Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein [4th august 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein [4th august 2022] Written Update on

The Chavans throw a baby shower for Pakhi and Sai right at the beginning of the episode. On the other hand, as the rituals begin to take place, you can find them both sitting on the swing and taking pleasure in them. Pakhi, in the meantime, develops feelings of envy toward Sai and Virat’s growing relationship, and she and Vaishali talk about the plan Pakhi has to kidnap the baby.

While Pakhi watches her and mutters that she will take her baby after she gives birth, Sai enjoys watching the other members of the family perform their dances. When Sai hears Pakhi’s threat, she is taken aback, but Pakhi grins and declares that she will get the baby by any means necessary. She makes it clear that after the delivery, Virat will be the one to personally give her the newborn child in his arms.

During this moment, Sai watches as Pakhi is taken aback and announces that after the baby is born, she won’t even allow Pakhi to touch the newborn. She promises to protect her child from Pakhi, and she makes it clear that she will reveal the truth about herself in front of everyone. However, Pakhi laughs at Sai and challenges her to get both the baby and Virat at the same time. Sai accepts the challenge and declares that she will not allow anyone to take the baby away from her. Pakhi continues to laugh.

Pakhi is told by Sai that she has harboured suspicions about her for a long time and that this is the reason why she wanted her to sign the legal documents; however, due to the pressure from her family, she was forced to abandon her resistance. Pakhi tells Sai that no one will believe her if she tells anyone about the threat she made against her child, so Sai makes the decision to protect her child from Pakhi and gives a fitting response to her.

In a different part of the room, Devyani and Shivani make their way forward and invite Pakhi to dance with them. Sai remains in a state of worry and then approaches Virat while the latter person acts as though she is enjoying the ceremony and is smiling falsely. In the meantime, during the night, Virat expresses his excitement to welcome the baby and mentions that it will be less than a month before their child is born.

Sai can’t stop thinking about Pakhi’s warning, so she eventually comes to the conclusion that she should keep it a secret from Virat because he won’t be able to believe her. While she is feeling stressed, Virat notices her and inquires as to what is going on. She expresses that all she wants is to have her baby as soon as possible, while he reassures her that everything is going to be all right.

Pakhi watches the videos of women giving birth and becomes shaken after witnessing their agony, all while Virat interrogates her regarding the situation. She confides in him her anxiety, and he, in turn, tries to reassure her while asking her to stop watching the videos. He reassures her that there will be no problems and says that he will be there for her the entire time. During this time, the baby begins to move around inside Pakhi’s womb, which causes Pakhi to become overjoyed and inform Virat of the development.

Pakhi questioned Virat about whether or not he could feel the kick. After taking a seat, he couldn’t wait to put his hands on her belly. He maintains his grip on his hand, and after feeling the baby kick, he becomes emotional. He then talks to the unborn child, telling it that it can become a doctor or a police officer or anything else it wants to be like their father or mother. Pakhi, on the other hand, experiences sadness and expresses regret that she will no longer be the baby’s mother once it is born.

In addition, Virat and Bhavani reassure Pakhi that she will continue to be the child’s mother after it has been born. In order to celebrate Pakhi’s birthday, Bhavani plans and attends a puja with the rest of the family, and she also asks Virat to leave work earlier than usual.

Pakhi, on the other hand, wanders around the house when she is by herself and enters Sai’s bedroom. She shatters their picture frame, and while she’s descending the stairs, she comes perilously close to falling, but she manages to avoid it. During that time, she began to experience pain and immediately reached out to Virat for assistance. He experiences shock and attempts to get in touch with Sai, but she was preoccupied with her operation at the time. As Pakhi groans in discomfort, Virat sprints over to offer assistance.


In this recap, Sai accuses Pakhi of acting as her surrogate mother in an unauthorised capacity. She claims that the other woman attempted to steal her baby and get her arrested in front of the Chavan family. While Virat tries to stop Sai and insists that she take the complaint back, the police officers arrest Pakhi and take her along with them. Pakhi is taken into custody by the officers.

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