Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan [18th August 2022] Written Episode Update

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Fake Agastya is curious as to how he will prepare the prasad. Mira tells her men to cook, saying that she would send the food inside. Pakhi comes. Mira leaves. Pakhi says to Agastya let me help. He insists that it was dadi’s recipe all along. I am going to go about it in my own manner. Pakhi leaves. Yug puts Mira’s phone on speaker, and then he asks Agastya to explain him the recipe for the prasad. Agastya claims that I would never speak like that to anyone. Mira asserts, “I will kill Tara today only if you don’t tell anyone about it.” Agastya agrees. Mira sends a text to phoney Agastya claiming that Agastya is preparing the prasad.Pakhi and Mona are responsible for arranging the puja. When Agastya was requested to prepare the prasad, Pakhi is perplexed as to why he reacted with such fear. Yug will provide Agastya with the necessary components, and Agastya will then prepare the prasad. Agasatya recalls the work that dadi did and how it stated that God adores their prasad if they make it with sincerity and that God is always with them. He prepares the prasad, and then he offers it to Yug. Pakhi discovers a message left behind by Agastya, which reveals that the story of Agastya living with her is a hoax and that Mira has abducted him. Yug comes upon the note. He enters Agastya’s cell armed with a blade of some kind. He warns Agastya to not put on an air of superiority. Agastya believes that you might be able to halt this letter, but the truth will eventually get to Pakhi. She will realise it herself. Yug believes that you have gone completely insane and that you will never prevail against Mira. After he exits the room, he realises that he has dropped the key and goes outside. Agastya is the one who notices the key.Mira’s man hands the prasad over to the imposter Agastya. The food is then placed on the platter, and he exits the room. According to him, the prasad is now ready. Agastya takes the key and attempts to conceal it in various places. In front of the family, Fake Agastya declares, “I’ve tried making it just like dadi.” Pakhi makes her way to the balcony, where she finds all of the ingredients laid out, but nothing has been consumed. She infers from this that Agastya did not prepare the prasad at home at any point. She is curious as to who could make the prasad. Pakhi seems to be befuddled.A pooja is performed by the family. Fake Agastya’s lens falls. He goes inside and makes an attempt to mend it. Tara goe after him. She is stopped by Mira, who informs her that he is on his way. Tara experiences some fear. When Agastya returns, she greets him with a warm embrace. Pakhi inquires about what took place with Tara. Tara claims that I become frightened if my father isn’t around. According to what she heard from her dadi, your father is not present, although he was seated in the mandap with you. Pakhi seems to be befuddled.Fake Agastya makes pooja with Pakhi. She is perplexed as to why her father would state that Agastya is not present. She is curious about the identity of the other person in the house. Pakhi will now depart. She realises that Agastya is not there, and the person who is with her is a fake, and she is unable to recognise him. This causes her to break down into tears. She is worried about Agastya and wants to know where he is and what Mira has done to him. She has instructed me to rescue Agastya.

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