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The Episode Start With:

Mukesh testifies in court that everything that they have cooked in the kitchen was done so on Lakshmi’s instructions. She was giving them instructions on what to do. Mr. Amod claims that the Chef divulged all of the information. Mr. Basu inquires of Mukesh as to whether or not he has carried out all of Lakshmi’s directions. Mukesh says yes. Mr. Basu inquires as to who Lakshmi instructed to incorporate the poison. Mukesh claims that the kitchen is spacious, but I have no idea who told whom what. Mr. Basu is quite concerned and wants to know where you went. According to Mukesh, he went after alerting Malishka of his intentions and receiving her consent to do so. He claims that he returned after seeing the news and then having a conversation with another chef. Mr. Amod reports that the statement provided by Mukesh is now being considered as well and reports that the answer is that Lakshmi was the one who prepared the food, which caused the people to criticise it. Rishi is ready to be released from the courtroom. Neelam interrupts him and asks if he can’t stand it when Lakshmi tells the truth, or if he doesn’t feel good about it when she is found guilty, and she asks if he doesn’t want to see her being punished. Rishi leaves the house. According to Mr. Amod, the defence attorney does not have any proof that she is innocent. Mr. Basu claims that he is unable to prove that she is guilty either because he does not have evidence that she has tampered with the food by adding poison. According to Mr. Amod, she has admitted her guilt. Mr. Basu claims that she has admitted to making the food. Mukesh joins Malishka and her father in their conversation, taking a seat behind them. Abhay remembers coming to some location in order to meet Mukesh. Malishka states Mukesh was Lakshmi bhakt last time. Abhay believes that money gives one power, and I have assured him that I will provide him with financial support. It is frequented by Mukesh. Malishka wants to know how your mother is doing. According to Mukesh, nothing untoward occurred to her. According to Abhay, my daughter is revealing to you what it is that you need to say in court. It is given to him by him. Malishka requests from him that he state in court that he travelled to the village because his mother was sick after receiving permission to do so from his mother. Mukesh claims that there was a man in the kitchen at the time. Abhay warns him that no one will believe him now that he has fled, and that he will be punished for his disobedience. Malishka promises that if you place blame on Lakshmi, then you will not experience any negative outcomes. Mukesh indicates yes with a head nod. Fb ends. Abhay smiles.
Bani inquires of Shalu as to whether or not Lakshmi will be set free. Balwinder claims that if you and I had gotten married, we may have started a family together. She claims that there is no one who can help her now. Malishka is under the impression that nobody can help her. Ayush receives instructions from Rishi on how to save Lakshmi. Ayush maintains that there must be an exit strategy somewhere. Rishi claims that we have exhausted all of our options. When Malishka hears them, she believes there is no way out at this point. She apologises for causing you pain and assures you that it will not last for a very long period. She promises that after she is gone, she would shower you with so much love that you will forget all about her, and she suggests that you should let her go to jail. Rishi claims that Lakshmi will not be going to jail since he has made a vow to her that he will release her no matter what it takes. He is reminded of the promise he made to Lakshmi. Ayush believes that because of your love for Lakshmi, you will not allow anything bad to happen to her. Malishka exclaims, “What the hell, how can Rishi save Lakshmi?” before stating that all of the possible escape routes have been closed off. She promises that she will not allow him to save Lakshmi this time, and that she will not allow this to take place. According to Mr. Amod, the situation is crystal apparent now that Mukesh has stated that Lakshmi is guilty and will be punished for her actions. According to Mr. Basu, I made it very clear that there was neither a witness nor any proof presented in court indicating that she had combined poison. After noticing that Dadi isn’t feeling well, Virender and Neelam beg her to please go home. Dadi nods in assent and then requests that they bring Lakshmi back to the house. Neelam communicates with Ahana to request that Dadi be seated in the vehicle, and then she asks the driver to take her home. Ahana takes Dadi out.

Mr. Amod claims that had someone else put the poison, Lakshmi would have been successful in catching her. He argues that Lakshmi has tampered with the poison herself and requests the judge to render a decision on the matter. The judge inquires as to whether or not Mr. Basu want to make a statement. Mr. Basu says nothing. Kiran breaks the news to Malishka that Lakshmi’s lawyer has been found to be ineffective, and that the judge will now punish Lakshmi. Kiran hears through Malishka that Rishi is determined to rid himself of her at any cost. Kiran claims that the investigation is nearly over and that he is powerless to help at this point. Lakshmi is under the impression that Rishi has promised me, and that he intends to keep his pledge. Uday reveals to the reporter that Neelam Oberoi’s pride will be crushed at the very moment when the judge announces his decision. Rishi returns just as the judge is ready to render a judgement, at which point Rishi asks the judge to pause. The judge inquires, “Who are you?” Rishi says I am Lakshmi Oberoi’s spouse. The judge calls him into the witness box and asks him to say something. Rishi approaches Lakshmi and grasps her hand as he does so. Hold on to her hand one more time, but Balwinder warns that it will be the last. Lakshmi’s eyes start to well up with tears, and she begins to cry as a result. He dabbed her eyes with a tissue. Rishi is invited to attend by Mr. Amod. Rishi assures Lakshmi that he would keep the promise he made to her and take her back home. Rishi enters the courtroom as a witness. Rishi is questioned by Mr. Amod about what he has to say.

I just want to tell it as it is, Rishi says. According to Mr. Amod, Lakshmi is the one who committed the crime. Rishi claims that she has not done anything wrong and that the judge will decide whether or not Lakshmi has committed a crime. He claims that the time has come, and that he will now reveal the truth. He claims that when my father and I first opened this hotel, we made a lot of money, but the number of high-end customers was low while the number of bargain customers was high. He claims that we have shut down our two hotels and are now operating two hotels. He informs them that they need to cut costs even more and have even been forced to sell the utensils. Mr. Amod responds by stating that he is wasting time and saying what he is saying. When Mr. Basu asks about the proper way to communicate, he is essentially posing the most important question of someone’s life. Malishka says if Rishi has gone wild. Neelam overhears her and adds that Rishi is attempting to prevent our hotel from being destroyed while also punishing Lakshmi. Malishka feels it is not like that. She wonders why he decided to be in the middle of things. Ahana is returning to court and believes that Dadi has already gone home; nonetheless, she will not be able to find peace inside herself until Lakshmi bhabhi arrives. When she turns around, she is startled to see a thug following her. At that very moment, the Inspector is removing the terrorist off the premises. A grin appears on the terrorist’s face as he glances at Ahana. Ahana feels afraid at times. Inspector requests that Ahana enter the building. Ahana enters the building and notices that the terrorist is smiling while in court. This causes her to believe that he is dangerous. She sends up prayers that he won’t act rashly in this location.


The terrorist shows up in the courtroom where Lakshmi is being tried for her crimes. He fires into the air. Everybody freaks out and tries to get away. Neelam is knocked down by an unknown assailant and brought face to face with the terrorist. Virender yells Neelam. The terrorist has a gun pointed at her head and is threatening her. Rishi gets worried. Neelam is protected by Lakshmi as she steps in front of her. The second terrorist addresses Lakshmi, inquires as to whether or not she is her mother, and requests that she explain herself to the other woman. Lakshmi stands up and admonishes the terrorist for not watching what he says. The video is taken by anybody. The hand of Lakshmi is being held by the terrorist.

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