Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan [ 4th September 2022] Written Update

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th September 2022 Written Update on

Mira is aware of the fact that two men are following her. Mona, Naveli asks, how can you be acting in such a careless manner? Mona breaks down in tears and calls herself a moron. Naveli asks how someone could make such a serious error of judgement. According to Tara, their mother often tells them to forgive one another’s mistakes. She promises that her mother and father will make everything better. Mona gives her a hug. To ensure everyone’s safety, the police have arrived. Agastya and Pakhi investigate the whereabouts of Mira. Samir slaps Vicky. Prema smacks him too. Shanalay hits him. Everyone hits him in succession with a smack. Mira travels to Pooja in order to conceal herself there. The police arrive there to place her under arrest. Pakhi and Agastya travel to that location. Mira makes an attempt to punch her. Pakhi holds her. She asks, “Is it causing you pain?” You have caused harm to my family in this way. You have made Agastya’s life unbearable. You and Ishaan prevented me from approaching Agastya. I appreciate that. You wounded Shanaya. You have caused us incalculable harm. You will spend the rest of your life behind bars. She shoves her. Pakhi presses her to the ground with her foot. Agastya is attempting to reassure and calm her down.Tara is armed by Vicky, who steals a revolver from a cop and puts it on her. Everyone feels their heart racing. They will be leaving together. Concern is shared by everyone. The police are tailing him. Yug is also going to go with them. Pakhi has requested that they place Mira under arrest. Vicky and Tara travel there together. Mira says I won again. Vicky claims that I am able to kill her at this very moment. It will bring a huge smile on my face. You will be able to get your daughter back after giving me 5 crores and sending me to the Nepal border. After that, you will be able to arrest Mira. Mira pulls out a knife and stabs him multiple times. She takes the gun into her hands. Both Prema and Samir offer their prayers to Pakhi. Mira says I will kill Tara now. Agastya, I will take everything that you have to offer. She takes a few steps back, and in the process, she knocks over the temple candle. The fire spreads to her shirt. Mira burns. She shrieks in pain. Agastya holds Tara. Mira lets out a scream. Agastya conjures up images of how she torched him. Yug also visits that location.


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