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Bhagya Lakshmi 6th September 2022 Written Update On

The Episode Start With:

Neelam spots Rishi praying in the temple and yells out his name to greet him. She claims you are praying. According to Dadi, Lakshmi is at the centre of today’s events, which is why he is praying. Neelam claims that the issue is about the respect that our family deserves, but nobody seems to care and they are praying for Lakshmi. According to Virender, the topic, the respect for family, and Rishi and Lakshmi are all the same. Neelam claims that Lakshmi has brought shame to the family and states that she is praying to regain the respect of her own family. She warns Rishi that no one should respect their family and look at them as a model. She warns that no one should dare to stare at us, and that no one should dare to point the finger at us. Following the conclusion of the court proceeding, Rishi guarantees that he would restore house respect and happiness in the family. Ram Ram Jai Raja Ram plays…. When Lakshmi glances at the ring, she accidentally lets it fall out of her hand. The diya in the shrine suddenly lights up and begins to burn. The ring is currently held by Lakshmi. Aaliya, the female constable, visits Lakshmi and tells her that she would be hauled to court if she does not put on the saree that was sent to her from her house. Lakshmi is confident that Rishi won’t back out of his promise.
Ayush reveals to Rishi that he has heard that Mr. Amod is the prosecuting attorney and was responsible for the punishment of all the convicts. Rishi argues that Lakshmi is not guilty, and that she will emerge victorious in the end. He predicts that the public prosecutor will be unsuccessful today because of Lakshmi. Ayush harbours such a wish. Karishma claims that Mr. Basu is a competent attorney, and I overheard Ayush claiming that the man was instrumental in securing Lakshmi’s release from custody. According to Neelam, Mr. Amod is the counsel for the prosecution, and at this point, Mr. Basu is unable to do anything. Karishma says good. Dadi is informed by Rishi that Lakshmi will be arriving today. Rishi is informed by Ahana that because Lakshmi has endured so much suffering on our behalf and because she is honest, nothing bad would happen to her. Ayush is telling the truth when she claims that nothing bad will happen to her. Karishma begs them not to pass judgement on the situation. A group of reporters, including the reporter, go there and ask the source what they think will go place today. Rishi asserts that Lakshmi is blameless and has not committed any wrongdoing. He claims that she will be released later today. They inquire as to whether he has faith in his wife. Rishi claims that he has complete faith in both his wife and his law.

Uday inquires of Neelam as to what it is that she would like to state. Neelam insists that she does not wish to comment further. He claims that even if Lakshmi is released from her captors, the Oberoi family will still be respected. Neelam asks what your plan is for when it is established beyond a reasonable doubt that we had nothing to do with what happened and how you intend to deal with us then. There are a lot of officials of the law who visit there. Uday reminds the audience that the plan is sound, the criminal is risky, and so are her crimes, which are meant to bring disgrace on humanity and bring about its destruction. Sonia claims that he is speaking about Lakshmi as if she were a terrorist. Sonia claims that she is merely a terrorist. Uday reveals that the dangerous criminal will be punished, and that the perpetrator is none other than the leader of the terrorist gang Mohnish. He claims to be the same Mohnish who was responsible for the deaths of a large number of people, and he says that he is here in court today to face the consequences of his actions. Mohnish exits the police van after it has stopped. Mohnish drops down on one knee and asks the police officer why the arrangements have been made. He also tells the officer that if he wanted to run, nobody could stop him. The inspector adds that you just need one bullet from me, and then he explains that he is the protector of his country, and that his country is providing him with the opportunity to elaborate. Mohnish inquires as to the identity of my men. The inspector has informed me that your men will also be disciplined today.

Karishma explains that this is the first time that she has personally witnessed a terrorist. Sonia claims that he is giving off a menacing vibe. Karishma argues that you can only image how much more dangerous he will be once he is set free. Dadi asserts that there is no possible method for a terrorist to avoid the death penalty. According to Neelam, no one has the right to mess with the feelings of other people. Even Lakshmi, according to Karishma, has attempted to take the lives of others. Ahana claims that you are drawing parallels between Lakshmi Bhabhi and the terrorist. Karishma asserts that you understand what she means and promises that you will receive an explanation as soon as Lakshmi has been disciplined. Ahana says you are still speaking. Neelam warns her not to disgrace the reputation of the family. Together with Shalu and Bani, Rano travels there. Shalu says Lakshmi di. Rishi has assured her that she won’t experience any negative outcomes. According to Ayush, Mr. Basu has not yet arrived. Rishi has said that he may show up. He believes that if Lakshmi sees us, then we will have courage. Another van takes Lakshmi to the courthouse where she will appear. Lakshmi is assisted in alighting the vehicle by the lady constable, who extends her hand to her. Rishi eventually appears and extends his hand. Lakshmi grabs his hand as she exits the vehicle and walks away. Tera hoke rahun plays…. There, you’ll find Uday and a few other reporters. Uday says that two people are still in critical condition and asks why you did this, whether you have any animosity toward the family or if you meant to kill them. Uday says that two people are still in critical condition. He questions why you would punish someone in such a manner if they had not committed any sort of offence against you. Rishi implores him not to jump to any conclusions and questions him about the reasons he is making incorrect statements. He says that I have the right to assert that Lakshmi is blameless. Uday has explained the reason behind your response to us. Rishi claims that the woman in question is his wife and that she is blameless, and he accuses you of wanting to tarnish Lakshmi’s reputation. He assures him that he would not for anything untoward to occur with his wife and then asks him to leave. Uday says let her say. Rishi claims that you do not comprehend her suffering and that you are harming her. He nudges him and then tells him to leave. Lakshmi stops him. Uday reveals to the audience that Rishi and Lakshmi are providing moral support to one another and warns that the family will be wrecked if Rishi is also implicated in the scandal. He entertains the idea of exacting his vengeance on Neelam. Why are you acting in this manner, Lakshmi inquires?

Rishi asserts that he will not leave his wife because he is afraid. He gives her his word that he will protect her from any harm that may come her way. Lakshmi gets emotional. She receives a visit from Shalu and Bani. Bani hugs Lakshmi and says are you fine? Lakshmi assures her that everything is alright and then inquires as to the motivation behind her visit. Shalu claims that she did not even get a single minute’s worth of sleep, therefore I brought her here. Bani invites her to come to their house so that they can prepare the langar together. Rishi has indicated that she will return home, and I will organise the langar, which is the distribution of food to those who are in need. According to Lakshmi, Rishi won’t have any problems with the tasks at hand. Lakshmi is invited back to the house by Dadi, Virender, and Ayush. Ahana says that we miss you and that you should return home. Neelam adds that nothing is more important to her than the respect of her family, and she believes that you are guilty of this crime and that if she were the court, she would have punished you for it. Dadi believes that God is the most impartial judge. Virender argues that if you are subject to punishment in that place, you will not be punished in this place. Dadi has informed me that I will not punish you. The Inspector beckons for Lakshmi to follow him into the courtroom. While Aaliya, the female constable, is bringing Lakshmi along with her, Rishi maintains eye contact with her and follows her. Rishi gets knocked off balance after being hit by someone, and he is going to fall. Lakshmi takes his hand and gently guides him to walk in the correct manner. She requests that he see and stroll with her. He claims that you are going to come home and take care of me. Aaliya says if Lakshmi don’t come home. Rishi asserts that she is not guilty and that she will be released. He believes that my trust will prevail. Aaliya states that her heart tells her that your love will emerge victorious.


Mr. Basu explains to the Judge that Lakshmi was not the one who prepared the meal but rather the Chefs, and he asks the Judge to release Lakshmi as soon as possible. Lakshmi states that he is saying the wrong thing, and that she is the one who prepared that cuisine and is telling the truth. Malishka smiles. Rishi was taken aback. Later on, Mr. Basu unleashed his fury on them and stated that he knew how to win the fight. He pleaded with them to allow him to do what he wants to do in order to win the case or else they should find another lawyer.

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