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Bhagya Lakshmi 6th August 2022 Written Update On

The conversation begins with Karishma informing Ahana that if it were up to her, she would have taken the saree with her if she wanted to wear it. Ahana grabs the saree that Lakshmi is wearing and declares, “I like it, and it will suit me.” Karishma replies do you know how you will appear. Ahana has told me that if I can appear like Lakshmi bhabhi, it will be an accomplishment and a moment of great pride for me. Ahana is asked by Lakshmi to learn not to behave in such a manner when talking to older people. She also asks Ahana why she wants to look like someone else, pointing out that everyone has their own qualities. Finally, Lakshmi tells Ahana that she should become like herself, which is unique and different, so that she can teach her something. Ahana has told me that I should learn from your straightforwardness. There is a distinction between Simplicity and Class, according to Karishma, who advises you to “cut the crab” and “just shut up.” She tells her that Malishka has personality, class, and attitude in addition to everything else, and she urges her to imitate Malishka. Ayush overhears her and responds, “Such things shall remain inside,” stating that inner beauty is more essential than outer beauty, which is visible to eyes but is quickly forgotten while sentiments are what we remember the most. He tells Karishma not to ask Ahana to imitate Malishka and tells Ahana that she will only be thrown if she imitates Malishka. He tells Ahana to concentrate on her inner beauty and tells Ahana to tell Karishma not to ask Ahana to imitate Malish Karishma asks if you are the same Ayush who was making fun of her earlier (Lakshmi). Ayush tells me that I was wrong and that he hopes I may learn to do the right thing. Karishma reprimands him and then turns her attention to Lakshmi, asking her whether she is pleased that her children are siding against her. She leaves. Ayush tells Ahana not to worry and that she should wear whatever she chooses. Lakshmi claims that I am helping her grasp something new, in addition to you. According to Ayush, this is a mother who does not want her daughter to be upset. Lakshmi explains that she does not wish for anyone else in the house to feel distressed. Ayush is curious about how she manages to be so selfless. Ahana is quoted as saying, “I want to become like you.” Ayush claims that God created her on Sunday, and that this is the reason why she is special. Ahana says the Lakshmi bhabhi.
Karishma has arrived there and shared the news that Ahana aspires to be just like Lakshmi, including donning a saree like her. Neelam blames Lakshmi. Karishma insists that you must act quickly in order to avoid her threat of making us dance to her song. Neelam asserts that she will cut us up into bits and claims that we are aware of the reality. Karishma tells her that unless she does anything, Lakshmi will be insulted in front of everyone else. She explains that in order to move on to the next chapter, we need to demonstrate to her that we have learned from this experience.

Lakshmi visits Dadi’s room and finds her wishing Dada ji a happy birthday before she leaves. Lakshmi makes her way there and offers her best wishes to Dada ji. Dadi blesses her on dada ji’s behalf. She claims that if he had been alive, he would have been pleased to have seen her, thus he should have been happy after all. She says that I won’t be able to forget this day until the day I take my last breath, and she adds that she wishes he were here so that he could be pleased to see you. Dadi gives her a kiss on the forehead before asking if anything should be done. Lakshmi claims that she prepared sheera for bhog. Dadi praises her.

Neelam is shown by Karishma the prasad that was prepared by Lakshmi. She is preparing to add garlic to the prasad at this moment. Neelam intercedes and assures her that the puja will not be disrupted in any way. She instructs her to place the prasad in the other basin and then uses the third bowl to blend garlic. She claims that I intend to embarrass her. She requests that the garlic be washed in vinegar water so that others will recognise it as garlic when they eat it. The plan is carried out by Karishma. Karishma explains that we will put the halwa in a separate bowl, and then we will add garlic to everything. Neelam decides to keep the halwa a secret and informs Karishma that she is responsible for bringing shudh halwa any time Karishma reprimands Lakshmi. She promises that she will be very strict with her. She promises that she will reveal the truth to everyone. According to Karishma, Lakshmi’s name would be sullied. Ahana approaches them and inquires, “What are you doing here?” Neelam claims that I came to check on the preparation of the prasad. Karishma claims that your Lakshmi bhabhi has assumed responsibility, but she doesn’t give a damn about it. Ahana reports that she has recently prepared halwa and incorporated cashews into it.
Malishka visits Rishi in his room, and while she is there, she wonders aloud, “How wonderful am I looking?” She believes that there is no way Lakshmi can compete with her. Rishi travels to the location. She inquires as to how she is now looking. Rishi smiles and nods his head before pulling a necklace out of his suitcase and putting it on Malishka to see how it looks. Karishma knocks on Ahana’s door and invites her out.

Lakshmi has now entered the room. Malishka believes that Rishi’s timing is impeccable because he just presented me a necklace in front of that uneducated female. It appears that Lakshmi will soon go. Rishi halts her and informs her that he has brought a necklace for her and that he has opened the showroom early. Instead of thanking him and asking how it’s looking, he simply asks her to smile at him. Lakshmi says it is good. Malishka is irritated and goes. Lakshmi interrogates, “Then why did you attempt it on me?” “I’m really excited!” Rishi exclaims. Lakshmi claims that you would have waited for me, which crushed Lakshmi’s heart because you gave her hope. He warns her that if she has the incorrect hopes, it will fall apart. He inquires about the current state of things. Lakshmi says it is good. She replies that as long as you bring it to me with love, I will always appreciate it. He claims that you are insinuating that you want gifts for the rest of eternity and that you are becoming his usual wife. She claims that I am your spouse. They exchange glances with one another. Song plays….
Malishka’s humiliation causes her to make an unintended collision with Sonia. When she goes to give her a slap, she suddenly learns that the other person is Sonia. Ayush enters Rishi and Lakshmi’s room and tells them that he has arrived at the wrong moment before asking them to continue. Rishi asks haddi-kabaab and asks him to come. Ayush replies, “I was going,” and then begs them to proceed. Lakshmi places a call to Ayush. Ayush says ji bhabhi. Rishi claims that you didn’t stop when she called you, but when she did, you answered with “ji, bhabhi.” Why did you come, he asks him? Ayush told me that I come to watch what you are doing. He introduces himself by saying, “I come to see if you both are ready, and I ask you to continue your lovely time.” Lakshmi grins. Rishi wonders what they should do. She inquires, “What do you mean?” Rishi quotes Ayush as adding, “I am saying that,” and then adds, “we shall go downstairs as soon as we are ready.” The answer is yes, Lakshmi confirms. He claims you like it (necklace). The answer is indicated by her affirmative nod. He suggests that we walk downstairs. Rishi is appreciative towards her.

In a recap:

Balwinder has been seen putting something in the kalash pot. Malishka informs him that once she had Rishi, he won’t even be able to fathom the amount of money that she will offer to him. Dadi asks Rishi and Lakshmi to slice the cake for everyone. Malishka looks on. There is an appearance by Durga Devi. Virender comments that you arrived at the perfect time. Durga Devi promises that the police will arrive at the appropriate moment. Lakshmi gets electrified after touching the kalash pot, then she screams and passes out. Everyone, even Rishi, starts to feel concerned.

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