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The Episode Start With:

Indu informs Ritesh that she has something significant to share with him. Ritesh departs the location after Rahul informs him that Mr. Kapoor is currently speaking to someone else on the other line. Indu inquires of Rahul regarding the whereabouts of Anjali. After assuring her that he will track her down, Rahul exits the premises. Vivek conveys to Indu his continued belief that she should have a conversation with Ritesh.

Indu tells him that she did try to talk to him even though he has seen it, and she says that she would discuss it with Ritesh the next day. She also mentions that he has seen it. Vivaan and Anjali engage in some friendly banter with one another. Anjali informs him that she will give the idea of going on a bike ride with him some consideration. Anjali is forced to leave the location as Rahul arrives and informs her that Indu has been waiting for her there. Both Vivaan and Rahul maintain eye contact with one another. Indu, along with Vivek Zoon and Anjali, arrives safely at their residence. Because she needs to talk to Vivek about something essential, Indu begs Anjali to bring Zoon inside the house for her.

Anjali complies with her request and brings Zoon along. Indu begs Vivek to keep their conversation to themselves until she has a chance to talk to Ritesh. Vivek is of the same opinion, although he expresses his confusion to Indu over how her mother’s jewellery came to be in Ritesh’s possession. Indu admits that she, too, is perplexed about the circumstances surrounding the presence of the jewellery on the god statue in Ritesh’s home. Sunita is stunned when she overhears the chat that Vivek and Indu are having.

While Ritesh and Rahul are at the mansion owned by Malhotra, Rahul tells Ritesh that he brought Mr. Kashap, a well-known film producer who formerly lived in another country but has since returned to India. They have the ability to impress him. Ritesh thinks it’s a good concept, so he has no problem with Rahul’s recommendation. In addition to this, he requests that he invite a small group of people from the industry so that they can have an intimate dinner together.
Rahul obliges. Both of them then exit the location. Kaamna and Sameer overhears Rahul and Ritesh’s chat. Sameer breaks the news to Kaamna that her scheme is unsuccessful as well. Kaamna assures him that she will not allow her plan to fail this time, and that she would do everything in her power to ensure that this is the case. She also informs him that she has time till the next day, and that she will use this opportunity to put Ritesh’s reputation in jeopardy. Indu enters her residence and sees Sunita at her porch. Indu inquires as to the motivation behind her waiting for her to respond.

Sunita confronts Indu about the missing jewellery after discovering it in Ritesh’s house. Sunita found it there. Indu makes an effort to explain the problem to Sunita; but, Sunita will not listen to her and insists that she simply wants a yes or no answer to the question that she is asking. Indu claims that she did observe the jewellery while it was in Ritesh’s home. Even after she has seen it, Sunita continues to question her about why she did not discuss it with Ritesh. She does not want to insult him by asking Ritesh about their missing jewellery, so she tells her that her intention is to talk to him the following day. Indu explains her reasoning to her. Sunita tells Indu to keep her distance from her and then departs the location after accusing Indu of being insensitive to the emotions of her mother. Sunita herself then leaves the location. Both Indu and Asha experience feelings of distress.

Later, Sunita imagines Indu dressed for her wedding, but she is not wearing any jewellery, and the other women in the neighbourhood are laughing at her because of this. She breaks out of her imaginings as she exclaims that she has jewellery for Indu’s wedding in her possession. After that, she starts to feel antsy. The rain begins to fall in torrential downpours. In spite of the fact that she is completely drenched, Sunita goes outside and climbs into an auto rickshaw. She ignores the warning from the society’s security staff and walks out of the building without looking back.

Ritesh had a conversation with Mr. Kashyap inside the mansion that belongs to Malhotra. Over the course of a phone conversation, Kaamna extends an invitation to attend the puja the next day. The next thing she notices, Sunita is stepping out of an automobile. She makes the decision to give the security a heads up and ask them to let her in so that Ritesh can be embarrassed. Sunita sneaks into the home, goes to the idol of God, steals some of the jewellery, and then makes up her mind to flee the location.

Dolly notices that Sunita is wearing the jewellery. She manages to catch her in the nick of time and alerts everyone, claiming that the woman took the jewellery from their home. Ritesh visits the location and reveals to Dolly that the woman is Indu’s mother. After that, he notices the jewellery that is on her hand as well as her state. He advises that she remain there for a bit so that they may talk about it and sort out their confusion over the situation. Sunita demurs, claiming that the jewellery in question is hers and that she misplaced it the day before. Together, Rahul and Deep ushered the visitors out of the house. As a result of Sunita’s disclosure, Ritesh is left bewildered and stunned. In addition to this, he is confused by the fact that she refers to them as thieves, so he inquires about this from her. He continues by saying that Kaamna is the owner of the jewellery. Sunita is informed by Kaamna that the item is exclusively hers.

Sunita explains to them that she is not accusing anyone of stealing, but that all she said was that she found her lost jewellery and that she is taking it with her home, and if he wants to ask something, he can question Kaamna about where she bought this jewellery. Sunita says she is not calling anyone a thief. Sameer acts as if Sunita did something to offend them. He begs her not to level any charges against a family of such good repute as they are. Sunita makes fun of the Malhotras and plans to leave, but Ritesh becomes enraged and swears that no one will leave the house unless and until the truth is revealed. Sunita decides to stay because of Ritesh. To back up her claim, Kaamna begs Vivaan to get in touch with the proprietor of the jewellery store from which she originally purchased the items in question.

Vivaan obliges. Indu notices that her mother is absent from the residence. When the security guard tells her that she needs to get in an auto and drive to Ritesh’s house, she is taken aback. Indu makes it to the Malhotra’s house. Sunita puts an end to her ramblings by pointing out that she could have avoided this predicament if she had approached Ritesh about it sooner. Ritesh inquires of Indu as to whether or not she is aware of this matter. Indu says yes. Ritesh then inquires as to the reason why she did not address him about the same issue. Indu explains that she has told him that she does not want any drama to occur since it will put his reputation at risk.
Ritesh questions whether or not now is the appropriate time, in her mother’s opinion, for her to confront them. Kaamna and Sameer have a complaint against Indu. Sameer accuses the Rainas of needlessly causing a disturbance, in addition to the fact that this is all a part of their master plan. Indu becomes enraged and cautions Sameer not to make any statements that are derogatory toward the members of her family. She also argues that her mother is correct, but before she can continue, Ritesh interrupts her and asks her, with a furious expression on her face, whether she believes that her mother is correct. Indu looks on.

The Precap are Ritesh asks Indu regarding the identity of Zoon’s biological father. Sunita discloses to Zoon that he came from no parents. Ritesh experiences a jolt of shock. There is a disagreement between Indu and Ritesh. Indu cautions Ritesh not to push himself beyond his boundaries, but Ritesh won’t listen to her and instead talks trash about her. Everyone around him is taken aback after Indu slaps him.

Ritesh offers everyone some modak to eat. Kaamna looks on confusedly. Sameer brings Kaamna with him and asks her what happened to the modak, in which she claimed to have mixed poison, but not just Shakuntala but practically everyone had it, and nobody had the reaction that they intended them to have. He presses her to confirm that she did, in fact, mix the poison into the modak. After Kaamna reveals to Sameer that she mixed, he inquires about her experience by asking what transpired. Kaamna is told that someone did something that caused her plan to fail, and she is curious about who that person is. She noticed that the housekeeper was smiling and appearing relieved to see that everyone had the modak, and she followed her into the kitchen.

Sameer hears from Kaamna that she knows who is responsible for all of this, and Sameer watches the housekeeper. After giving gratitude to God for rescuing her, the housekeeper turns around and is taken aback to see Kaamna standing there. Kaamna presses her with questions about what she did to the modak while she holds her face firmly in her own. The housekeeper implores Kaamna to release her grip on her face since the pain is making it difficult for her to breathe, and she tells Kaamna that she will be honest with her. Kaamna begs her to say it. The Facebook video depicts a scene in which a piece of modak falls into a bucket of water. As a result, the housekeeper must use the remaining flour to produce modak before Indu can come and retrieve it. The end of the FB. Kaamna becomes irrationally angry and scolds her for thwarting her scheme. Another worker comes in and tells Kaamna that the customer wants to meet her, at which point Kaamna orders the housekeeper to leave and begs her not to show anyone her face before leaving the kitchen herself.

When Kaamna looks up, she spots Pankaj walking toward his room. She brings him to a halt and informs him that she would not spare Ritesh for selling his rights to Zoon. Pankaj remains mute. Kaamna begs Pankaj not to get angry with her because she did everything in her power to get Ritesh to change his mind, but she was ultimately unsuccessful. After that, she gives him her word that she will show Ritesh how to behave properly. Vivek informs Indu that they are running behind schedule for the social puja that they have planned. After informing Vivek that she will inform everyone that they are leaving, Indu begs him to bring Anjali with them and says that she will tell everyone that they are leaving. Vivek agrees. Kaamna ponders the next move she should make to cause Ritesh difficulty. She is reminded that Ritesh had brought along Indu’s jewellery in the hopes that he may wear it in front of the idol. She praises God for bringing this to her attention once again. After that, she starts looking for Ritesh. She inquires with Sameer regarding Ritesh’s whereabouts and status.

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