Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan [26th August 2022] Written Update

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th August 2022 Written Update on

Vicky overhears Mira telling her that we need to convince them that if they comply with what we ask, their family would be set free. Tara inquires of Pakhi as to whether or not she will be okay. Agastya has assured me that nothing negative will occur to you. Agastya asks her to pick a hand, and she does so. She tells me that if I make the proper decision, I will be safe. He gives the proper answer, which is that you will never have any problems. Your mother and father would never abandon you in times of need. He is able to make her laugh. Agastya gets a call. Pakhi asks, “Do you believe that plan will be successful?” He has responded positively. But in order to escape the house undetected, we will have to sneak. Pakhi says I have a plan.Vicky enjoys drinking and dancing in the lounge. Mira advises that you must maintain vigilance in regard to them. He said let me have some fun. There is not a single flaw in anything. She encourages me to concentrate on my business. Naveli is told by Mona that the bottle contains a high-quality wine from France. It is concealed by Naveli. It has an age of 25 years. That there’s a chance Vicky will take it. Let’s hide it. They put it away in the closet for safekeeping. Vicky is able to see them. They intentionally carried it out. The wine is consumed by Vicky. Agastya takes on the persona of Vicky and asks the others to cross to the other side, all while secretly making his way out of the room. They discovered Vicky in his inebriated state and hid him. Pakhi waits for Agastya.Mira receives a call from the boss. He asks, “Is my plan bearing fruit?” She insists that they come to a consensus. They have agreed to contribute to our proposal. The next time, I will make sure to exercise caution. Pakhi can be found in here somewhere. There is a knock at the door from Mira. Pakhi opens the door. What are you looking for, she asks you. Agastya is spotted dozing off on the bed in front of her. He entered the building by the rear exit. Vicky is roused from her slumber by Mira, who asks, “Are you sleeping here?” I wanted you to make sure nobody got away from you. According to Agastya, this device has the ability to deactivate the chip. Vicky claims that I took some of Mona’s wine. Agastya makes an effort to turn off Tara’s chip. What exactly are they going to do, according to Mira? What exactly is going through their heads? Pakhi reports that the blinking light has ceased. They give Tara a hug. They are in a good mood. Agastya says we won. Tara has seen that the green light is blinking once more. Mira laughs outside. When she entered the room, she remarked, “Don’t try to outwit me.” At this point, there are only 62 hours left for you in the blast. She adjusts it to be twelve hours. Pakhi requests that you kindly refrain from doing this. Let Tara go. Agastya is shown the code once more. Mira asks whether or not I should press the button. Pakhi says I beg you don’t do this. She warns me not to bother being so savvy around her again. She exits the room. Pakhi says Mira, please. Tara asks what it is that we should do in response to her request. Agastya says something terrible.Mona and everyone performed puja. The arti is performed by Agastya and Pakhi. Mira says come on let’s go. It is time to complete the work. While showing Pakhi how to use the remote, Mira had Tara’s hand in her own. Pakhi tells her not to worry about anything. Mira says come let’s pray. Mira comes to Vicky. He was shown making out with women in the magazine. She encourages you to centre your attention on the work at hand. Be on the lookout for this young lady. Tara said my papa mama won’t do anything nastyAccording to Agastya, I am unable to commit this offence. He is my teacher and has shown me the ropes in life. Pakhi insists that we must not give up. We can’t afford to be weak. We are going to rescue not just him but also Tara. He hugs her. He claims that he wants you both to be protected in the event that something should happen to him. The torment that Mira inflicted on Tara requires an explanation from her.


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