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Malishka states that she had a premonition that Rishi will hire a prominent attorney. She claims that if she had the ability, she would have removed him from this location long ago to prevent Lakshmi’s dark magic from having any effect on him. She will tell you to do whatever you want, but she cannot demonstrate that she is innocent. She claims that she went to the office to see how he was doing. The worker visits Malishka in her office and informs her that the topic at hand is significant, but. Malishka hands him money and then requests that he speak quickly. According to him, Ayush ran to Rishi’s cabin and informed him that Mukesh had gone away. Malishka gets scared and goes. Rishi is informed by Ayush that Chef Mukesh has gone missing. A lawyer has suggested that it could be someone’s plot. Rishi claims that he will not leave Mukesh if it turns out that Mukesh is guilty. Malishka travels to that location. Rishi is irate and is about to strike her accidentally in the face. Rishi explains how he learned about the criminal person he was looking for. Malishka inquires as to who he is. Ayush says someone terrible. Rishi reports that Mukesh has not been seen. Malishka reveals that Mukesh sought and received permission from her before travelling to his birthplace. She directs Rishi to inquire with Neelam on her behalf because she is aware of this. According to Ayush, we are starting from scratch again. Rishi is told by the attorney that he still has his reservations about Mukesh. He claims that we require further evidence. Ayush has informed us that there would be a hearing tomorrow regarding what to do. Lawyer states that we do have a way out of this situation and asks Rishi for his consent. Malishka contemplates the various methods at his disposal for rescuing Lakshmi.
Virender admits to Lakshmi that it was an error on his part to bring her to this location. He regrets for not stopping her arrest and says sorry. Lakshmi implores him not to apologise for what he has done. Virender encourages her to have faith in Bappa and assures her that she will soon be back at home. Lakshmi tells me that she has faith that Bappa, Rishi, and you are on my side. She inquires about how everyone is doing at home, including Dadi and Mummy ji. Virender recalls Neelam’s order. He says that everyone is looking forward to seeing you. Lakshmi thinks Mummy ji might be upset. She begs him to inform everyone that she will be returning to her house the following day. She inquires as to whether or not he arrived with a driver and reminds him to take his medication at the prescribed intervals. Virender will remark something to the effect of “I’m taking care of myself,” and then he will go.

Rishi is informed by the lawyer that two patients at the hospital are in critical condition. He claims that there is only one way to save Lakshmi, and that method is for us to place the blame on another else. According to Malishka, if another person finds out about this, then things could get difficult for Lakshmi. According to her, doing so constitutes a crime. Rishi is questioned by the attorney about whether or not he will testify in court that the chef has made a mistake, and that until Mukesh returns, we will think something has happened. He claims that this is just a ploy to purchase some more time. Rishi asks him to go ahead. He goes to the police station and offers the Inspector some treats. The inspector inquires, “Are you trying to bribe me?” Rishi responds with a negative statement, “No, tomorrow Lakshmi will be released from jail, and I will not come here.” The inspector consumes sugary treats. Rishi is kind in his giving of sweets to others. Aaliya, the Constable, suggests that she be released from custody first. Rishi maintains that Lakshmi did not commit the crime. He asks Inspector to introduce him to Lakshmi, and Inspector agrees. The inspector grants him permission but requests that he not set up residence inside. Rishi expressed his gratitude to him and informed him that he did not have to travel to this location in order to meet her because she was always by his side. He claims that she is always present in my thoughts and that I can see her whenever I close my eyes. He claims that I came to see her in order to make her glad to see me by meeting me. When she grins, he says it’s the most beautiful smile he’s ever seen. He thinks that she is really stunning at that time. Aaliya says he can’t stay away from Lakshmi. Rishi makes his way back and hands Lakshmi the box of sweets before telling her that he would have another one sent over to you. Outside the confines of the jail, he goes to see Lakshmi and greets her. Lakshmi promises that she will greet him in person if he actually makes an appearance. The female prisoners have a good time laughing.

Lakshmi inquires as to whether or not you have arrived, as well as the reason for your return. She claims that she was under the impression that you would come tomorrow. Okay, according to Rishi, I’ll see you tomorrow. Lakshmi stops him. He offers her sweets and then asks the other women if they would like some as well. He encourages Lakshmi to indulge in some sweets by telling her to open her mouth. He promises that you will be released from jail tomorrow. Lakshmi wants to know if everyone at the hospital is doing well. Rishi believes that two patients are in serious condition, and she is concerned that if I tell her this, she would become anxious. Lakshmi expresses her gratitude to God and informs Rishi that she was overjoyed to see Bau ji today and shares the news with him. Rishi inquires, “Didn’t you feel joyful when you first met me?” Lakshmi says no. Okay, says Rishi, I won’t be coming to see you after all. Okay, Lakshmi replies, you don’t need to come see me. Rishi becomes irate and appears to be getting ready to leave. Lakshmi prevents him from continuing and tells him, “I am asking you not to come because I will be with you tomorrow.” Rishi makes the request that she take the candies. She forces him to sample the sugary treats as well. He encourages her to take a bite of it.

Malishka is under the impression that if Lakshmi is rescued, then I will no longer have Rishi. She believes that my plan will be unsuccessful once again. There will be Abhay there. Malishka gives him a hug and adds, “I am writing my own destiny, but why did I get defeat at every turn?” (I am the author of my own fate). He adds that you are a fighter and that you always come out on top. Abhay is informed by Malishka that Lakshmi’s attorney and Rishi have taken the necessary steps to secure her release. He claims that we will also find a way that will make it possible for you to arrive at your destination without encountering any problems. She inquires as to whether or not you have any plans. He says, “Let me think about it,” and then he reveals his immediate plan to her. He promises that you will prevail this time and then inquires about the strategy. Kiran walks over there and starts clapping. Abhay, she makes some good points. Malishka tells the other person that she loves them and expresses gratitude. Kiran said that this was the first time you had done something for your daughter. According to Abhay, this is the first time you have seen it. Kiran insists that there is nothing we wouldn’t do for our daughter. Malishka hugs him. Abhay asserts that I will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

In her prayers, Lakshmi begs God not to let the honour and reputation of her family to be brought into disrepute. Dadi performs the ritual of aarti to the gods and prays that Lakshmi will not be harmed in any way. She sends up prayers that Rishi and Lakshmi’s jodi will remain unbroken for all time. Rishi arrives there and witnesses Dadi worshipping at the location. He is about ready to go but then turns around and returns. He begs him not to punish Lakshmi for his wrongdoings and prays that he didn’t anticipate that this would happen. He also pleads that he not punish him. He begs you to spare Lakshmi’s life. Please.


Lakshmi has been summoned before the judge. Rishi is presently positioned next to her. If she is willing to admit her guilt, Reporter Uday informs her that there are still two people in the hospital who are in serious condition. Rishi becomes enraged and shoves him as a result. Lakshmi stops him. Uday explains to the audience that the couple is helping and supporting one another in their relationship. Neelam stays up to date by watching the news on TV. Malishka, accompanied by Abhay and Kiran, arrives at the location, where she observes Rishi protecting Lakshmi. She claims that she is attempting to split them up, but it seems as though they are becoming closer to one another and their connection is getting stronger. Abhay tells her not to worry about anything and that the game hasn’t even begun yet. He claims that in accordance with our plan, Lakshmi will not be able to go, and Rishi will belong to you. A hand cuff that was used on a criminal is displayed.

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