Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan [ 5th September 2022] Written Update

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th September 2022 Written Update on

The Team Makes Attempts to Deactivate the Bomb. Vicky answers the phone for him. He makes an effort to call Mira. The Bomb Is Disarmed at This Time. Agastya And Pakhi Hug Her. They are informed that she is no longer in danger by the staff. The reply from Tara was Yug Chachu. You’re So Nice. He gives a hug to Tara. It Brings Tears to Everyone’s Eyes Mona has suggested that we do a family picture. Where is My Cell Phone? Vicky gives Mira a call and spills the beans to her. Mira is being followed by the police. According to Mona, I Lost My Phone on the Upper Floor. Yug and Shanaya had made their way upstairs. Yug gets hit by Vicky. He claims that I’ve already told Mira everything. Shanaya slams her hand down on Vicky’s head. Yug’s wound is cleaned by Shanaya, who then asks him how he is doing. Shanaya comes downstairs and informs everyone about what Mira has discovered. It was Vicky who called her. According to Agastya, I need to travel there. Pakhi has told me that they will accompany meMira notices that there are two men following her. According to Mona, Naveli How is it that you can be so careless? Mona breaks down in tears and proclaims that she is a complete idiot. Naveli questions how someone could make such a serious error of judgement. The advice that we should forgive one another for our errors was given by Tara’s mother. She claims that her mother and father will solve all of the problems. Mona Hugs Her. The police have been called for protection. Mira’s whereabouts are investigated by Agastya and Pakhi. Samir Slaps Vicky. Prema Slaps Him Too. Shanalay Slaps Him. Everyone Fist-Bumps Him One at a Time.Mira travels to Pooja and takes cover there. The police arrive and arrest her there. Pakhi And Agastya Make Their Way There. Mira makes an attempt to hit her. Pakhi Holds Her. Is It Hurting, She Asks You? You’ve caused harm to my family in this way. You ruined Agastya’s life with your actions. You and Ishaan Kept Me Away from Agastya. I Thank You Both. You Injured Shanaya. You have caused us so much pain. You will spend the rest of your life incarcerated. They push each other. Pakhi Puts Her Foot On Her. Agastya makes an effort to soothe her anxiety.Tara is armed by Vicky, who has taken a gun from a constable and put it on her. Everyone feels a sense of dread. He will depart with Tara. Everyone has a cause for concern. The police are following him. Yug will also be departing along with them. Pakhi has requested that they arrest Mira. Vicky and Tara will be there together. Mira Says I Won Again. Vicky claims that I am currently able to kill her. It is going to make me very happy. You will get your daughter back if you give me 5 crores and send me to the Nepal border, and then you can arrest Mira after that. Mira reaches for a knife and stabs him multiple times. She takes the gun from the table. Prema And Samir Pray For Pakhi. Mira Says I Will Kill Tara Now. I am going to take everything away from you, Agastya. She takes a step backwards and trips over the temple candle. Her Shirt Starts to Catch Fire. Mira Burns. There is a Scream from her. Agastya Holds Tara. Mira lets out a scream. Agastya Speculates on How She Managed to Torch Him. Yug also visits that location.


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