Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan [25th August 2022] Written Update

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th August 2022 Written Update on

Agastya remarked, “I have the distinct impression that Mira is not alone.” I’ve also saw her conversing when she was on call. He claims that notwithstanding, the police are conducting an investigation. Pakhi cries. He tells you not to cry. I am aware that it is not simple. He states that at this time I must dismiss the two of you. After that, we are going to be together. Pakhi said how much she will miss having you around. It was said by both of us. Her forehead is the target of his kiss. Agastya kisses Pakhi, Tara comes. She claims that I am unable to sleep. Pakhi asks how the group will function in the absence of you. She nods off and sleeps.The following morning, Tara said that she would not be going anywhere. Samir asks, “Why do you feel the need to leave?” According to Pakhi, Mira has not been captured as of yet. Agastya claims that Tara’s mother will travel there on her own if she does not go. There is a Disney theme park, rides, and a multitude of other attractions there. Kids enjoy so much. Tara inquires as to whether or not there will be ice cream. He replies yes but you don’t want to go. Tara says I will go. Mona said that she hoped that Mira would be caught. Yug reports that the cops stated they discovered a clue. Mira hurls the guards inside the building. She questions why you would call the police when she is the one who came to you. Are these the guards that you hired specifically for me? Her men bind them with rope. Pakhi claims that none of us are afraid of Mira. Agastya makes an effort to contact the authorities.Tara asks what the reason is for the red light that is on her hand. Mira claims that I can destroy her in an instant. You will have to part ways with your daughter at this time. I am constantly one step ahead of everyone else. I implanted a chip that might potentially explode in her. Agastya is familiar to you. This won’t take more than a minute of my time. Pakhi panics. Agastya says how can you stoop so low. Pakhi insists that she is only a child. How are you even able to achieve that? Mira tells you to calm down or else you’ll have a heart attack. You are the cause of everything that is taking place. Mira demands an immediate end to this drama. Now, accompany me in this.Pakhi and Agastya arrive somewhere as a result of Mira’s efforts. According to Mira, the new college will open its doors right here. It has been arranged by Subur Thakur. Agastya says my mentor? She gives her assent to a prominent figure in the technology sector. You must both put an end to him and then shoulder the responsibility for your actions. You have no choice but to admit that he was destroying your company. Agastya asks, “What do you want to accomplish by doing this?” Pakhi has stated that this will not be done. You have three days to make a decision about whether or not you want to help save Tara and Subur Thakur, she told me. Pakhi asks, “How are we going to accomplish it?”There is fear in Tara. The men working for Agastya are currently holding everyone at gunpoint. Agastya arrives home. He gives Tara a hug. She says father will I be okay? Agastya laughs. It’s a phoney version of Agastya. He advises that you should see your parents. Do you want to go them? If Prema tells you that he’s a wicked uncle, you shouldn’t go with him. He calls me Vicky, according to him. Yug shoves Vicky. He is struck by Vicky. There, you’ll find Mira. She slaps Yug. Tara tries to run.
Mira, Mona asks, how could you fall to such a low level? She gives her a slap. Naveli claims di and jeju will save Tara. The smack comes from Mira as well. Pakhi tells Agastya that the two of them should go to the police station. According to Agastya, we can’t just abandon Tara here. Pakhi asks why we are unable to remove that bomb. He cautions me to exercise extreme caution.Tara replies to Mira you’re very nasty. They are about to exchange slaps. Pakhi grabbed her by the hand and sternly warned her not to get near her daughter. Mira has told me that I may click this button at this very moment. Pakhi advises you to press it, otherwise you will perish as well. You are unable to cause any harm to our daughter. If you want us to complete your assignment, according to Agastya, you need to respect our family first. Everyone is instructed to go to their rooms by Mira. She claims that I am doing you a favour by doing this. I can murder you all. Don’t try to outsmart me by any means.

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