Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein [11th august 2022] written update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th august 2022 written update on

The episode begins with Sai sobbing while looking at a picture of Vinayak. As she plays with his toy, she starts to get teary, and when Virat comes over to see her, he feels sad because of how she is acting. He offers her food and asks her to consume it, but she refuses to speak to him and instead ignores the offer. She then takes Vinayak’s photoframe and reclines on the bed, but she does not consume anything. She sleeps while facing away from Virat while she cuddles up with the photo and does so. While he tries to convince her, but is unsuccessful, she closes her eyes and thinks about how Virat took her baby and gave it to Pakhi. He tries to convince her, but he is unsuccessful. On the other hand, he can’t stop considering what’s going on there.

Pakhi takes care of the newborn baby and continues to keep him with her at this point, 15 days after the birth. During this time, Sai visits them and requests that she convince Vinayak to put on the sweater because the temperature has dropped. Pakhi asserts that this is not the case and argues that he will not feel comfortable while wearing it. Sai loses patience with her and decides to take the child for himself. She then engages in playful interaction with him while he is wearing the sweater.

Pakhi makes the decision to take Vinayak outside, but Sai forbids it, saying that it is too cold and that it is not beneficial to his health to be exposed to the elements. Pakhi asks Sai not to give her advice because she is capable of determining what is best for her child, but Sai points out to Pakhi that she is not the baby’s biological mother. Pakhi has been issued a public warning from Sai, and Sai has made the decision to expose Pakhi in front of everyone.

In a different part of the story, Chavans experiences a sense of calm, and Bhavani explains that after the birth of Vinayak, everything is resolved. At that moment, Pakhi comes there holding the baby, while Virat is saying that if his son came to say goodbye to him, then he has already left. Sai also shows up there, and he announces that someone else will be the one to bid him farewell. While everyone is outside trying to figure out what is going on, she calls the police officers and has them come inside.

Pakhi was the subject of a complaint that was filed with the police, which led to their decision to come and arrest her, as revealed by the police. Bhavani and Ninad reprimand Sai for causing Pakhi to be troubled and ask her to withdraw the complaint, but Pakhi says that she will not do so. Virat likewise makes an effort to explain everything to Sai, but she is adamant about not changing her mind.

In the next part of the story, Sai will reveal that Pakhi has acted dishonestly toward them and will inform everyone else of Pakhi’s misdeeds. She claims that the latter first takes advantage of Geeta and then attacks Sai in order to prevent her from getting there in time. This prevents her from reaching her destination. As everyone looks on in shock, she proclaims that Pakhi has stooped to new lows in order to obtain the baby.

Pakhi is confronted by Virat, while all of the accusations are denied by her. At that time, the police officers said that Geeta had already given her statement against Pakhi, and that the goons were also caught, who have given statement against her as well. Pakhi’s reaction is one of surprise, while Bhavani’s is one of indignation at Pakhi’s behaviour and a declaration that they had no idea Pakhi was capable of such deception. Pakhi is met with hostility and criticism from everyone else.

In addition, Pakhi claims that she exhausted all of her options in her pursuit of Virat. Everyone looks at her with embarrassment as she begins to cry and begs them not to take Vinayak away from her. However, Shivani takes him inside. Pakhi is reprimanded by Bhavani, but Bhavani also explains that they cannot allow Pakhi to enter the jail because doing so would be detrimental to their reputation. Virat disagrees with Bhavani’s decision and asks the police officers to take Pakhi into custody. He asserts that the appropriate punishment for her deviant behaviour should be meted out to her.


In the following precap, Chavans looks for Sai but is unable to locate her anywhere. They are all concerned and report that they have searched the house but cannot find her anywhere in it. Even the baby, according to Ashwini, has not been found. Mohit then makes his way over there and lets them know that someone has seen Sai, along with the baby, going inside the bus. Nevertheless, at that very moment, Virat received a phone call informing him that there had been an accident with the bus. It stuns him, and he immediately begins to worry about Sai.

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