Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan [17th August 2022] Written Update

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th August 2022 Written Update on


Mira assures me that you will receive the money. Tara claims that both your voice and your manner have drastically changed. Mira states that I was attempting to mimic your speaking style. Mona and Tara are going to leave. Pakhi is the one who cleans the house. She spots an additional camera. She enlists the help of the housekeeper to scrub the vase. What does she mean by that? Pakhi hacks up some mucus and asks, “Bring water.” Pakhi discovers an additional camera. She claims that Agastya supplied me with a medication, therefore why are these cameras here? What does he need from you? I was able to find this camera, Pakhi tells Agastya. I am convinced Mira did it. Pakhi’s well-being is Agastya’s primary concern. She claims that she is positive that Mira was the one who did it. What steps ought I to take? We are able to identify these cameras using Mohit’s gadget. Pakhi says, “Here, let me show you that equipment.” Fake Agastya is confused and asks how is that ever possible? How does Mira even manage to do that? Pakhi has instructed us to locate the cameras. Let’s start looking for them. Pakhi wrestles the smartphone away from him and searches for another camera. Pakhi says Mira did it. Let me seek for more. She comes across some other cameras. Mira is angry. Pakhi suggests that we take a look downstairs.Pakhi also discovers cameras in the living room of the house. Pakhi gets rid of each one of them. Mira claims that all of the cameras have been removed; in that case, how can I locate them? Pakhi promises that Mohit will figure out who is behind these surveillance cameras. Fake Agastya says no. Pakhi says why? What do you know about these cameras, if anything? He asserts that not a single family need be concerned. I am going to investigate and find out who is responsible. Pakhi assures me that I will take measures to prevent Mira from doing similarly in the future. I won’t allow her to disrupt the serenity between us this time.Everyone starts their day with a meal. Pakhi is tasked with assisting Mona in locating various items across the business. Pakhi says sure. According to Tara, it is time for pooja teacher, therefore I will need to be ready. She requests her mother, thank you. Pakhi nods. Tara is happy. She enlists Mira’s assistance by putting in a request for it. Agastya says yes please stay. According to Naveli, Agastya handles all of the decoration by himself each year. Tara says I will also help you, papa. She suggests that the two of us go out shopping. Pakhi claims that we possess everything and that we are able to make use of it. According to Naveli, we ought to go and look. They decide to go to the supermarket.Both Mona and Naveli are responsible for removing items. They feel sentimental because their father accumulated all of those things. Mona sheds tears and expresses how much she is missing her friend. The voice note of Dadi is played by her. In it, Dadi mentions that she is now staying in the hospital because one of her friends is ill. The sound that Pakhi hears is the same one that the store does. Mona and Naveli are going on a date.Fake Agastya says to Mira I should be compensated for all of this extra work. Pakhi claims that dadi was at the store at the time that she sent this voice note. What’s the real story here? It’s impossible for Agastya to accomplish it, therefore who did it? Agastya loved dadi. Mona asks Agastya to make prasad. It takes him aback. She claims that nobody other than you knows how to make it quite like mum. She did nothing but instruct you. You can either tell us the recipe or prepare it yourself. Agastya says I’ve a meeting. Naveli adds that you can get it from your house. She explains to Pakhi that dad did it every year when they were away from you. Agastya claims that it will make me think about dadi. I can’t do it. Pakhi reassured me that it was fine, so please share the recipe with me. Agastya says okay I will create it myself. I have assured dadi that I will not reveal the recipe to anyone else. Mona says okay you make it now. Fake Agastya has apprehensions.

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