Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22 June 2022 Written Episode [GHKKPM]

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22 June 2022  [GHKKPM] Written Episode Update 

ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 22 june 2022 written update

Devi tries to open the curtain covering Samrat’s cutout portrait. Sai stops her and queries who has the authority to reveal the image. To perform the honours, Devi requests Virat. Virat lowers the curtain and shows Samrat’s enormous life size portrait. Seeing the picture makes everyone cry. Sai informs Virat that she wants to speak with Samrat and is aware that he is missing him. Pakhi sheds tears as well. To cut the cake, Bhavani contacts Mansi. Samrat asks Virat if he will wish him, in his imaginary world. Virat heartily greets him happy birthday. Let’s cut the cake, says Samrat. Virat stares at him as he celebrates with the family and cuts the cake. Naina Dekhte Jo Sanjhe Khwab In the background, a song by Naina is playing.


Then, Samrat goes back to Virat and presents him with cake. Once more, Virat sends him birthday greetings. Samrat claims that he cannot be happy if Virat is depressed. He claims that he sees his entire family and can see that Virat is neglecting Sai and ignoring her suffering. Virat claims that he is also attempting to deal with the death of his child. Samrat advises Virat to avoid wasting time and take care of Sai going forward because time doesn’t stop for anyone and despite his best efforts, Virat was unable to save Sai. When Sai appears in front of Virat, he understands that it was all in his mind. Sai claims to be aware of his missing Virat. To take a family selfie with Samrat’s cutout, Mohit takes them.


Sai begs Virat to sleep on the bed at night while she sleeps elsewhere. Even she will sleep in this place, Virat assures her while holding her hand. He remarks that today was very lovely and memorable and that he enjoyed the surprise of Samrat’s cutout, which gave him the impression that Samrat was physically present and conversing with him. Samrat is no longer present, despite his hope that he was there to help him. According to Sai, the entire family was grinning as if Samrat had briefly been in their midst. Before Samrat’s death and the death of their child, Virat claims to have witnessed happier times. She cries and makes an effort to depart. She is stopped by Virat, who wants to chat to her. He claims that they ought to have discussed and shared their experience with one another.


They both slumber with their backs to one another. Sai turns because she feels she should say more. Even Virat makes a sudden shift. Sai shares her grief about losing her child. Virat apologises for not being there to experience her suffering with her and promises to go with her tomorrow. Hearing that makes Sai happy.


The following morning, Pakhi makes coffee for Virat but fails to locate him in this space. She becomes anxious, assuming that their arguments have been resolved once more and he is sleeping in Sai’s room. She considers a strategy to rekindle their conflicts. She carries a bag as she approaches Sai’s room and asks Virat whether she can enter. If she is leaving, Virat inquires. She claims she came to give Sai her favourite saris because she no longer needs them in the wake of Samrat’s passing. She may give it to anyone else in the home, including Sai, he says. Pakhi claims she appreciates his worry given the previous altercation, but she genuinely wants Sai to wear her saris. Samrat wanted her to wear these vibrant saris, but fate had other plans for her, she explains as she chooses a few to preserve in Sai’s wardrobe.


Virat enters a restroom. Pakhi looks at him and thinks she wants to be around him more. She is asked if she wants to say anything else when Virat comes from the bathroom. She claims that there is nothing to say at this time because Samrat used to talk to her for hours and did so because she understood him very well. Samrat, according to Virat, was excellent. According to Pakhi, she was so engrossed in Virat’s affection that she failed to give Samarat a chance.


Virat informs Pakhi that wishes typically do not come true. There are alternative ways to obtain the kid, according to Pakhi, since Sai cannot satisfy the infant’s necessity. She herself believes she can meet his need and draw him closer to her.

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