Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan [31th August 2022] Written Update

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 31th August 2022 Written Update on


Arti is performed by Vicky for Pakhi and Agastya. He says good luck. Mira says shut up. Stay with them and keep a close check on what they’re doing. She threatens to kill Tara if you don’t finish off Thakur today, she says. Quick, get out of this place. The operation will now begin. The instructor expresses gratitude to Thakur for his work in establishing a medical college for disadvantaged children. Mira is questioned by Pratap about the latest developments. She claims that everything is going according to the plan. Pakhi and Mira come outside. They have Vicky with them. He tells me to distract the guards while you sneak in through the back door. Vicky gets into a confrontation with the security guards. Agastya and Pakhi are the ones who walk inside the hall. Vicky gives Mira a call and informs her that they are currently inside.Mira claims that Yug attempted to thwart my strategy. Today is the day that I will be set free. We are going to have a party. According to Samir, there is no way to win. She tells you to be quiet. She summons her guards and orders them to dance before her. Yug was struck by them. Prema says stop it Mira. You will suffer. She claims that I am already the winner. Let’s dance and celebrate. Here goons keep attacking Yug and Samir.Both Pratap and Thakur are examples of arti. Agastya creeps in. He gets within close proximity of Thakur and then pulls a revolver on him. According to him, you behaved unethically toward me. You have completely destroyed my company. I shall murder you now. According to Thakur, this is a case of miscommunication. You have the audacity to go out, says Pratap. He acts as though he is scared. The shooter is Agastya. Pratap is knocked to the ground. He asks, “What have you been doing?” Agastya moves to take a seat. Pakhi cries. Agastya is dragged out of the room by the guards who have entered. The police arrive here. They take Agastya into custody. Pakhi cries looking at Agastya. The law enforcement officers haul him out.Mira and Vicky celebrate by dancing together. She offers him a glass of wine. It comes highly recommended by him. When will Pratap make good on his debt to us, he asks. She claims that I am presently awaiting his call. Tara is informed by Mira that her freedom will be restored in a short while. Your parents have completed the work that I requested of them. Leave my hand alone, says Tara. She sheds a tear. Pratap has checked himself into the hospital. Mira calls him. He doesn’t pick. He asks me why I am being bothered by you. She wants to know when she will receive the money. He claims that I would wait for the physicians to determine whether or not my father is still alive. He acts as though he is genuinely concerned when talking to the doctor. He begs you to help save my father. Please doctor.. It’s impossible for him to leave me alone. Thakur asks how I can leave if my son is trying to get in touch with me. The revelation stuns Pratap. Thakur asserts that he is in good health. He is accompanied by Agastya and Pakhi. They are heading in the direction of Pratap. He cannot believe it.What does Agastya mean by shocked? Let me clarify. Pakhi claims that we captured everything that you shared with us. She plays the recording that he made. Agastya told me that he had sent a memo and tape to your dad through Yug with instructions on how to plan all of this. Together with Thakur, he plotted everything out using the pain gun. You assumed Yug was going to come and kill me, right? He brought the imitation firearm, and I switched the two of them. Those were phoney gunshots, fake blood.. just like your fake love. Thakur smacks Pratap. Agastya says done with your theatrics. No longer, however. Pakhi says Agastya our last step is Mira. They are linked hands there.

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