Channa Mereya [10th September 2022] Written Update

Channa Mereya 10th September 2022 Written Update On

The Episode Start With:

First Scene Ginni and Adi are sitting awkwardly on the bed when they wake up. Adi wishes me a happy morning and reminds me to get ready.
Amber is being harsh with Akash since he is not producing satisfactory outcomes. According to Akash, I have little interest in science; rather, I enjoy art. Amber is going to slap him, but Adi stops her and says, “You did this with me, but I won’t allow you do this with him.” Adi is referring to the fact that Amber did the same thing to her earlier. Amber requests that Akash not pick up any new skills from him. You can hit him now, but eventually you will have to listen to what he has to say. I am confident that Akash will find a way in life, but you should stop being so stubborn since there won’t be another Adi living in this house. Amber replies that there is no need for another Adi because he is already gone. After Adi encourages Akash to perform better on the tests, Akash simply shakes his head and walks away. Ginni notices all of that and gives Adi a friendly smile. It sounds like you have a genuine concern for your sibling. Amber needed some clarification, so I gave it to her straight. Adi says it’s not like that. It is none of your concern what I get up to, so keep your distance from me, and he will leave. Ginni insists that he cares about each and every person, yet his actions belie his words.

After Supreet asks Akash to study, Akash responds positively and then leaves. Ginni approaches her and offers her a greeting. According to Supreet, I was relieved to see Adi take Akash’s side since it shows that he cares for the family even though he doesn’t show it. You should not be concerned about anything at all, as she will depart from there. Ginni promises that she will help Adi understand that he is able to show his family that he cares and that he can smile. She has an inspiration and decides to break Akash’s cycle. While Manveen is making videos, she unintentionally appears in one of them.

The dhaba that Simran and Goldie own is where they are currently residing. Goldie assures me that I will figure anything out in the near future. Simran claims that customers are no longer frequenting the dhaba. They are asked to bring Ginni’s parathas by a few of the customers that frequent that location. Goldie informs the guests that Ginni is not present, but she will be there, and the guests respond by saying that they would return at another time when Ginni is present. Goldie is told by Simran that we are able to sell this and purchase a nice office. Gulabo shows up and tells them that the dhaba belongs to him, so if they want to stay there, they should behave appropriately.

Akash is heading to the office and reports that he plans to ride his bike to work today. He discovers that it has been perforated and then asks what his next move should be. Adi arrives there and inquires about what has taken place. Akash is taken aback to find that he is pitching in to help mend his tyres. After Adi’s request for him to leave immediately and attend to school, he departed. According to Akash, he does not appear to be in good health today. Ginni arrives there and tells Akash that he need to thank Ginni, but Akash claims that Ginni didn’t let him talk. Ginni recommends that you simply pay him a visit and express your gratitude through your work. Akash says okay.

The drawing that says “I like my monster” is left in Adi’s room by Akash when he visits there. Adi notices something and looks in all directions. Ginni is able to stay hidden and observe all of this. Adi summons Akash to himself and asks whether or not Akash sees him in this state. Akash says yes. According to Adi, you may have illustrated more hair in the picture. Akash gives him a friendly grin and a hug. Adi is taken aback and hugs him back, at which point he becomes tearful. Ginni breaks into a grin upon witnessing that. When Akash looks into his eyes and finds tears, he wonders, “Why are you crying?” Adi says I am a tough man, I am not crying. Akash says are you like papa? According to Adi, I am not like him, and neither will you be. Akash says, “I want to be cool like you, but in order to do so, I will have to act tough and never smile.” Adi gives him a friendly grin and then suggests that he go to school. It is from there that Akash departs. When Adi looks at the drawing, he smiles. Ginni is considering ways to bring Adi into closer proximity with the other members of the family.

Ginni is summoned by Sharja to the kitchen, where she is given the task of preparing masalas using the stone chopper. But this is a lot, Ginni argues, and Sharja responds all you need to do is the job. Ginni gives a slight nod and then begins chopping the spices. Ginni’s eyes are irritated because Sharja opened the window and let in the spices. She sobs out of distress. Adi visits the location and inquires as to whether or not she is an idiot. Ginni claims my eyes are burning. Adi moves in closer and breathes on her eyes, causing her to wince.


Ginni gives Adi the task of chopping spices, similar to the one she gave him earlier. She receives a call from Randhawa, who informs her that we need to locate the partner who has their father’s diary. When Amber hears that, she immediately assumes that she is aware that her father had a partner.

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