Bhagya Lakshmi [25th November 2022] Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th November 2022 Written Update On

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th November 2022 Written Update

In Bhagya Lakshmi, Lakshmi regaining consciousness and summoning Rishi. Dadi says she has regained consciousness. Rishi comes there and asks Lakshmi where she is going. He says that when he saw you, you ran down the street and passed out. Lakshmi says you didn’t go alone. He says that he was called from the disco, they know where Baby is. He says he found someone on the way when he got out. A fb is shown, Balvinder catches Lakshmi and blinds him. Lakshmi thinks about escaping when their car stops in the road and Balwinder gets in to fix it. He runs away from the car.

Guddu sees him running and tells Balwinder. They run after Lakshmi. Lakshmi runs and falls on a rock. She loses consciousness. Rishi sees him and gets out of the car. Balwinder and Guddu stop seeing Rishi. fb ends. Rishi remembers taking Lakshmi to the hospital. Lakshmi tells Rishi that they are not talking for fear of being caught.

He says they are blindfolded and wearing masks. Ayush says no one will take the risk, I don’t think so. Rishi says that Lakshmi may be right. Virender asks if he’s okay. Dadi asks Rishi to take care of her all the time. Virender asks Lakshmi not to go to such places alone. Lakshmi says yes. Dadi blesses Lakshmi and says that you will always be with Rishi and yourself. Neelam gets upset and asks Rishi to take care of herself first as this house and family is created because of her. Ayush asks Lakshmi to remember that she and Rishi are always by her side.

Bhagya Lakshmi Today’s Episode Online:

He’s coming. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he came to save her at the right time. Lakshmi says you are my life partner and asks who can save me but you. Rishi says that he will prove his innocence in kidnapping Baby and also save Baby. Lakshmi asks her to promise that she won’t mind any accusations. Cement says. They hug. Balwinder thinks of Baby’s mind, couldn’t bring Lakshmi here, he’s looking for some dhamaka. The little girl is angry with him. Balwinder gets scared and asks her not to be angry with him. She yells at Balwinder and tries to stick the gun inside. Balwinder asks if he’s crazy?

She tells him everything. The inspector says he didn’t see anything blindfolded. Rishi says yes and then asks about Baby’s condition. She says that nothing bad will happen to the Baby. Inspector says our task force is investigating and investigating Baby. Rishi once again says that Lakshmi is innocent and leaves. The inspector tells the police that the suspect is about to be kidnapped, it’s not easy.

Baby asks Balwinder if he forgives Lakshmi for loving him and he lied to her about Rishi. She says you will die instead of Lakshmi. Balwinder says it was my fault that I didn’t bring Lakshmi here when Rishi came. He asks her to think about what to do and says that it will take longer as they will try to kidnap Lakshmi.

Bhagya Lakshmi Latest New Full Episode:

The little girl asks him to kidnap Lakshmi again. Balwinder says he will die and he will kill me too. She says Rishi is with Lakshmi. He asks what I will do with the money if a wreath appears on my photo. The little girl says she will kill Lakshmi and insults her. He is nervous. The little girl asks him to leave. He’s leaving. The baby thinks that today is the last day of her life.

Lakshmi tells Rishi that there is less time left. Rishi asks him not to worry. Ayush comes there and apologizes. Rishi says I want to apologize for yelling and scolding you. Ayush asks him to tell. Rishi says you’re sorry. They hugged and apologized. Balwinder returns to Baby and tells him that he went out to eat, but came to bring her vada pav. The baby thinks she should eat vada pav because of Lakshmi.

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th November 2022 Written Episode:

Rishi gives the gift box and apologizes and forgives him. She asks him to take care of her as she leaves at night. Ayush hugs him and says I love you brother, you are the best. Rishi says you are the best. He reveals that Baby has been kidnapped, but the real target is Lakshmi. She says that the kidnapper wanted to lure Lakshmi into a trap, but she was rescued. So this man planned to kidnap Lakshmi. She says she suspects that Balwinder kidnapped Baby to target Lakshmi.

Ayush says she has a strange thought and says she doesn’t know if it’s true or not. Kiran calls Baby and tells her that she slipped out of Rishi’s hands. What is the little one asking? Kiran says Rishi came and threatened her to drop the case against Lakshmi. Baby asks if you’ll take the case. Kieran says that she understood from your words that you are nothing to her.


Ayush tells Rishi that Baby’s target is also Lakshmi, she can marry you if Lakshmi gets out of her way.

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