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The Episode Start With:

Ritesh that her mother had been right all along. Ritesh inquires as to whether it is appropriate to remove jewellery from Bappa and then accuse us of stealing it. This is not the appropriate time, according to Indu; we will discuss this tomorrow. She requests that Sunita give the jewellery to them on their behalf. Sunita says that she is aware that she had the jewellery custom-made for Indu’s wedding, yet she still refuses to give it to her. Ritesh claims that you are planning a second marriage and that you have previously been married and divorced. Sunita claims that my daughter is not a divorcee but rather a single woman. According to her, she has never been married. Sameer is warned by Kaamna that she may pass out from happiness due to the fact that one dhamaka would follow another. Ritesh mentioned that he heard about your divorce from your mutual buddy Vivek. Ritesh mistook you for a divorcee, according to Sunita, and you didn’t correct him. Indu says we were chatting about jewellery. Ritesh inquires of Indu regarding the process through which Zoon became her daughter. Vivek finds out from Asha that Sunita went to Ritesh’s residence. Vivek inquires about Zoon’s whereabouts. According to Asha, she drilled at Nikhil’s house for her dancing performance. Ritesh inquires of Indu. Kaamna says she is suspense drama. There is a visit from the jeweller. Kaamna is appreciative of his presence here. Ritesh asks him to look at the jewellery and then inquires as to whether or not Kaamna di had handed it to him to be polished. Sunita is stubborn and will not give.
The jeweller claims that it is identical to the piece that she had previously provided to me for polishing. According to him, Vivaan was in such a hurry that he neglected to take the receipt. Ritesh inquires of Sunita as to whether or not the situation has been made clear. Sunita says he is lying. According to Ritesh, the jeweller came because Vivaan called him here, and nobody asked him to lie. Sunita says it is mine, I am taking it. Sameer stops her. Ritesh has warned me that I will have to contact the police if any of you try to leave with the jewellery. According to Sameer, the criminals were apprehended by the police. Indu asserts that my mother is not a thief in this scenario. Sunita asserts that she is merely fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother, and that no one can prevent her from doing so. She claims that I commissioned her to make it for Indu’s wedding. Ritesh approaches Sameer with a request to give it to her, claiming that if she does, everyone will assume that it was donated to a charitable organisation. Ritesh hears a shout from Indu. Ritesh will say things like, “I helped you previously, and now I’m helping you again with this jewellery for your marriage.” He wants to know if you are single because if you are, he wants to know how Zoon became your daughter. He inquires about the parentage of the young lady. According to Kaamna, Rahul will explain all of this to you. Ritesh asks Rahul.

Kaamna wants Rahul to tell him. Rahul claims that you are responsible for sending me to Zoon’s place. Ritesh claims that you didn’t share anything with me at all. According to Kaamna, I requested him not to mention it since I knew it would shock you. I heard Sunita ji state that Zoon is not her daughter and that Indu has not adopted her legally up until this point. Rahul claims that Indu is not Zoon’s mother, and I heard Sunita ji say the same thing. Ritesh inquires of Indu as to whether or not the man is telling the truth. Sunita affirms that this is the case. Indu cautions her to take it easy. Sunita has stated that she will not keep quiet and that she will inform Ritesh and his family about the truth of Zoon. Indu begs her to protect her from any and all difficulties. Sunita claims that none of us would be here today if Zoon’s mother had not abandoned her child in your lap that night. She claims that the truth is that the girl was given a home and a family because of Indu’s favours. Ritesh is taken aback and applauds. He adds that now he understands everything and that he believed you were an irresponsible mother, but Zoon is a charity case, and that’s why you forgot her in the mall and arrived drunk to her school event. He also claims that the child looks for her father and comes to me. He claims that all you are is her namesake mother. Ritesh hears a shout from Indu. She expresses that she does not want him to certify her motherly affection. Ritesh says that you are likewise nothing to her, and she asks why you brought her home from the bus when you couldn’t provide her a happy life. Ritesh believes that if you were an unfit mother, she would have been better off living the rest of her life as an orphan. Ritesh gets slapped by Indu.

When Kaamna feels delighted, she expresses her emotions by saying “all the bliss entirely.” She claims that if I had prayed for Pankaj ji’s affection, you would have given me Bappa ji instead of him. Indu requests Ritesh not to inform her that she is not Zoon’s mother, and she claims that she has accepted Ritesh for who she is and that she is Zoon’s mother. Indu’s request is granted. Ritesh promises that he will never forget how hard he smacked him, just as he will never forget what he will do to him. He says, “I might not have any relation with Zoon, but I have heart relation with her. She united me with my mother again, and she is more than God to me.” Ritesh Malhotra’s promise is that he will snatch Zoon away from you. He swears on Ganapati Bappa that he will not let her stay in your house. I will snatch Zoon away from you. Indu asks, “Who are you to battle with a mother when even Mahadev doesn’t have the courage to do so?” She claims that I will not allow anyone, not even Bappa, to tear me away from my Zoon. She removes the jewellery from Sunita’s hand and places it next to where Bappa is sitting. She clenches her fists and sobs quietly. She instructs Ritesh to consider this piece of jewellery as the payment for the money that he had previously paid to Satish. They are going together with Sunita.


Kaamna says that she will set Indu’s joy ablaze. According to Indu, nothing in this world’s power can keep me from being with my kid. Ritesh assures her that he will keep them apart from each other. He shows up at Indu’s place of residence and takes Zoon away from her.

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