Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan [23rd August 2022] Written Update

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd August 2022 Written Update on


The thugs are searching for Agastya. They emerge from the outbuilding. Agastya sneaks out. Pakhi pursues Mira in her vehicle. Her taxi comes to a stop. Pakhi hops on a scooter when she gets there. She claims that I do not have any other choices. Together with Samir, Tara enjoys watching cartoons. When Tara tries to reach Agastya, he doesn’t pick up the phone either. Shanaya inquires about what took place. Tara says I miss father and mama. Shanaya has instructed you to compose a letter for them to send. Tara told me that I should also write a letter to them. After giving her goon a smack, Mira asks, “Why did you let him go?” Yug laughs. Mira says your snake. It seems that I am your son after all, he says. Agastya, according to what Naveli has told mona, did not even go to the office. Mona tells me that she believes Agastya is in danger as a result of Shardha.The celebration is about to begin. It is there that Agastya appears. He tells me that I need to go back home. Pakhi originates from the same geographic region. They wander all over the event grounds. Pakhi asks, “How am I supposed to get out of this?” The light stops shining. Pakhi sees Agastya.. She is taken aback by it. She makes a beeline for him. He passes out. Pakhi holds him. Water is what she refers to. Pandit Ji offers him some water to drink. Pakhi says Agastya are you okay. She sheds a tear. Pakhi claims that I was unable to identify the imposter Agastya. I truly apologise. Mira gives the man a call and tells him that they will see one other soon. The man claims we will get together very soon. Mira has informed us that if we do not locate Agastya, we would be in a precarious situation. Agastya says Mira did all this. It is our responsibility to look out for the welfare of our family. Pakhi hugs him.Pakhi and Mira arrive to their residence. Mona inquires about what took place. You went to Shardha’s house to drop her off. Pakhi insists that our first step should be to consult with the authorities. Pakhi inquires about Tara’s whereabouts. Prema states that she is currently sleeping. Pakhi enters the room and sits down. She claims that her mother is present, but there is nobody hiding under the blanket. Pakhi panics. She asks, “Tara, where are you?” Pakhi receives a phone call from Mira, who warns her not to make the call to the police. I have Tara here with me. I will put an end to her. Pakhi tells Agastya. They are all taken aback by it. Tara inquires of Mira as to the whereabouts of mom. She was informed by Shardha that Pakhi is in danger. When I arrived, Tara asked, “Why did you bring me here?” Pakhi says Tara.. She warns you not to risk hurting my kid in any way. Mira warns you not to act clever around her or you will end up with her dead body. Pakhi panics. Does Tara accuse the teacher of being a nasty person? Why did you lie to me? Mira removes her glasses before continuing. She claims I am your dad’s mom. Tara tries to run. She is stopped by the thugs. Tara lets out a scream. Tara is accompanied to the shed by Mira. Yug claims that she is only a child. Let her go, fear God. Mira has stated that they will come running here. Yug says let her go. Mira claims that she is my trump cardMira, according to Agastya, was the one who murdered Dadi, and the other man was a phoney version of Agastya. Mona is taken aback by it. She sheds a tear. According to Shanaya, Tara penned this letter specifically for the two of you. Pakhi gives it a read and is left in tears. According to Agastya, we are going to tell the police. Pakhi claims that she is able to cause harm to Tara. According to Agastya, we do not have any other choice. I cannot put her life at jeopardy. Agastya has assured her that she will not suffer any harm. Mira looks at Tara. A doctor comes in. Yug claims that she is a child, thus you should let her go. Do not cause her any harm. He passes out when Fake Agastya administers an injection to him. According to the physician, the surgery would take some time.The man confronts Mira and tells her that she has done something wrong. Mira says that I always have a contingency plan. He claims that you do not have enough time. If you fail to win this round, you will perish. This will serve as your final caution. Pakhi prevents Agastya from going to the police station by preventing him from going. Fake Agastya is outdoors. He is receptive.

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