Gen (r) Amjad Shoaib To Receive Another FIA Notice For Sharing ‘Fake News’

Amjad Shoaib will get a second warning from the FIA for spreading false information on Prime Minister Shahbaz’s meeting with an Israeli delegation.

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Amjad Shoaib. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) will send another notice to Lt. Gen. (ret.) Amjad Shoaib for spreading “fake news” about Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s meeting with an Israeli delegation, according to sources who spoke to The Express Tribune on Wednesday. This screengrab is from a YouTube video.

According to the sources, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) issued a summons to the former military official on September 7 via a notice that was distributed a few days earlier because he made untrue claims regarding a meeting that took place between the Pakistani prime minister and an Israeli team.

On the other hand, he did not appear before the FIA’s Cybercrimes Wing, according to what they said.

Amjad Shoaib had said that the meeting between the prime minister and the Israeli team had place when the prime minister was touring one of the Gulf states.

An investigation against Amjad Shoaib is now being carried out by the Cybercrimes Wing in relation to the video that is said to be without foundation.

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