scheduled with the Prime Minister. According to Shalu, we shall return to the ship soon. Rano has expressed the desire that she not be left alone. Bani asks Shalu to go. Shalu will now depart. Neha is the one who Rano asks to do the work for her. fb ends.
Shalu is tasked by Lakshmi with determining how best to adorn the main hall. Dadi requests of her that she decorates nicely. I will give it a shot, as Shalu advises. According to Ayush, I will assist. Shalu replies that she doesn’t want to mess up the decoration in any way. Rishi has requested that he accompany Neha shopping for Shalu’s assistance with the preparation of the decorations. He goes. Lakshmi begs Shalu to find out what activities are going on in the hall. Rishi invites Lakshmi to accompany him. Ayush beckons each and every one of the Servants. Shalu invites them to follow after her.

Malishka is irritated by Rishi’s thought and thinks to herself, “I wish I would have gone there to see Balwinder, but Mom had gone due to Durga Devi.” She explains that it is a matter of love and war for me, and while I hope that my plan will be successful, I do not know if he will carry out the work or not. Since her mother didn’t tell her anything on the phone, she believes that my mother takes pleasure in causing me grief. When Kiran arrived there, he said, “I bother you, for whom I am such a trouble.” Malishka inquires of Balwinder as to whether or not he will complete the task. Kiran asserts that even his father will participate in the job, and his father has agreed. Kiran asks her if she is aware of what is going on outside and then proceeds to tell her that Lakshmi is publicly romancing Rishi. Malishka suggests that under the guise of puja, she may be trying to draw closer to Rishi. Kiran invites her to see the location. Malishka inquires as to the motivation behind the insult. According to her, Rishi does not look at her as he used to. Kiran promises that whether Lakshmi continues to have a role in his life or not, you will. She believes that even if Lakshmi runs away from him, he will not accept you as a partner. Malishka inquires as to whether or not you consider me to be of no service, and she continues by stating that she will capture Rishi as soon as Lakshmi has been released. Kiran has informed you that you will be able to embrace Rishi beginning the day after tomorrow.

Shalu tells Mukesh to get down, then adds that she will finish tying up the decorative materials. Ayush is willing to lend a hand. Shalu claims that she does not desire his assistance in any way. According to Ayush, it is best to assist Neha. As she ascends the steps, Shalu works on tying the flowers that are used as adornment. Ayush is playful with her. She begs him to hold the stairs securely so that she won’t fall down them. Ayush is playful with her. Shalu says I am doing. He is heard shuffling up the stairs. She wiggles her finger behind his ear and urges him to hold the steps.
Lakshmi hears from her grandmother, Dadi, that the temple has never looked as beautiful as it does right now. She also hears from her grandmother that she will never forget this day in her life and that his birthday was never celebrated while he was still living. Lakshmi adds that we should celebrate the happiness, and she says that the moments we live are what make up our lives. She heads over to assist Shalu. Dadi praises her. Rishi tells me that I should give her a present. Dadi is of the same opinion and blesses him. When Malishka hears this, she feels it will be the last time, and that after this, she will own both you and your gifts.

Ahana is offered the option by Karishma to wear one of the items of clothing that she has provided. Ahana has expressed that one of her goals is to dress like Ahana’s Lakshmi Bhabhi. Lakshmi is hit by the saree that Karishma tosses, which is falling on her. She claims that we have prestige and class, however whoever wears such sarees does not have status.


Malishka is pleased to see Rishi deliver the jewellery, and she thinks that this means that Rishi is finally seeing her love. The jewellery is something he tries on her. Lakshmi arrives at the location, sees him attempting to put a necklace on Malishka, and then turns to leave. He then gives Lakshmi the necklace back and explains to her that it was meant to be hers all along. Neelam warns them that if they don’t do something, Lakshmi will split the family apart into separate groups. In the garb of a pandit, Balwinder stirs something in the cooking pot. Malishka has assured him that she will provide him with a sizable monetary gift. It appears to Balwinder that Lakshmi will not be rescued today.

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