Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan [21th August 2022] Written Update

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 21th August 2022 Written Update on

Shanaya is seen by Meera waiting outside the mansion, and in response, Meera inquires as to why Shanaya did not accompany her parents. Shanaya claims that she is obligated to visit a friend of hers. She starts to back away.

Agastya laughs. Because Mira gets upset, she strikes him. He claims you can’t do anything. You lost again. She gives orders to her thugs to beat him till he passes out. They hit Agastya. Tara tries to rouse Pakhi from her sleep. Agastya claims that she slept off while walking through the hall. I don’t see any reason why not. Pakhi wakes up. She claims that my head is hurting. Pakhi asks everyone else what is causing them to be so concerned. According to Tara, the temple was engulfed in flames. Pakhi implores her to accompany Samir as they leave the house together. She claims that she suffers from asthma. Mona has told you to get some rest; the rest of us will look after her. Samir brings Tara outside. Pakhi asks Agastya what happened.

The photograph of Mona’s father is lying on the ground. It is chosen by her. According to Mona, it dropped on the candle, which then caused it to catch fire. Is there a message to be gleaned from this? Is our mother attempting to forewarn us? Naveli says what are you saying? Mona says feels like something is wrong. Pakhi also mentioned that there is a mystery surrounding the passing of mom. Please take it easy, according to Naveli. Pakhi confronts Agastya with the question of how it is that she does not recall anything. After we had a drink, I went to sleep for a while. He claims that you are not accustomed to drinking alcohol. Pakhi asserts that I passed out. He administers the medicine to her. Pakhi hugs him.Pakhi has informed me that I need to have the photo of dadi corrected. He instructs you to hand it over to a servant. She denies that and claims that she will solve it. Pakhi has dadi’s photographs corrected. Fake Agastya breaks the news to Mira about what took place. He claims that Pakhi and I are going to take a trip together, but that Tara will accompany us. Tara will be in good hands, according to Mira, who promises to say as much. Pakhi shows up at the medical facility. The physician informed me that we discovered drug residue in your blood. You currently have a pill in your stomach. Pakhi is perplexed as to why Agastya would give her a medicine. She asks me why I had this sensation in the first place. Perhaps I ate it at a different place. However, I did not consume anything at all. Agastya’s actions, according to her conscience, are not acceptable. He might be taking retribution. Pakhi feels odd. Pakhi claims that Agastya loves me a lot, but that he is also capable of doing anything bad. Pakhi no.. She sheds a tear. Pakhi says what is happening?

Agastya chases after Tara and engages in playful interaction with her. Mona thinks that your idea is brilliant. Both Tara and Pakhi are in desperate need of a break. It will benefit each and every one of us. When are you guys planning on leaving, Tara? According to Pakhi, there is no use in continuing. Tara says why? Agastya says but.. She claims that we are unable to go. Tara says I want to go. Pakhi says we will go after a few days. Tomorrow is janmashtami. It was something that Dadi did everywhere. We need to perform a pooja for her. Mona says Pakhi is rig

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