Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan [ 1st September 2022] Written Update

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st September 2022 Written Update on

Vicky likes to gamble with her money. The question is posed by Mira: what are you doing? Practice is what he suggests. We will get money soon. She claims that Pratap is ignoring her phone calls. Pakhi is seen crying on her way home. She claims that we have complied with what you requested. Agastya was detained after shooting Thakur, who was the victim of the shooting. Please allow my friend Tara and her family to leave now. Vicky brings Tara down to the basement. She begs me to kindly let my daughter leave right away. Please disable this chip. Mira argues that I won’t get rid of it until I have my money first. She receives a phone call from Pratap. He informs you that your money is prepared and that you can find me waiting at the factory. Mira says I am coming. Agastya says you will rot in jail Pratap. The inspector puts him in custody. Mira assures me that I will, at long last, receive some monetary compensation. Keep an eye on them and get rid of this counterfeit money. Mira leaves Yug says forgive me. These past few days, you have all been forced to come see me because of my mother. Love can be represented by mothers. Always, my mother has relied on me. Always, Agastya came to my rescue. This time, I had to come to his rescue. When I look at you all in this state, I feel powerless. I won’t give in and let Mira prevail. He makes an attempt to bust through the door. Vicky cautions against engaging in such dramatic behaviour. Yug is assaulted by the goons when they enter. They each take him in their arms. He receives water from Shanaya. Pakhi estimates that there are only 45 minutes remaining.Agastya can be found standing outside of the house. He knocks out a goon with a blow to the head and then creeps in. The arrival of Agastya Mira says you.. The thugs working for Mira claimed that you could go free. Tara continues to say prayers for the safe return of her father. Your mother, according to Vicky, should marry him since he is an exact replica of me. Pakhi says shut up. Agastya claims that Mira still possesses that remote, thus it is imperative that we exercise extreme caution. Everyone creates noise. Vicky heads upstairs to check on something. Pakahi assures Tara Agastya is safe. Vicky asks, “What exactly do you all want?” Yug says to look back. There is Agastya present. Vicky does not believe it.While Mira waits, Pratap will come. The officers are currently tailing her. After entering the basement, Vicky reveals that she struck your father. Pakhi cautions not to put on an act in front of him. It’s Agastya. He gives a hug to Tara. After Agastya hit Vicky, the others tied him up. Everyone should assemble in the basement. Pakhi asserts that Agastya will reveal to Mira that he is actually Vicky, and that all of you will be required to act. Tara says that I will behave as well. Agastya reports that hardly twenty minutes are remaining. Mira comes back. Agastya makes an appearance dressed as Vicky. Mira believes that Pratap has deceived us in some way. However, he was not present. She inquires as to what they are participating in downstairs. He says Yug was being clever, so I held them in front of me so I could see them. Upstairs, Vicky is restrained with a tie. Vicky makes an effort to phone Mira. Mira is asked by Agastya to investigate where Pratap is now located. Give me the remote, Pratap tells me, and I will decimate these guys as soon as you get the money. Everyone begs them not to act in such a manner. Pakhi has asked that this behaviour be avoided at all costs.Vicky makes an effort to go downstairs. When Mira was about to hand Agastya the remote control, she suddenly heard a noise. She investigates by going upstairs. Agastya manages to thwart her. He insists that the search for Pratap come first. He tells me I can leave to acquire money. Mira says no I will go. The remote control is handed over to him. Mira leaves. Agastya calls bomb disposal team. They are attempting to defuse the device. They demand that everybody else go.

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