Bhagya Lakshmi [6th December 2022] Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th December 2022 Written Update On

Bhagya Lakshmi [6th December 2022] Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi December Written Update:

In Bhagya Lkshmi, Balwinder asking Baby what he said. Baby says yes. Balwinder asks what he (Sonal) has come. Sonal asks Baby what he calls impotent. Balvinder says he is not impotent, but very powerful. He asks her to wait for him with a wreath. The little girl asks Sonal if she will be caught. She says she won’t come here? Sonal says he will come.

The baby calls her and asks her not to come. Balvinder says he called me impotent, I will come there. Baby ends the conversation and tells Sonal what to do if she gets caught. Sonal asks him to focus on Rishi and goes to toilet. The little girl thinks about how she got married.

Ayush gives the presentation to Ms. Almira. Ms. Almira says that we cannot attract foreigners with this presentation. She says we need to change it completely. Virender says let’s take a breath then check again. She asks Ayush to take a break and then work on a project. Ayush apologizes to Rishi. Rishi says it’s okay if something happens and they will be working on the same presentation.

Baby and Sonal are standing outside. My baby says it’s risky to look for him here. Sonal says why are you on your toes and says you may not come. Balwinder hides behind plants. He walks towards them and looks at Sonal.

Sonal says she saw him and asks him to go. Balwinder says he came here 25 miles away. He asks Sonal if he will marry her. Sonal tells that she called Rishi and asks her to wait. Balwinder asks Sonal if he’s out of his mind. She comes. Baby asks Sonal if he wants to be caught.

Bhagya Lakshmi Today’s Episode Online:

Ayush blames herself. Rishi asks him to cheer up. She motivates him and asks him not to put up with defeat. Ayush says I will try. Rishi says let’s analyze the presentation and correct it from the customer’s point of view. Ayush speaks well. The little girl asks Sonal to answer her. Sonal asks her to relax and says that veil was lying to escape. They turn to leave.

Ayush tells Rishi that she tried but couldn’t. He asks what to do? Rishi says I will make you understand how to do it? They see Balwinder standing. Balwinder says he tested me and I passed and you failed. He asks why did you call me. Baby says we will call you when we have business with you. Balwinder flirts with Sonal and says she is very beautiful etc. The little one asks him to leave. Sonal says you are crazy, get rid of him. The baby says he’s my pet.

Rishi helps Ayush with the presentation. Ayush says one day I will learn how to present well and be like you. Rishi says I want you to be better than me. Lakshmi comes there and says job done.

Does the little girl ask Sonal to tell her what to do? Sonal says I married my friend’s husband who is rich and gives me a luxurious life. She says I can go to any level to get it and she asks him to do the same with her. He asks where is my friend. He asks where is the baby. Sonal says she didn’t kill him or let him live.She says she paralyzed him and kept him at home so people would think I was too good.

Bhagya Lakshmi Latest New Full Episode:

The little girl is shocked and says she wants to say that Lakshmi will neither be alive nor dead. Neelam asks Lakshmi if dinner is ready. Lakshmi says yes.

Ms. Almira says that in India they say you can’t drink water at your daughter’s house. Lakshmi says we are going to change the mentality and asks if she loves her daughter less thinking that mom will go to someone’s house.

She says her daughter should tell her parents that they have another home now. Miss Almira appreciates Lakshmi for her thoughts and says all parents will have a daughter like you. Karisma says you’re right when you say that all children should respect their parents.

Neelam says some girls came to sasural to spoil him and ruin their name, that kind of bahu should be taught a lesson. Dadi says some Sasurals are always making fun of Bahu and he should teach them a lesson.

Ayush says yes. Rishi says all problems will be solved if her husband is with her. Ayush says love is very important. Virender says that if they love each other, no one will have a problem. Miss Almira says Lakshmi said the right thing. Ayush says my Bhabhi is right. Lakshmi says there is a surprise for you.

At that moment they see Almira Hanım walking there with her sister’s husband Rohan and Priyanka she. Rishi says Lakshmi came up with the idea and talked to them. Miss Almira thanks Lakshmi for inviting them there and hugs her.


Sonal asks a lady (Priyanka) what she is doing. Priyanka says she is a tarot reader. The baby asks him to say that he will come and chooses a card. Priyanka says this card will make all your wishes and dreams come true.

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