Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan [19th August 2022] Written Update

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan[19th August 2022] Written Update on

Shanaya explains to Prema and Samir that she is obligated to travel to the location since her buddy requires immediate assistance with something. She exits the room. Mona takes a peek at Mira and comments to Naveli that this Shardha has an odd appearance. There is something strange about her. I saw her talking to Agastya numerous times. My guess is that she has feelings for Agastya. Naveli says what are you saying? Mona says something is wrong. Shardha inquires of Naveli as to whether or not she will be present here with us. She told me that I needed to go meet a buddy of mine. Fake Tara and Agastya engage in play. Pakhi comes. She insists that I investigate the matter further. They are served hot chocolate by her. They do it together while drinking it. Agastya says, Tara is really brilliant. Pakhi removes some pieces of his DNA from the glass and announces, “I am coming out Agastya discovers that the goons are fast asleep. He picks the lock and slips out of the house. Pakhi comes out. There is Shanaya present. Pakhi says something is wrong. Agastya doesn’t feel like is genuine. I believe it to be another person. It makes him uneasy to be in that situation. It is necessary for us to discover his identity. I have to get his DNA test done. Shanaya says what? Pakhi says please get it done. Soon, we will be aware of the reality. Would you kindly do this? Shanaya responds, “I have no idea what you are thinking, but I will do anything.”The thugs stand to their feet. Agastya puts on an act as if he is sleeping. They are sent to the detention centre. They take a hit from Agastya.The reports are given to Pakhi. It is suitable for Tara. Pakhi is taken aback by it. Shanya claims that you had no basis for harbouring suspicions about him. Don’t make the same mistake twice. Pakhi is perplexed, so she decides to go. There, you’ll find Mira. She heard Pakhi and Shanaya conversing. Mira tells the doctor to continue doing what she instructed him to do. Agastya looks for a means to get away from the situation. A man calls mira. She affirms that certainly, sir, our strategy will be successful. Someone sets fire to the photograph of Pakhi and Agastya.Mira smacks Agastya and says how did Pakhi doubt you. It is necessary for you to convince her that you are Agastya. You have no choice but to remove her. Everyone prepares himself for the puja. According to Mona, Shardha returned and continued their conversation with Agastya. Mira appears and asks whether she may be of assistance. Mona says no. Mona tells me that you are free to visit your mother at home whenever you like. Because you’re single, she thinks you ought to get married. Let me locate any proposal for you. Naveli stops her.Agastya comes out. Yug stops him. Agastya says kindly let me go Yug. I have no intention of causing you any harm. It pertains to both my spouse and my daughter. Yug is the one holding his hand. Agastya says let me go. Yug gets hit by him. Yug grabbed his hand and told him to get away from that place. The path starts from that location. He asks me why I’m getting support from you. Yug asserts that you believed that I would be involved with that woman. I had to put on an air of sophistication in front of her. I also wrote a letter to Pakhi, but Mira read it first. I severed the connection to the TV. I also forgot to bring the keys. If she discovers what I am doing, she has the potential to cause harm to everyone.Fake Pakhi is given a hug by Agastya when she is approached. He gently strokes her face. Pakhi gives him a shove and then runs away. She apologises, but the door is already open. He says it’s okay. Pakhi leaves the house. Yug has given the order to go, and he will remain in the cell. Get cops. Agastya says I can’t leave you alone. Yug has instructed you not to be concerned about him. I do not have any relatives. Agastya tells me that he considers me his brother and that’s why he cares about me. He tells you to get out of here since we don’t have time.The operation will now begin. Shanaya asks Pakhi not to worry. She recommends that I speak with Agastya instead. Don’t doubt him. Mona asks Agastya and Pakhi to dance. Yug is the one who brings the goons out. He then covers his face with the blanket and locks himself inside the cage. Fake Agastya dances with Pakhi. Agastya is seen running on the road despite having wounded feet.


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