Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein [3rd august 2022] written update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein [3rd august 2022] written update on

The first part of the episode jumps ahead in time by six months. The Chavans host a baby shower, during which Virat and Shivani coax Sai to sit in a swing. While Virat tends to her needs, the pregnant woman grits her teeth and holds her growing belly as she grimaces in discomfort. They gush over how beautiful she is and how much they adore her. During that time, Bhavani and Sonali also travel to that location, where they meet Pakhi. Sai responds that they are all preparing for her baby shower as the latter questions them about the matter. Pakhi’s mood changes as she sees them, and Bhavani reassures her that they are going to have a healthy son very soon while she holds her growing belly.

At this point, Sai examines her belly bump and pulls the pillow out of her dress. She had been concealing it as a belly bump by keeping it inside her dress. She claims that all she wanted was to experience what it was like to have a baby bump, while Virat recalls the time when Sai first began exhibiting signs that she might be pregnant. Shivani also shares her belief that she had a high level of certainty that Sai will become pregnant, and Bhavani concurs with both of them. Sai expresses her sadness and declares that she, too, has a hope, which is why she decided to take the test.

Sai reports that the results of the test were unfavourable, and she was given further assurance that she will not be able to have children. She informed Chavans that it is possible for women to feel the presence of a baby moving inside their wombs even after they have experienced a miscarriage and won’t be able to conceive again in the future.

Pakhi makes fun of Sai, while Sai confronts Pakhi and questions why she is feeling envious of her. Both of them are in other locations. While this is going on, Bhavani and Sonali force Pakhi to sit on the swing so that they can begin planning the baby shower for Pakhi. However, when Sai follows Virat into their bedroom, she is greeted by an unexpected surprise. While this is going on, Bhavani and Sonali bring Pakhi into her room and begin getting her ready.

After getting Pakhi ready, Bhavani gushes over how beautiful she looks and praises Pakhi for it. Virat, on the other hand, helps Sai get ready and begins a romantic relationship with her. While he is holding her in his arms and they are both getting closer to one another, Ashwini enters their room and she closes her eyes as she watches them have an intimate moment together. Virta knocks Sai to the ground, and Ashwini chuckles as she watches their reaction.

In the next section, Ashwini gushes over Sai’s beauty and showers her with compliments. They come downstairs while Pakhi and Bhavani also make their way down to the basement. At the same time that everyone is congratulating Sai on her stunning appearance, they are all gathered around them to celebrate the baby shower. Pakhi becomes irritated when she hears them giving compliments to Sai, and then Devyani arrives and compares Pakhi to Sai, saying that the latter is looking more beautiful. This causes Pakhi to become even more irritated.

While the guests are listening, Sai interrupts Devyani’s comparisons and tells her that it’s not appropriate to make those comparisons. After that, she gives Devyani a bunch of compliments, and then Chavans gets the baby shower started. While taking pictures with Virat, Sai expresses her excitement about the prospect of becoming a mother. They also open the gifts, and Sai is moved to tears when she sees what everyone has given her. Pakhi, on the other hand, is experiencing feelings of jealousy and cannot stop looking at Sai and Virat.

Additionally, Vaishali asks Pakhi to accept the reality that Sai will not permit her to touch the baby. This is something that Vaishali has learned from her own experience. Sonali states that the baby is fortunate to have two mothers, but Sai clarifies that she is the only one who can claim to be the baby’s mother. In the meantime, they amuse themselves by playing games that involve attempting to guess the child’s gender. At that moment, Pakhi leans over to Sai and whispers in her ear that she is not going to give Sai the baby and that Virat will give the baby to Pakhi himself. Sai does not believe what Pakhi says. In contrast, when Sai hears Pakhi’s plan, she is taken aback.


Pakhi sobs in agony as she cradles her newborn child in her arms and then dials Virat’s number. She inquires as to his whereabouts and tells him that she is about to give birth to the child they are expecting. She tells him that there is no one else there with her and pleads with him to hurry up and come to her. However, Virat gives her confidence by telling her that he will arrive at the location soon. He encourages her to maintain her strength and reassures her that Sai must also be getting closer to her goal. Pakhi, who is in discomfort, puts the phone down and sits down. At that moment, a man walks up, and Pakhi is taken aback when she sees him.

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