Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan [ 9th September 2022] Written Update

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th September 2022 Written Update on

He topples to the ground. It’s the head of quality control. He says that it was I who shot, not you. According to Pakhi, we must make haste to get Agastya to the hospital. Pakhi makes haste to get Agastya to the hospital. Her tears fall. Tara travels to the location. She gives Pakhi a hug and then asks where their father is. Pakhi promises that he will arrive soon. He has some minor wounds, but overall he should be alright. Tara asks, “Are you lying because you believe I’ll become emotional?” Pakhi claims that the injury is not serious. In the same hospital as you is Mira. She pulls out a knife and adds that you turned Yug against me as well, Agastya, and then sent him to London. Get ready for my assault on you. She enters his room and begins cutting pieces out of his painting. She takes on the appearance of a nurse. Tara offers a prayer for Agastya to hear. Pakhi is informed by Naveli that the operation was a success and that the bullet was removed. Tara says yayy. They travel to meet up with Agastya. According to the physician, he will remain unconscious for somewhere between one and two days. The plan, according to Tara, is for me to remain here. Pakhi says you can’t stay here. She states that she wants to be with her father. Daadi says let her stay. In her capacity as a nurse, Mira is present there.Mira claims that Ishaan was slain due of his overconfidence, but she cannot confirm this. Nobody can save the both of you from me. Agastya is the focus of Tara and Pakhi’s prayers. They are in his room currently. Pakhi claims that he is exhausted and resting at the moment. It seems as though he is having a dream in which we are all present. We are destined to spend the rest of our lives together once he has returned home. Mira turns her gaze on them. Pakhi feels like she saw someone. Pakhi is able to stop her. Mira’s mask falls. It’s time for the doctor. Pakhi will travel with him.Dadi calls Pakhi. She informs Samir Agastya that she is doing much better. She asks you, “Why are you looking so upset?” It is his understanding that Mira has been released from custody. She poses a substantial threat. You are correct, according to Dadi. We need to put the police under pressure to make an arrest of her. In her sleep, Tara weeps and cries. Pakhi gives her a hug and then asks what occurred. She claims that I had a nightmare last night. Ishaan was causing us harm. Pakhi has promised that he will never hurt any of us again. She suggests that the two of you go to the canteen and get some chocolate for each other. They then leave. Pakhi says that we are going to have a picnic with papa. It seems to her that someone is around. Mira goes inside Agastya’s chamber. It’s too late, she adds; no one can help you now. A needle for the injection is removed by Mira. She removes Agastya’s mask from her face. Pakhi re-enters the corridor and wonders aloud why the lights are out. She makes a beeline for Agastya’s chamber. He is unable to take a breath. Pakhi asks, “Who are you people?” in this phrase. What exactly were you up to with him? Mira and her soldiers run. Pakhi seizes her, and she screams for assistance. Tara exerts her best efforts to halt Mira. Pakhi reports that they have turned off the oxygen. There is a knock at the door. She claims that two people came here and committed the act. tara asks who exactly were they? Pakhi asks Mira internally, “Was it you?” They resumed providing Agastya with artificial life support. Pakhi instructs us to get in touch with the security. Pakhi is questioned by Tara over her familiarity with the aforementioned lady.Mira says Pakhi ruined my plan. How exactly did she get there? Pakhi has a meeting with the inspector and says, “I am certain it was Mira.” Both the height and the eyes were the same. Samir claims that she poses a significant threat. Pakhi asks why it is that we can’t be joyful for a longer period of time. Tara cries papa.. They entered the building. Agastya does not lack consciousness. Pakhi does not believe it. Tara cuddles Agastya. She claims that she prayed that you would open your eyes. Agastya looks at Pakhi. Tara is currently holding hands with both of them. Pakhi, according to Agastya, I am incapable of causing you any harm.

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