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Tara asks, “When will my new tuition teacher arrive?” in the first scene. Agastya informed me that I had made arrangements for a teacher to work with you. She is unbelievable in every way. He knocks on the door and invites Mira to come in. Mira has disguised as someone else. Agastya says Tara meet Ms. Shardha. She is widely regarded as the most qualified instructor available in this field. Mira says hello to Tara. Pakhi is curious about Agastya’s identity and asks her about her. According to him, all of my close friends have already hired her. Pakhi suggests that perhaps we should have conducted interviews instead. According to him, she is the most talented individual in the region. Pakhi chimes in and says it’s fine, but we should check to make sure Tara is comfortable. Tara inquires of Mira what the time is between 12 and 15 o’clock. She says 180. Tara asks galaxy’s name. It has been recommended by Agastya that you do not take her examination. Tara claims that she should already be aware of it. The thought crosses Mira’s mind: “I am back, Pakhi.”
Pakhi has fallen asleep for the night in the second scene. Someone enters the space where she is currently located. She is taken out into the fresh air against her will. Pakhi lets out a piercing scream. Agastya is the one who leads her out to the terrace. He has put the finishing touches on everything. Pakhi notices a celebratory cake for the anniversary of their marriage. She gazes at the blossoms surrounding her. Agastya is the one to approach her and give her a hug. Pakhi says happy anniversary. Agastya offers her a gift box as a token of his appreciation. It is imperative that you get ready immediately while wearing this dress. Pakhi appears before you dressed in that saree. Agastya grins as he looks at her and gives her his attention. He is presently retaining her in his grasp. Pakhi questions the origin of these thoughts and asks, “Where did you get them?” According to him, I’ve been getting ready for this for the past six years. Pakhi asserts that I have been absent from your life for the past six years. Agastya says no more past or sad things. He suggests that we should begin cutting the cake now. Pakhi hugs him. They do it as a group activity and share the cake. Pakhi and Agastya dance. It appears that Agastya is getting closer to her. They share a kiss and a hug. Tara comes. Pakhi says, Tara.. When did you first become aware of your surroundings, Agastya asks? When will Tara tell me about the cake without me? The cake is calling my name, and I intend to gobble it up. She claims that I have the same intention of getting married. You will each receive a cake to celebrate a special occasion: your birthday and your wedding anniversary. Pakhi has informed us that you are welcome to join us for dinner.
Scene 3
Dadi bestows her blessings upon Agastya and Pakhi in the early hours of the following morning. Naveli sends her best wishes to them as well. They will receive a card that Tara has made for them. She claims that the red colour of our house is featured on this card. Congratulations on your marriage anniversary, Mira wishes. Agastya says thank you. Agastya says I have a meeting. Eventually, he leaves. In a conversation with Tara, Mira suggests that the two of them begin their classes today. Pakhi is brought along with Dadi in this adventure. It is there where Mira is sitting. It is important to Tara that her books be brought. She points out that you can see that I keep my books in good condition. Your friend Mira is wondering if you are familiar with any Christmas poems. Tara says no. She inquires as to which of the many celebrations you attend is your favourite. Tara says holi. Mira says not divali? Tara asserts that I have a fear of loud noises, specifically fireworks. Mira promises that she can dispel your anxiety. Mira reflects on the time when she accidentally set fire to Agastya’s room using fireworks. She recommends familiarising yourself with this poem. I just finished using the restroom. Please excuse the mess.
Mira goes upstairs. She tells the fake Agastya that you only placed cameras in two different locations. I would like them to be present everywhere. He claims that it is not nearly as simple as it sounds. It appears that Pakhi is following me. I will get around to doing it as soon as I can. She claims that you do not have the choice to respond with a negative response. Proceed to the office and initiate the process of changing the name on the documents to reflect my name. Pakhi comes.

Episode ends

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