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Virat is informed by Pakhi that her goals are different. What does she mean, Virat queries. According to Pakhi, she and Samrat had intended to advance in life and have a child of their own. However, since she and Samrat are unable to do so, Pakhi says she wants to be the surrogate mother for Virat and Sai’s child in order to become a whole woman. She goes on to say that Sai is resisting everything she does in an effort to get back at her. According to Virat, the decision to use a surrogate should be his and Sai’s, and he cannot compel Sai to change her mind. Pakhi becomes adamant that she is qualified to serve as the surrogate and fabricates details such as how Bhavani had a doctor check her out and approve her. She clutches Virat’s hand and begs him while Virat attempts to stop her.


Sai enters and freezes in shock at seeing Pakhi yanking Virat’s hand. Pakhi releases Virat’s hand and accuses Sai of constantly coming in at the wrong time and the wrong place. When she told Virat she was coming, he nevertheless allowed Pakhi to stay in his cabin while patiently listening to her, according to Sai. Instead, Pakhi is at her husband’s office. Virat tells Sai to calm down and explains that Pakhi came here to ask him to persuade Sai to accept her as their baby’s surrogate mother since she felt uncomfortable speaking to Sai. Sai claims that it demonstrates Pakhi’s bad motives and demonstrates that she already has a surrogate and doesn’t require Pakhi to be one. Virat is pleased to hear that. Pakhi queries who she is. Sai claims that it is not her concern.


When Bhavani enters and yells at Sai in her typical rudest tone that she will only allow Pakhi to serve as a surrogate, Sai tells Virat the specifics about the surrogate mother. Sai asserts that this time, she won’t be dissuaded because it is her baby and she has the right to choose the surrogate. The baby is the heir to her family, and Bhavani screams that she won’t allow her do that. Bhavani welcomes Pakhi. Pakhi and the chosen surrogate will be put to the test, and Bhavani will select the one she feels is the best fit. Sai refutes and declares that she won’t pay attention to her this time. Bhavani doesn’t stop yelling.


Bhavani is questioned about her anger by Ashwini and other family members as they rush in. Sai, according to Pakhi, has picked a surrogate, and Bhavani wants to test her, but Sai is refusing. Sonali and Omkar question Sai about why she won’t let Bhavani to test the chosen surrogate. Sai queries why she should and discloses that Bhavani had Pakhi examined, and even she had concluded that only a woman who had given birth could serve as a surrogate. Nevertheless, Pakhi went to Virat’s office and persuaded him to use her as a surrogate. Sai is referred to as infertile by Bhavani, who also advises her to be grateful to Pakhi for offering her womb.


Even a baby’s maternal grandmother, according to Karishma, can donate her womb. A womb that loans its womb cannot be the baby’s mother, according to Shivani. Bhavani screams at Sai that because she is an orphan, she is unable to grasp familial emotions. Bhavani is asked by Virat how she can use such terms to demonstrate her mettle. If they are Sai’s family, as Ashwini claims, Sai cannot be an orphan. If Pakhi is a member of the family, as Sonali claims, why won’t Sai accept her as a surrogate? Bhavani yells once again. Whatever they do, Sai declares that she will not accept Pakhi as the surrogate mother of her child and leaves the room. Virat is asked by Nind for his views. Virat claims that even he holds the same view. Bhavani leaves feeling ashamed.


Bhavai is asked not to be discouraged by Virat as he follows in his footsteps. Bhavani tries to deceive him by claiming that even he wants Pakhi to carry his child but is wary of Sai. Sai is said to be emotionally brittle and to have had an abortion by Virat, so she wants to be cautious. Bhavani keeps using emotional blackmail as leverage.



After examining Sai’s chosen surrogate, the doctor tells Virat that she is suitable for the role. Virat begs her to begin the process after declaring his conviction. Pakhi observes them and concludes that she alone can serve as the surrogate.

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