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Bhagya Lakshmi 8th September 2022 Written Update On

The Episode Start With:

Rano is heard speaking on the phone and stating that they are in court because of Lakshmi’s work. Shalu inquires of Ayush on what took transpired. According to Ayush, Lakshmi bhabhi had no right to act in this manner. Shalu claims that you know her well enough to know that she cannot lie. According to Ayush, we in fact desired some additional time. Shalu states that she is unable to believe that anyone is in the wrong and inquires about the process of obtaining bail at this time. Ayush claims that everyone is on her side, that Rishi bhai is on her side, and most importantly that she is innocent. He comforts her by telling her not to be afraid and giving her a hug. Shalu embraces him as well. Bani looks on. Ayush looks at her before walking over to her and giving them both a hug. He promises that Lakshmi will be there with you both very soon. Lakshmi inquires of Rishi as to whether he shares her opinion that what she done was inappropriate. Rishi has expressed his admiration for her, stating that she has never strayed from the truth. She is presently holding his hand. Rishi believes there may be an issue with the case and that anything you said was true, but it was just half the truth. He claims that you have prepared meals, but that you were not responsible for the dish that led to that occurrence in any way. He guarantees that he will take her home no matter what the circumstances are. Since most people in this world view honesty as a sign of weakness, Virender explains to Mr. Basu that even though Lakshmi is basically a decent person with an open and honest heart, she was not meant to live in this world. He tells Mr. Basu that he can comprehend, but that Lakshmi has made a statement that contradicts herself, and he wants Mr. Basu to believe that she told the truth under these circumstances. There, Lakshmi and Rishi can be found. Mr. Basu requests her to refrain from making any further comments. Lakshmi gives a slight nod of her head. Rishi inquires about the next step to take. Inspector and Lady constable Aaliya come there and take Lakshmi from there. Rishi is informed by Mr. Basu that they would continue with the previous plan and will place blame on the absent Chef. He claims that when the police find him and bring him back, we will interrogate him as well. He invites Rishi to accompany him on this journey. Virender receives visitors Shalu, Bani, and Ayush. Regarding what happened earlier, Shalu expresses her regret to Virender. Virender tells them that even we shouldn’t have taken care of it, and he guarantees that Lakshmi will return with them to their house. He encourages them to have faith in God and adds that although he will put good people through their paces, he will not allow them to fail. Ayush claims that although it will not be easy, we will prevail.
Karishma inquires of Dadi as to whether or not she is hungry. Dadi responds with a negative answer and reassures her that she will have food when Lakshmi returns home. She then proceeds to prepare binniya for me. She has stated that she is going to take some time to relax her mind. Neelam inquires as to where you intend to go. Dadi believes Karishma will help you comprehend. She claims that you are speaking ill about Lakshmi, and I simply cannot tolerate it. She goes inside. Neelam goes behind her. Karishma and Sonia both state that they are hungry in the conversation. Sonia claims that she researched it online and found that every restaurant is terrible. Kiran announces that she will host the party despite the fact that Lakshmi will not be released on bail today. Sonia and Karishma says yes. Ahana says that we are going to throw a party because Lakshmi will save us. Kiran inquires of Karishma that she take precautions to prevent her from marrying Lakshmi’s brother. According to Sonia, Ahana will marry Malishka, making her Malishka’s sister-in-law.

Malishka expresses her joy to Balwinder and tells him that the decision on the date of her wedding would be made today. She then admits that she is at a loss as to what she should do. Balwinder tells her to wake up from her dream, but Lakshmi must leave the room first. Malishka claims that she is gone for good because she has reconciled the fact that she prepared the food on her own. According to Balwinder, she is uncomplicated and pure. Malishka claims that you praise her and live off of the money that she gives you. According to Balwinder, I am one of your employees. Malishka makes a threat toward him. Balwinder claims that there must be something in Lakshmi that makes her the person of choice for everyone, including himself, the Oberoi family, and others. According to Malishka, Lakshmi is not the best option for them. She tells Balwinder that Rishi is completely unrelated to Lakshmi at this point and begs him not to marry her. Balwinder has stated that they would not get married. Malishka affirms that you are correct and that she does in fact catch everyone. She claims that everyone might be thinking about how to get rid of her since she is so good, and because of this, I devised a plan that is two steps ahead of them in the process. Balwinder questions her about her plan. Malishka invites him to the live show and tells him to have fun. She goes there after she sees Virender, Rishi, and the others coming there. Balwinder gives chase and finds the police already positioned. He is considering his options for moving forward. Hearings against terrorists are currently taking place here, according to a policeman. After sitting for a while and noticing Shalu nearby, Balwinder stands up. He says Jai hind, Jai bharat. He wonders if I should leave. The constable requests that he leave. Another constable warns him to be careful and states that nobody is allowed to approach this location.

Mr. Amod reveals that Lakshmi has conceded the fact that she has prepared meals, which is the reason why they are declaring her guilty. According to Mr. Basu, she is innocent because although she prepared the food, she did not include any poison in it. He compliments Lakshmi on having such a pure and kind-hearted woman in his life. According to him, she could have lied if she wanted to, but she told the truth because she is honest with herself. He says this. He believes that in contrast to the type of person who shifts blame onto others in order to protect themselves, she is the type of person who will take responsibility for the actions of others in order to keep them safe. The judge hears on. According to Mr. Basu, she placed the blame for the incident on herself since she didn’t want anyone else to be held responsible for it. Shalu starts to have second thoughts about him. Mr. Amod claims that you intend to imply that she was not responsible for preparing the food. Mr. Basu claims that although she prepared delicious meal, another individual tainted it with poison. He claims that the person who added the poison is currently present. Balwinder and Malishka get worried. Amod inquires as to whether or not that person is present. Not here, according to Mr. Basu. Mr. Amod inquires whether or not he possesses any proofs. Mr. Basu claims that he needs some time to gather some evidence. Amod reports that Lakshmi has prepared food for a group of people, of which two are particularly important. He claims that the person who poisoned the people, Lakshmi Oberoi, is standing in front of you. Mr. Basu has expressed his scepticism regarding the Chef, who was present at the hotel on the day in question. He claims that he has been gone since that day; whether he is guilty or not is something that we do not know at this time and will learn when he comes to make statement. He claims that at that point, we will know who the genuine criminal is. The judge inquires as to why you didn’t reveal it earlier. Mr. Basu asks him to ask Police to search him. Mukesh eventually shows up and announces, “I am here.” Lakshmi identifies him. Ayush asks, “Where did you come from?” Rishi believes that this proves that he is not guilty; it is possible that he has been following the news. He announces whether he will say something negative about Lakshmi or something positive about her. The judge calls for Mukesh to appear before him in the witness box. He requests that Amod go ahead and start. Amod inquires about his name. Mukesh reveals his real name to us. Amod says if you have made food. Mukesh confirms that “yes,” the dish has been created, and that other chefs were there. Mr. Basu argues that this proves Lakshmi’s innocence and requests that the judge make a note of the point. Mukesh claims that only Lakshmi Madam is responsible for everything.


Neelam asks Rishi in the recap if he was unable to handle Lakshmi’s truth or if he isn’t feeling good about the fact that she was found guilty. Rishi assures Ayush that he will not allow Lakshmi to be sent to jail and that he will do whatever in his power to prevent this from happening. When Malishka hears him, she becomes concerned and asks how she can be saved when I have closed off all possible escape routes. Kiran breaks the news to Malishka that Lakshmi’s attorney, Mr. Basu, was unsuccessful. She claims that the Judge is about to hand down a penalty to Lakshmi right now.

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