Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan [ 7th September 2022] Written Update

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th September 2022 Written Update on

The first thing that happens in this episode is Agastya telling Pakhi that Meera is getting support from someone else with her scheme. Pakhi asserts that the imposter was of assistance to Meera. Agastya claims that another person is off-limits because he witnessed Meera having a conversation with another person while on the phone. He comes to the conclusion that the authorities should investigate the matter. Pakhi’s tears have begun to fall. Agastya provides her with solace. He promises that after everything has been resolved, they will be able to live under the same roof as a family. Pakhi and Agastya break the news to their family that Pakhi and Tara would be relocating to Singapore in the morning, but only until Meera is caught. Tara refuses to depart.Agastya convinces Tara. The latter individual then proceeds to pack her bag. Right at that moment, Meera and her men made their way there. Her henchmen were victorious over the security guards. Meera mocks Agastya. Agastya places a call to the commissioner in an effort to have Meera detained. The remote control is brought out by Meera. At that precise moment, Tara comes sprinting up, yelling that the flashing red light is in her hand. The truth is revealed by Meera, who says that she hid a bomb inside of Tara’s body. Everyone reacts in disbelief when they hear this. In the event that Agastya contacts the authorities, Meera threatened to detonate the explosives.Meera is the target of Prema and Mona’s curse. Pakhi makes a futile attempt to rip the remote control out of Meera’s grasp, but she is unsuccessful. If Pakhi and Agastya want to help save Tara, Meera requests that they carry out her instruction. Pakhi inquires as to what her desires are. Meera remarked that she was relieved to hear that someone had finally posed this question. She invites Pakhi and Agastya to accompany her on this journey.Pakhi and Agastya are accompanied by Meera as they travel to the location where preparations are being made for the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. According to Meera, Subut Thakur is the one in charge of organising this party. Agastya reacts with amazement upon hearing this name, and she proceeds to repeat it. It has been established by Meera that her subject is Subut Thakur, who is not only Agastya’s teacher but also a renowned figure in the field of technology. Meera says to Pakhi and Agastya to kill Subut. She suggests that Agastya should bear the blame for Subut’s murder and should cite Subut’s interference in Agastya’s innovation as the motivation for the killing. Agastya says he won’t kill Subut and then questions Meera about why he wants Subut dead.Meera cautions him to refrain from asking irrelevant questions. Pakhi is adamant in her refusal. Pakhi is tasked with making a decision between Tara and Subut by Meera. She offers them a decision-making period of three days. She warns them not to be too sneaky because her men are keeping an eye on what they are doing. Meera leaves. Pakhi and Agastya got into a problemTara has a desire to see her father. At that very moment, Agastya arrives there. After giving him a hug, Tara inquires as to whether or not she will be rescued. Agastya laughs. He warns that Tara will be put to death if her parents disobey them in any way. The family learns that he is a lookalike for Agastya and informs Tara of their discovery. Agastya’s lookalike catch Tara. Yug delivers a blow to the goon. Agastya’s lookalike punches Yug. Right at that moment, Meera got there. A person who looks like Agastya approaches Meera and asks her to deal with her intelligent-sounding son. Meera smacks Yug.Tara insists that she must see her parents right away. She takes a bite off of Meera’s hand before escaping. Meera gives her troops the task of capturing Tara. Mona is perplexed as to how the woman could be so impolite to a child. Meera smacks Mona. Shanya predicts that Pakhi and Agastya will find a way. Meera smacks Shanaya too. In a different part of the story, Pakhi asks Agastya if there is anything they can do to take the bomb off Tara. Agastya warns that doing so poses a risk because it has the potential to set off the bomb. He claims that even he does not fully understand the technologies involved, therefore they must carefully consider all of their options before acting.Tara is ready to receive a slap from Meera. Pakhi grabs her by the hand and sternly tells her that she must not touch her daughter. Pakhi is cautioned by Meera not to attempt to muck things up. When Agastya is ready to touch Pakhi, he has his hand on the hand of the person who looks like Agastya. Agastya slaps Agastya’s lookalike. Meera is making a threatening gesture with the explosives. Pakhi tells Meera that she needs to push the button since they are all going to perish together. Agastya tells Meera that they will obey her, but she must show his family respect, and they do not want her soldiers to always keep an eye on them. Everyone must depart, as requested by Meera. She promises Agastya that everything would run well as long as he obeys her, and she also warns him that she will detonate the bomb if he attempts to be clever.

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